Nicview Family App – Connect With Your Baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


Nicview login provides parents and family members access to their baby in the hospital through a secure portal with login/password credentials only they can access.

Birthing a child can be an emotional event for all involved. Our NICVIEW 2 system’s 24/7 video streaming helps families feel more involved with giving their hospitalized infant the best start in life.


The Nicview Family App allows parents of newborn infants in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) at multiple hospitals to monitor them from home computers, smartphones, or tablets. Parents can log on from their computers, smartphones, or tablets, with nurses sending updates directly to parents via text, photos, or videos sent to NICU nurses. The technology has become increasingly prevalent as some hospitals even provide it as part of their standard services for NICU patients.

NICView allows parents to connect with their babies in real time, helping them feel closer to them while giving them peace of mind. According to a recent survey, all the parents who used the camera found it easy and made them feel very connected; however, some common concerns included issues with being turned off at night by nurses, problems with view/lighting issues, and babies moving/crying/spitting up during care and difficulties breathing hard during care.

NICview stands out by being secure and encrypted; only parents with unique login credentials can access it and share those credentials with additional family members if desired. This ensures only parents can see their newborn. Furthermore, its optimization for mobile devices ensures it can be used from any Internet-enabled device.

Parents can access NicView from any computer, smartphone, or tablet after signing a consent form and receiving log-in information. To use it effectively in protecting their child’s health and well-being, one-time consent must be acknowledged during this process.

Hospital officials report that Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo, California, was one of the first NICUs to implement this service and use the NICView web-based camera system extensively for viewing newborns remotely through COVID-19 visits or visiting hours; mothers can watch their infants while pumping and breastfeeding.

How to Use

The NichView Family App can be an invaluable way of building bonds between you and your newborn. Easy to use and packed with features, it makes connecting more accessible than ever – but proper usage requires understanding; misusing it could result in security risks or damage your baby’s image and may create anxiety, hindering recovery processes.

NICVIEW uses up to 256-bit SSL encryption technology, ensuring only you can view your infant’s video stream. No hospital records or stores any video/patient data without your permission so that no other party can gain access.

NICView is a real-time image stream that allows parents to monitor their infants remotely from any web-enabled device with a web browser, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Furthermore, this system provides live access to their bassinet feeding, making this tool invaluable when caring for premature babies. It also allows parents to monitor progress remotely while offering comfort when away from the bedside.

Studies have demonstrated the value of using NICView on computers or mobile devices to view a baby, which can help parents form stronger bonds with their newborn and increase overall satisfaction with the hospital experience. Indeed, hospitals that have adopted it, such as Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, have experienced notable increases in patient and family satisfaction levels due to this technology.

NICView cameras are strategically installed at designated bed spaces in NICUs to allow family and friends of hospitalized infants to watch them live through a secure online portal, 24/7. It helps families feel more involved and partners them in providing hospitalized infants with the best start in life, providing peace of mind to parents who cannot present themselves.


Nicview net login is an ideal way to keep tabs on your baby while they are in the hospital. Accessible using any device connected to the internet – a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone – this 256-bit SSL encryption standard offers maximum privacy protection for infants, while live streams have various safeguards in place to avoid unintended viewers seeing your stream live.

NICView is a small camera designed for neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). It provides live, real-time video streaming via a secure website or mobile app, helps families develop bonds with preemie or hospitalized infants when they cannot be physically present in the NICU with them, and provides parents peace of mind and reassurance regarding their babies’ care.

Parents can observe health professionals working with their infants, learning medical procedures, and understanding equipment functionality. Parents can also record video clips of their baby’s milestones to share them with family members and friends – providing an additional way to build trust between themselves and NICU staff, even when physical visits are impossible.

The couple, both self-employed, appreciate seeing Ezekiel search for his pacifier or play with his mobile toy on the NICView camera as it has made their NICU experience much less trying, though they are still struggling emotionally due to being separated from a child.

NICView Login is free of charge, easy, and HIPAA compliant for secure use on any internet-connected device. Simply provide the contact details of your NICU and create a password to log in; should any issues arise while trying to log in, you may reach out to Nicview Net’s support staff, who will assist in solving them as needed. Also, HIPAA compliance ensures all information and images remain securely protected in this service.


Due to work or school obligations, many parents cannot visit their newborns frequently in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Now, there’s an app helping keep parents connected to their infants: Cleveland Clinic uses NicView as a camera system in their NICU to enable families to view them remotely – log onto a secure website to view your infant!

The cameras are protected with 256-bit SSL encryption – the same standard used by online banks – to prevent anyone other than parents from recording audio or video from the cameras, and cannot be shared outside their family with anyone. Furthermore, any device connected to the Internet may access and use this system without needing unique apps for operation.

Once a parent signs the consent form to use the NicView camera system, they will receive a printout with their unique login ID for use with any computer, tablet, or smartphone connected to the internet – they can even share this log-in information with family members living out-of-state or country.

Be mindful that the web app does not include all of the same features found in mobile apps, including functions like screen time limits and monitoring how much a child uses specific devices/apps/devices/location. Parents can still use this website to monitor their children’s activities, but for more advanced parental control features, they must download the mobile app from Google Play/iTunes, etc.

Additionally, the web app is incompatible with Chromecast – meaning parents won’t be able to stream videos from their computers to television screens – though this limitation should be addressed in an upcoming update.