Caleb Plant and Jermall Charlo Could Meet in the Ring


Jermall Charlo and Caleb Plant are currently engaged in title fights to earn another shot at winning the world middleweight championship.

Plant and Charlo were involved in an altercation backstage at the Errol Spence vs Terence Crawford weigh-in in Las Vegas that quickly went viral online, as seen on video footage showing Plant striking Charlo with his left fist. In an online viral video, Plant slapped her across her face in response.

IBF Super Middleweight Champion Caleb Plant (22-1) vs. WBC Middleweight Champion Jermall Charlo (32-0)

Caleb Plant was an exceptionally skilled boxer who rarely got hit during his fights. Advised and managed by legendary boxing mentor Al Haymon and Luis deCubas Jr, as an amateur, he won multiple tournament titles before representing Team USA at the Pan Am Games; two fighters that inspired him most while growing up were James Toney and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

On January 30th, 2021, Plant successfully defended his title at FOX PBC Fight Night from Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall in Los Angeles with a 12-round bout against Caleb Truax that ended without incident thanks to his blistering hand speed and stiff jab, keeping Truax off balance throughout.

The plant is an unbeaten IBF super middleweight champion, boasting 21 wins with 13 knockouts since turning professional. He faces interim WBC 168-pound champion David Benavidez on March 25 as an underdog but is used to fighting as such and has no problem accepting his position in battle.

Plant’s last fight, on October 15, 2022, at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Showtime PPV, was perhaps the finest moment in his career, ending with a one-punch knockout victory against Anthony “The Dog” Dirrell during their WBC 168-pound title eliminator fight and drawing rave reviews for it from viewers worldwide. It was undeniably the highlight of Plant’s career.

Plant has much to prove as a true competitor and will fight anyone that comes his way. He wants to prove he belongs with the top boxers in his division, such as Jermall Charlo of WBC Middleweight Championship fame.

Caleb Plant vs. Jermall Charlo is a Boxing Match

As Errol Spence Jr and Terence Crawford prepare for their eagerly-awaited welterweight title fight on April 15, excitement is mounting ahead of their meeting. Not only have these two superstars been creating buzz, but another pair of boxers, Caleb Plant and Jermall Charlo, may or may not get involved in an altercation that may or may not lead to a fight in the ring.

After both fighters had made weight for the Spence-Crawford fight at T-Mobile Arena on Friday, an intense argument ensued between Plant and Charlo after they were asked to step away from cameras. Plant’s forceful slap caused viewers to gasp. Security managed to disperse the fight quickly enough that both boxers eventually left the arena together.

Jermall Charlo offers his side of the story.

Although no definitive reason has been determined for the altercation, Jermall Charlo claims that he attempted to mediate and bring Plant aside from other fighters. Still, Plant refused his mediation and hit him instead.

Although Jermall Charlo recently lost to David Benavidez in March, his record still boasts 32 wins and only two losses. With such fighters as Sergiy Derevyanchenko and Dennis Hogan among his opponents in previous fights and once being a WBC middleweight champion, Charlo’s experience makes for an impressive record in the ring.

Caleb Plant vs. Jermall Charlo is a Fight

Caleb Plant has been challenging Jermall Charlo to a fight since last year, and now it appears they’ll likely meet inside a boxing ring. Perhaps by this fall or winter, they could compete at middleweight. Charlo (32-0, 22 KOs), currently WBC middleweight champion at 160 pounds but recently losing to David Benavidez for interim super middleweight title fight (March), will face Plant (22-2-13 KOs). Plant had held onto his IBF super middleweight title before that loss (March).

Both fighters boast impressive records in the ring and would give fans an exciting fight if they fought each other, though one potential drawback to such a match-up would be Charlo’s absence over two years (it remains to be determined whether he returns). Still, perhaps their respective beefs could be settled through fighting, and could ultimately fight for major championships simultaneously.

Plant and Charlo’s confrontation occurred backstage at the Errol Spence Jr.-Terence Crawford weigh-in. A video surfaced showing Plant slapping Charlo before security intervened – sparking widespread outrage from UFC superstar Conor McGregor, who promptly expressed his opinion via social media.

Plant feels completely justified in his decision to slap Charlo. According to Plant, the WBC middleweight champion instigated the situation by verbally harassing and pulling at his beard multiple times. When this did not stop despite warnings, it prompted Plant to use force against him – leading him to strike Charlo with an unexpected punch. Despite the controversy, many boxing fans want these two fighters to battle in the ring, as their styles make for a good matchup that may even be broadcast via DAZN, which has been streaming both fighters’ recent fights since 2016.

Caleb Plant vs. Jermall Charlo is a Good Fight

Caleb Plant and Jermall Charlo may not get along, but that does not stop their fans from hoping they will fight one another one day. Fans want this to happen soon enough.

Plant, a former IBF super middleweight champion, has threatened to move up in weight to challenge Charlo for the WBC middleweight title. Although Plant recently suffered his second loss to David Benavidez in a WBC super middleweight bout, Plant says that he is willing to meet Charlo on any stage imaginable, even pay-per-view events.

Plant has proven himself an impressive contender in the 168-pound division, but Charlo’s name stands tall among his competition. He is a world-class boxer with an unblemished record and a high knockout percentage. Plant has much to prove against one of the top fighters in his division – so don’t expect an easy ride here!

Errol Spence and Terence Crawford will meet this weekend. Still, an incident occurred backstage at Friday’s weigh-ins between them that saw Caleb Plant strike Jermall Charlo during an altercation backstage – though exactly why this happened remains unknown.

Security intervened to keep things from turning violent, with Plant speaking out about what occurred and explaining that his intention wasn’t to hurt Charlo; instead, Plant claims she provoked him into striking the WBC middleweight champion as revenge for their social media feud last year – adding it wasn’t wise of him to take things this far with Charlo.

Caleb Plant vs. Jermall Charlo is a Bad Fight

On Saturday night, Errol Spence and Terence Crawford will headline an impressive fight. But it could easily be upstaged by two other fighters. Caleb Plant reportedly attacked Jermall Charlo backstage at the weigh-in for the Spence-Crawford bout before security intervened to stop it before anything escalated further.

While it remains unknown what precipitated this incident, Plant was upset and attempted to talk things out with Charlo before she slapped him again and issued another warning slap to Plant. Security personnel later separated them before walking them away from the incident.

Plant and Charlo would make an intriguing fight, though it might never materialize. Both fighters compete in the same division; however, Plant is much smaller than Charlo (he fights at super middleweight while Charlo fights at 168 pounds) despite having enjoyed success, although Plant isn’t considered top contender in his division, having lost two out of his last three fights.

Jermall Charlo is an impressive presence in the 168-pound division, having won all his fights thus far and holding interim WBC middleweight championship status. Charlo’s star power makes him a huge draw, and there is every possibility of becoming the undisputed champion against Canelo Alvarez later this year.

Plant recently challenged David Benavidez for the WBC middleweight title but lost. While there may still be fights left to gain that belt, Plant must get back into winning form if he wants to become one of the premier middleweight fighters worldwide again. Furthermore, his defense needs improvement because he was hurt during recent battles, like against Jermall Charlo, who took away two crucial wins during that fight series.