The Knight King Who Returned With A God Chapter 12 Online


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Gordie gains more awareness of mortality during this chapter. He recalls all those he has lost throughout his lifetime – such as Whitey Ford and Ted Williams.

The Holy Knight’s Eyes Glow Red

Eye color can provide a glimpse into both their power and how it was achieved – whether that means bountiful blessings from Ner’zhul or Gul’dan or something entirely different; alternatively, it could signal a curse or potential future power like that seen amongst the Four Horsemen.

No matter their specifics, all Holy Knights exude red-tinged eyes that emanate an aura of power and mystery. This is no doubt due to being members of an order of warriors modeled after Christian knights known as the Templars; one such member being One Piece’s Dracule Mihawk, who wears a cross pendant while wielding Black Blade Yoru; both wearing red rings around their eyes that give off an aura of dominance and might.

Shanks is often considered one of the Holy Knights due to silhouettes that show him wearing their cape and sword, along with his signature slicked-back hairstyle. Additionally, one figure looks very much like Shanks himself, which makes this theory all the more likely.

Tristan, Ban and Elaine’s son and Nephilim’s offspring amalgamates his parents’ influences, possessing both good and evil abilities. Tristan joins Holy Knights and establishes his order dubbed Tristan Platoon; his Pestilence power is formidable, and he excels as both a swordsman and a magic user.

Nations is an Echo Gorge herbalist who uses magic to craft poisons and medications, often calling Percival her “guinea pig.” Possessing Famine Power and keeping Litta’s Divine Sword, which functions similarly to Escanor’s divine Axe.

Freesia, Princess of Liones and older adoptive sister of Elizabeth, is a tomboyish swordswoman who delights her father with swordplay despite his disapproval. She shares Holy Knight views regarding their subjugation of Liones citizens as she develops feelings for Griamore – both who serve as bodyguard and friend, respectively – as a power of Revenge, she wields the Divine Sword Fraudrin with its capacity for devouring souls.

The Holy Knight’s Power

After the Wano County event, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki brought up something called Holy Knights. These influential individuals are under the control of the World Government. Although their exact numbers remain unknown, these Holy Knights appear extremely strong; even Dragon has mentioned their strength.

Tristan Platoon

Tristan is the son of Meliodas and Elizabeth and Prince of Liones, a Nephilim with both holy and evil powers who admires Sins’ exploits aspirant to emulate them, as he leads his own Holy Knight order known as Tristan Platoon.

Hendrickson and Zaratras’ younger brother and Gilthunder’s uncle. Though quick-tempered and self-confident, Hendrickson believes in the honor of the Holy Knights despite encountering trouble at Vaizel’s annual fighting festival with Sins and Diane; though, at one point, his faith wavered when Diane won his fight, causing Hendrickson to doubt their beliefs until seeing them protect a civilian in need.

His ability enables him to reposition himself freely as a free action, intercepting physical melee attacks or ranged attacks that would hit him directly from enemies within 10 feet. However, it cannot protect against spells or other forms of effects.

Former Royal Guard, this Sins member joined to seek revenge against Hendrickson and other Holy Knights for abandoning him during the Wano Country crisis. A knowledgeable yet kind individual, he can read emotions accurately. Additionally, his ability to form protective shields out of swords makes him indispensable as a member of the Seven Deadly Sins adventures; only he knows of Dame Alioni’s true identity while making herbal medicines to revive fallen Sins, thus serving as both an obstacle and resource against both factions. He stands between Hendrickson et al. as he and Seven Deadly Sins alike!

The Holy Knight’s Mission

Holy Knights are the elite knights of any kingdom and pledge their allegiance to protect its people from any potential threats. Becoming one takes incredible strength; thus, only the most formidable knights can achieve this status.

However, even with their immense strength, the Holy Knights face a new threat: Hendrickson has returned, and plans to revive the long-defunct Demon Clan, so their task is to stop Hendrickson before it is too late.

Hendrickson’s return has also caused many Knights to question their goals; many are asking if it suits them to fight to protect the populace.

Even as their ranks fragment, Knights still rally together against Hendrickson and his army. Though some Holy Knights were killed during the battle, those still standing are more determined than ever to bring him down.

Hendrickson used his magical abilities to transform the New Generation Holy Knights into hybrid Demons in response to their defeat at the hands of Gilthunder and Howzer. However, Ban and Meliodas eventually find a way to restore them to regular fighting Hendrickson and save their people.

They plan an aggressive offensive against Hendrickson’s castle to achieve their goal. Unfortunately for them, he knows this plan and has assembled his army to thwart any attack by the Holy Knights before it’s too late.

But Hendrickson has his own plans, taking advantage of the Holy Knights’ weakening condition to his edge. He has released demons he had previously sealed away and is slowly building an army to surpass theirs and ultimately crush them in a Holy War that will shake Liones to its core.

The Holy Knight’s Final Mission

No details have been released regarding the Holy Knights’ strength; however, they appear to be the strongest fighters employed directly by the World Government. Some fans have claimed they are even more potent than Marine Admirals, but this may be exaggerated.

Yet they remain some of the most formidable soldiers in One Piece.

One Holy Knight, in particular, stands out for having an odd appearance and fighting style. Reminiscent of Shanks in almost every way imaginable – his body, clothes, sword stance, and cowboy hat all bear a striking resemblance – it can be hard to tell who he is but certainly gives off an air of potential danger.

Holy Knights may be dangerous, but they remain highly dedicated to the World Government. They will take extreme measures to defend and uphold its laws, even using their power against any kingdom that fails to pay its tributes.

The Great Holy Knight serves as leader of the Holy Knights, possessing the authority to command all lesser Holy Knights (including assistant Great Holy Knights ). Additionally, when their Great Holy Knight is absent from Royal Capital duties, he takes over their responsibilities; at present, Howzer serves as Great Holy Knight in Liones.

Another integral duty of the Great Holy Knight is overseeing the creation of new Holy Knights through the Secret Church. This church consists of temples worldwide where dedicated members can train. Through these training sessions, new knights are developed that will join their battles alongside existing Holy Knights.

It is the ultimate power in One Piece and is widely known to possess one of the most extraordinary abilities or weapons, exceeding any kingdom’s military might. He/She holds this secretive individual in such high regard that even their presence makes waves throughout One Piece!