Ranker Who Lives a Second Time – Characters and Meanings


Ranker who Lives Again is an enjoyable manga filled with action, adventure, and fantasy elements.

The story opens up with a man losing everything necessary in his life and getting a chance to reconnect by playing a game.

The Heavenly Demon

Demonic Cult, and is one of the most influential members. His overall personality can be described as an aggressive bully who delights in picking on those weaker than himself. At the same time, it was revealed that this demon profoundly cares for his son who he believes will eventually overthrow him in power and become protector of the cosmos.

Besides being powerful, the heavenly demon can also manipulate time effortlessly – evidenced by his ability to turn back 200 years with ease. Furthermore, he can summon and control various forms. Again, his curse causes divine beings to fall from grace.

He led a highly secretive clan composed of warriors who believed they were above the laws of The Land. As a master of dark arts, his disciples received immense power and martial arts expertise from various occult sources that enabled them to conquer much of The Land and even come close to seizing its Imperial Capital.

The heavenly demon resembles Shinobi Liu’s main character in many ways, beginning as an inferior cultivator and gradually becoming overpowering as they advance. Both individuals were initially driven by revenge but eventually learn that anger is not the solution to problems they encounter, finally growing mature and creating their own individual style of martial arts.

Mother Earth

The Earth Mother or Divine Feminine, is revered in various cultures and religions worldwide as the embodiment of life itself. She was known by ancient Greeks as Gaia while modern English has terms for her like mother or daughter in their language to refer to the planet Earth itself as an essential living goddess that inspires us all to take better care of its bounty.

Early American Indian tradition associated the female Earth with fertility and renewal, embodying her power through sun and wind to bring terrestrial creation, fertilize plants and seeds, sustain all forms of life, consort with masculine sky in seasons past, bring first fruits of each new season in turn; she was and remains our source for renewal, our basis for new beginnings as well as our source for eventual returns to her.

Mother Nature can provide humans with strength and hope. In this month’s blog series, we explore her strength as a source of power that we can harness personally.

With a brand-new chapter out this week, Ranker Who Lives A Second Time remains an action-packed manga adventure. Yeon-Woo Cha is still trying to locate all of the pieces of the Golden Cudgel and bring them to the Vestige of King Mifu; however, their task has become significantly more challenging; will they manage it in time? Discover it all in the next episode.


Nayu, which means to “see and know”, is an ideal moniker for someone devoted to discovering truth in all forms – be it scientific issues, philosophy, or mysticism. They possess an insatiable appetite for finding answers to life’s riddles; therefore making great researchers, educators, or philosophers but must learn to distinguish illusion from reality.

Nayu was the Martial King of the One-Horned Tribe, also known by their tribal name of One Horn. As a youth, he quickly destroyed Asgard’s army composed of Thor, Heimdallr, Baldur, and Tyr. Nayu is an extremely intelligent individual who does not hesitate to perform dirty deeds for the betterment of his tribe – including intimidating offending children when necessary – making him an adept master of Eight Extreme Fists.

After transcending, Nayu’s power was so immense that he was even able to pressure gods residing on the 98th Floor and rival Emperor Level Gods in terms of sheer strength and power. If not for his death due to Gaia’s curse, his vast strength may have overthrown Emperor Level Gods altogether! Nayu also boasts over 73 children in total including Phante, Edora, and Jang – which makes him the only ranker who could match Summer Queen with respect to strength and power!

Jade Emperor

The Jade Emperor, also known by its Chinese names Tian Gong and Yu Huang, is an essential deity in Chinese culture, traditional religion, and myth. As supreme deity of Heaven, he oversees an intricate bureaucracy governing mortal affairs on Earth and beyond; while also serving as one of China’s most potent deities who is capable of wiping out armies of monsters and demons from existence.

As soon as the Jade Emperor appeared on Earth, it was an unstable world entire of monsters and demons; there were few gods capable of protecting humans from these dangers. He quickly showed compassion towards humanity by helping as much as he could; yet his powers were limited, so to be of any lasting help, he knew he needed to strengthen himself further to help humanity truly.

He decided to enter a cave and meditate for millions of years to strengthen his spiritual powers. After many decades, the Jade Emperor decided to ascend into Heaven where he discovered an evil force attempting to seize control. By defeating this demon he managed to restore heaven back to its rightful condition.

The Jade Emperor is revered as the supreme ruler of Heaven and oversees how ancestor money reaches its rightful owners across various realms of space and time. Among his numerous offspring is Zhinu, a fertility goddess known for her fertility practices, and Yen-Kuang who protects blind individuals.


Thor is the God of Thunder, a mighty warrior entrusted with controlling Mjolnir – the mysterious hammer capable of creating lightning. Born to Odin Prince of Asgard and Frigga, he possesses Mjolnir to unleash its ability to create lightning. A fierce and reckless warrior, he often fights for what he believes in; yet also loves spending time partying and spending time with friends like Sif and Balder.

He is often depicted with a red beard and a massive body, representing fertility and sexual power as well as rainstorms, storms, and thunder. Loki was first mentioned in Germanic paganism long before Thor ever entered recorded stories; early tales about jotnar (giants) and Jormungandr (the Midgard serpent) even pre-dated Thor’s appearance; suggesting later additions may have come into being.

Thor is currently a member of the Avengers, fighting alongside Gamora, Captain America, Nebula, and Nebula against Frost Giants, Ravagers, and Grandmaster. However, when his temper flares, he loses control of Mjolnir, and it no longer produces lightning; to regain it, he must kill Hela – his sister – which creates an alternate timeline in which his younger brother betrays him and kills her instead.


Cha Yeon-woo, Jeong-woo’s elder twin brother, is determined to find him after hearing of his funeral and receiving his remains and personal items, including an old pocket watch he gave his brother on an occasion before they disappeared. To his amazement and heard his brother’s voice in his head telling all about what had occurred from when they entered the tower until his untimely demise caused by people close to them.

Yeon-woo is driven by revenge and has developed a hardened exterior due to his experiences in Africa as part of his military training. While his quick mind makes him invaluable in combat situations, his distrust in others stemming from their role in his brother’s disappearance and death has left him suspicious of all.

He shares an excellent student-teacher relationship with Doyle, taking his advice and lessons seriously while sometimes feeling subservient to him; he longs to be the ultimate master, taking revenge on all those who betrayed his brother. However, he can sometimes act in a bullying manner towards Nayu, often bullying and teasing her for fun before even beating her up at times; however, he’s shown to protect her when danger threatens.