Top 5 Movie Apps


OHappy is a social film-watching platform that lets film enthusiasts connect in real-time and discuss films, set up watch parties, create wishlists, and set watch parties – with subtitles available in over 200 languages! Users can also find information on new releases that interest them on OHappy.

Track Your Progress for Movies and Shows You Watch (Track My Progress for short) can help keep track of all the movies and shows you’ve watched and even help find optimal times for bathroom breaks during movies.


Popcornflix is a free streaming service offering movies and television shows for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. Additionally, this application supports subtitles in multiple languages while boasting an easy user interface that makes browsing movies accessible and effortless.

Its library boasts many well-known titles and its selection of original content is increasing. This site has an expansive family film selection, excellent international movie offerings, and many acclaimed and independent titles featuring stars like Johnny Depp and Matt Damon.

Contrary to other streaming services, Popcornflix is entirely free. No monthly fees or membership options are associated with the service; however, advertisements may appear. However, they should not interfere with viewing experiences, making Popcornflix an excellent alternative to paid services like Netflix.

This website and app are easy to navigate and offer a vast selection of movies. The home page features several categories to help users quickly locate their film of choice – including recent additions and popular suggestions – while genre browsing gives access to an expansive library encompassing comedy, family/kids films, drama thriller, and horror documentaries. Plus, the service updates daily with new movies and television shows!


Crackle is a free-to-use streaming service offering an expansive library of movies and TV shows and numerous tools and features designed to help users find content tailored to them. These include filters, curated collections, and the option of bookmarking movies for later. Crackle also supports many devices, including game consoles and smart TVs.

Although Crackle offers streaming without creating an account, making one will help maximize its potential. By accessing your Watchlist page, which tracks any shows or films, you plan to watch later on multiple devices. Plus, with this app, you can save videos offline for later viewing or change subtitles!

Crackle’s app features an intuitive, straightforward user experience that makes navigating and engaging with its service easy and enjoyable. Starting on the home page with featured content and main navigation buttons that link directly to Movies, Shows, and Watchlist pages – and content displayed as either tiled thumbnail view or list view (whichever suits you better)! Plus, it is available across various devices like computers, smartphones and tablets, gaming consoles, and Smart TVs!


Plex is a media player that allows you to easily collect movies, TV shows, home videos, and music into one convenient place. It turns your computer into a media server capable of supporting various file formats and streaming content from Plex’s partners. Furthermore, Plex allows you to connect with DLNA devices such as Smart TVs from LG and Samsung or Apple and Roku set-top boxes via DLNA connections or wireless technology.

Discover is another feature of Plex Pass that provides personalized recommendations curated from services you subscribe to and trending lists, genres, and awards. Browse titles before adding them to your Watchlist, which serves as one central list. Plex Pass subscribers can download titles directly onto mobile devices for offline playback!

Plex is an innovative media platform that powers your movies, shows, and music collection and provides free ad-supported TV channels and news programs. But it can also support live TV from various sources, including an antenna connected to a Plex server. Furthermore, this service has partnerships with popular streaming services such as Tubi TV and Pluto TV for on-demand content delivery; additionally, it features a DVR function for local HDTV antennae; additionally, its Plex Pass subscription offers additional premium features.


FilmRise is a free streaming app available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung TV Plus that provides access to an extensive library of movies and television shows from FilmRise – an independent studio located in New York that ranks among the leading providers of ad-supported digital AVOD content on platforms like The Roku Channel, Pluto TV, IMDb TV Tubi Peacock. In addition, FilmRise syndicates its digital linear channels through the FilmRise Streaming Network.

Films offered through Netflix cover various genres, from dramas, comedies and documentaries. Their TV series selection includes classics like the critically acclaimed British mystery drama Midsommer Murders and iconic Western THE RIFLEMAN, classic sitcoms such as Shameless, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and Roseanne – plus they are available worldwide! This service can be found in over 100 countries.

FilmRise offers a vast library of titles but does not feature many features on other streaming services. There’s no account creation, and watching content solely via search is limited; queued items cannot be automatically recommended due to previous viewing preferences; nevertheless, it boasts some impressive titles from acclaimed directors; original content by BuzzFeed Studios, such as their hit television show Hot Ones makes Filmrise an attractive free streaming option with plenty of variety for watching films and TV shows alike.


Redbox is the leading DVD and Blu-ray rental company, boasting over 34,000 kiosk locations nationwide. Offering new release movies at competitive rates without subscription requirements, they also feature an expansive video-on-demand library compatible with computers, iOS/Android devices, smart TVs, and Roku boxes, as well as video progress being saved automatically so you can resume watching on another device if necessary – VIP Perks points can even be redeemed for a one-night DVD rental!

Redbox service is available online and in-store; kiosks remain the most popular. Redbox offers independent and foreign films alongside popular blockbusters – depending on season and location, offering customers more than 600 million movie rentals since it started operation.

Redbox has experienced tremendous growth since it launched in 2004. At first, DVDPlay kiosks manufactured and operated from Silicon Valley provided booths at 140 McDonald’s restaurants in Denver as test markets for Redbox kiosks manufactured and operated from Solectron’s Creedmoor NC facility (now owned by Flextronics International), where Redbox contracted for custom kiosk designs to be created for Redbox customers.

Redbox Entertainment’s film acquisition arm was established several years ago to offset any gaps between major studio release schedules that might harm the kiosk business. Since its formation, this division has released 21 titles, including Capone and Running With the Devil.


Viki, now owned by Rakuten, is an international online TV service with thousands of original shows and movies selected by its community of over 53 million users. Viki also provides various subscription plans without ads; one allows unlimited videos on mobile devices or tablets.

Viki app is user-friendly with a minimalistic design that doesn’t take up too much space on your screen. A brief onboarding tour provides an introduction to using its platform and is particularly beneficial to newcomers to streaming services.

Viki offers not only Asian dramas but also full-length movies. Popular titles include the Chinese fantasy film The Great Hypnotist, which depicts a psychiatrist treating a patient who sees ghosts, and costume and period drama The Palace, which follows a maid during Qing Dynasty times.

Viki stands out from other streaming giants by featuring original content developed by its users. Viki’s first original series, Dramaworld, featured American actor Gallant and Korean pop star MONSTA X as part of an American-Korean mashup show and received an excellent 9 out of 10 rating from viewers on Viki; due to its success, more original series were created. Additionally, their service provides free video streaming without ads!