Flower Crochet Granny Square Patterns


If you love flower crochet, these colorful granny squares will certainly please! The designer has designed an approachable pattern suitable for beginners; while the courts appear complicated at first glance, only basic stitches are necessary to complete them successfully.

This blanket or pillow cover pattern makes a statement with its beautiful design, yet properly joining squares requires skillful execution. There are various methods, but use a ladder stitch for optimal results.

Sunflower granny square

Sunflower granny squares add a festive flair to any crochet project, from coasters and bags to blankets and blankets! Perfect for beginner crocheters familiar with basic stitches such as cluster and double crochet stitches, sunflower granny squares make any project bright and cheerful! This pattern uses various collections and double crochet stitches – still an easy choice for beginner crocheters who understand their crochet basics!

This pattern requires knowledge of front post and back post double crochet techniques and long stitch or spike stitch. However, its designer provides detailed photos and video tutorials that make the project accessible even to beginners.

Once you’ve learned how to crochet a granny square, use it to make an elegant scarf! Sara Huntington offers an easy crochet scarf pattern that will turn your sunflower square into an eye-catching accessory.

Daisy granny square

These daisy squares work quickly and look fantastic, no matter the chosen color. Use them to add texture to a crochet blanket, create adorable stuffed animals, or trim for cardigans or sweaters – this pattern is suitable for beginners while challenging enough for more experienced crocheters.

African flower granny square is another highly sought-after pattern, though more complex than Daisy granny square. However, this crochet stitch still proves very easy to work up. Perfect for medium-weight yarn, African flower works up quickly into beautiful scarves or shawls for any number of uses.

To join your flower granny squares together, two techniques exist: whip stitch and ladder stitch techniques will produce an invisible seam that won’t show on the front of your finished project.

African flower granny square

The African flower granny square is an easy pattern that adds an eye-catching detail to your projects. Use it to craft afghans, blankets, and shawls. Additionally, this project can help you use the yarn you meant to eliminate!

Before beginning work on a granny square, determine how many rounds it should contain. This will allow you to select an appropriate crochet hook size and the necessary yarn.

Before sewing them together, it’s also wise to block your finished granny squares to keep them flat and neat. There are various methods of securing your work; wet-blocking may be best. Once dry completely, pin into position immediately for optimal results.

Lavender flower granny square

The lavender flower granny square crochet pattern is an easy one that can be applied to many projects. Ideal for adding a splash of color into your home or as a thoughtful gift for someone else, this lovely design makes a beautiful charity crochet piece as it requires little time to finish!

This eye-catching pattern features several double crochet stitches joined together with an elegant popcorn stitch edging. The way is easy to follow and works with any yarn type; even chunky yarn can be used, though larger hooks and more advanced techniques may be necessary.

Flowers make an attractive applique for crochet projects such as blankets and afghans, adding color and texture. You can even use flowers to craft pillows, hats, and scarves with individual flair!

Ruffle flower granny square.

The Ruffle Flower Granny Square is an eye-catching afghan block featuring three rows of beautiful ruffles. Perfect for adding extra visual interest to blankets, pillowcases, or any other creation made using granny squares, even making an entire sweater using these crochet flowers!

This crochet pattern is suitable for beginners, using basic stitches. Additionally, a chart is included to help track your stitches. You can find this pattern on the designer’s website.

Veronika’s Crochet’s intricate crochet pattern uses multiple techniques, including popcorn stitch and 3-D flower motif motifs, for an elegant design that adds cottagecore style. Perfect for springtime projects, the free download can be found on Veronika’s Crochet’s website.

Peony flower granny square

The peony flower granny square is an exciting take on traditional crochet granny square patterns. Featuring an eye-catching peony motif in its center, this pattern can quickly be completed in any color combination and used in various projects such as crochet shawls, baby blankets, hats, or other accessories.

This square employs popcorn stitches to form puffy flowers or posies with popcorn stitches while using cluster stitching for leaves – creating an innovative crochet design with many uses! While more advanced than the daisy granny square pattern, this square is still suitable for beginner crocheters.

This design is ideal for blankets and afghans and can be assembled using a whip stitch or invisible seam. Both techniques are simple to learn and provide an attractive finish – tutorials cover both methods!