Crochet Flower Granny Squares Roundup


Crochet flower granny squares can add a beautiful design element to any crochet project, such as blankets, hats, or cardigans! These beautiful squares look exquisite!

Crocheting is also relatively fast: an experienced crocheter can complete one in around 15 minutes.

For this type of project, light-worsted-weight yarn in sizes 3 or 4 would be most suitable as it provides soft yet snag-proof stitching.

Simple Flower Granny Square

This simple flower granny square pattern is ideal for beginners. Using basic granny stitches, the design adds the shape of a daisy using cluster dcs (tr 2, ch 2, sl st around post of next two stitches) in its center for added charm! The finished result will make any project stand out!

This versatile pattern can crochet blankets, shawls, hats, scarves, and sweaters of various designs. It is an effective way of using leftover yarn, and its easy instructions make even beginner crocheters happy to get involved with this project. Plus, the flowers can even be joined together into an afghan!

If you want to get creative, add additional rounds or alter the flower colors according to your project theme. Use this pattern as a basis for other unique shapes; remember to block each motif before joining them to set its stitches and give your piece a professional finish.

Joining flower granny squares requires different techniques, with whip stitch seam being the most widely used. If you prefer something less noticeable and seams less visible, crochet methods can be used instead of whip stitch to help blend your seams into the background of each square and allow the beauty of its motifs to come through more thoroughly.

Cluster and Puff Stitch Flower Granny Square

This free crochet pattern for a sunflower granny square is an excellent way to learn cluster and puff stitches, as well as an innovative new stitch called the special cluster stitch, which consists of various partially finished half-double crochet stitches sewn together. While learning this new stitch may initially seem complex and challenging, the designer of this crochet flower granny square provides clear photos as well as a slow video tutorial explaining exactly what needs to be done when employing this unique technique!

Blocking is essential when working a crochet sunburst granny square in rounds and to give it its best form when finished. For assistance on this front, see the links at the start of this post for some helpful tutorials on this technique.

Round 2: Make a chain three (your first double crochet stitch), and create 13 single crochets in each of the next 14 stitches, including any ch-2 spaces, to form 13 double crochet stitches, repeating *-* around. Join with a slip stitch back into your original double crochet.

Join with a slip stitch to any DC, then work one puff stitch in each of the next 15 stitches, repeating from *-* until reaching back up through your beginning ch-3 chain and working one final DC in its top loop. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Daisy Flower Granny Square

Daisies Granny Squares are a vibrant and joyful pattern perfect for spring crochet projects. This free tutorial includes a complete video that is easily navigable even by beginners. Create one blanket from this pattern or mix and match other squares from other ways for a mixed-up flower granny square blanket!

For the daisy center, chain 3. In the first stitch work, double crochet (dc), followed by three clusters of three double crochet stitches in successive stitches for a total of 12 petals and single crochet in the last stitch (instead of 3dc collections), before fastening off and joining to the top of original chain3. Fasten off and bind to the first ch3 before fastening off completely and joining.

This granny square is an accessible project for novice crocheters. Though more complex than its traditional counterpart, this project does not pose difficulty to complete. Before beginning this pattern, however, it is necessary to know how to single-crochet and double-crochet stitch stitches before proceeding with this pattern.

For this pattern, any colors can be used; however, one primary hue will serve as the center of each flower, while multiple shades serve as petals and backgrounds for framing squares. You will need a suitable hook size based on the weight of yarn used – yarn labels often suggest one.

African Flower Granny Square

The African Flower pattern is a delightful crochet flower motif found across many projects – from blankets to pillows – adding color and character. Additionally, its versatility means it can work with various stitch patterns, such as granny square and hexagon crochet stitch patterns; further, it can even be expanded into creating crochet circles! In this roundup of free and paid patterns for creating stunning crochet African Flowers you will find visual guides, step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, and diagrams to assist your efforts at crocheting these charming blossoms yourself!

These motifs can be worked with yarn of any weight or hook size to create projects tailored specifically to you. Furthermore, you can change the colors of each flower to meet either personal preferences or the mood of any project you are undertaking – simply swapping colors in each round or choosing different shades of the same hue will do just fine!

This African Flower crochet pattern may present more of a challenge than others in this roundup, as it calls for standing double-crochet (stdc) and front post double-crochet (fpdc) stitches. However, its author provides clear written and video instructions to guide you through each step – whether you’re up for taking on this feat yourself or want an impressive finish to your next project, this African flower granny square will impress friends and family!