Tex Who Animated Bugs Bunny Crossword Answer


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Bugs Bunny appeared in 1940’s Merrie Melodies short A Wild Hare and officially joined Looney Tunes with 1944’s Buckaroo Bugs. While occasional cameo appearances could still be found in black-and-white shorts after that point, Schlesinger decided to release only color cartoons for release and eventually sold his interests in the studio in 1944.

Bugs Bunny is one of the most iconic characters from Looney Tunes, created and directed by Chuck Jones who also led its initial movie appearance. Since then, his popularity has spread further to include characters like Tweety and Sylvester; Space Jam in 1996 was even released starring both characters – becoming one of the highest-grossing non-Disney animated films.

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Bugs Bunny has long been a beloved character, whether outwitting Elmer Fudd or bantering with Daffy Duck. But it took an exceptional team of animators to bring him to life. Mel Blanc was the voice actor chosen to give the iconic hare his unforgettable accent and, at once, voice over 400 other characters! Mel was known for his quick wit and unmatched charm, which continue today in animated forms such as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Tiny Toon Adventures!

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Foghorn Leghorn

Suppose you have seen Bugs Bunny outwit Elmer Fudd or crack-wise with Daffy Duck. In that case, his legendary carrot-chomping trickster wouldn’t exist without an incredible team of animators who worked tirelessly to bring this hilarious character to life – they are responsible for shaping him into the beloved cultural icon he is today!

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This clue first appeared in the New York Times mini crossword on April 13, 2023; its answer can be found below.

Foghorn Leghorn is a white Leghorn rooster with an endearingly Southern accent and “good ol’ boy” speaking style, who frequently engages in one-upmanship against his canine rival, Henery Hawk, through various pranks. Foghorn Leghorn was voiced for 50 years by Mel Blanc as part of Yosemite Sam.

Ren and Stimpy, created by John Kricfalusi, are two titular characters from an American-Canadian animated television show, The Ren and Stimpy Show. The show stars a scrawny Chihuahua with violent tendencies who is constantly at odds with an obese cat named Stimpy; both frequently engage in verbal fights against each other, with their famous catchphrase being: “Eh…What’s up Doc?”

Tasmanian Devil

The Tasmanian Devil is an Australian native creature well-known for its ravenous appetite and ability to devour anything from rocks and boulders to plants and trees. It can even whirl its body around while eating anything it finds edible: rocks, boulders, plants, or trees. It has appeared in various Looney Tunes short films and different video games, including Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2, Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout, and Looney Tunes Acme Arsenal, and has even inspired other characters like Crash Bandicoot!

The Tasmanian Devil debuted in a 1954 Warner Brothers cartoon called Devil May Hare. Bob McKimson inspired real Tasmanian Devils when creating Taz, the Tasmanian Devil character from this cartoon film. It became an instantaneous success, and the Tasmanian government quickly promoted it as an attraction.

Bugs Bunny was assisted in outwitting Elmer Fudd and making jokes with Daffy Duck by an extraordinary group of animators – many of whom went on to work at other studios like Disney or Hanna-Barbera.

Tex is one of the iconic characters from Looney Tunes. He can often be found nibbling carrots or enjoying other tasty snacks while having his distinctive voice heard across multiple cartoons, initially voiced by Mel Blanc (who provided this voice over four hundred different characters, too!).

Despite his unattractive exterior, Tex is an intelligent character. His favorite pastime is reading encyclopedias and reading up on Taz, only to discover rabbits listed instead of himself – often leading to hilarious miscommunication between himself and Taz.

Happy Rabbit

Bugs Bunny, known for his irreverence and flippant insouciance, is one of the most beloved cartoon characters ever. He has been an example to animators who created versions of him, thus becoming an iconic part of culture only rivaled by Disney’s Mickey Mouse.

Bugs Bunny is Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd’s best friend and archenemy, often driving him mad with his signature catchphrase of “Eh, what’s up doc?” and carrot-chomping antics. Additionally, Bugs is known to enjoy flirting with women like Lola Bunny, who often comes under his influence.

He’s an avid basketball fan, appearing alongside Michael Jordan in several cartoons, such as the 1996 Space Jam film. Additionally, Nike apparel featuring him, such as shoes and hats. Additionally, he’s known to dance well, appearing in several music videos.

Bugs is one of the world’s best-loved animated rabbits and has appeared in multiple films and television shows since his 1940 debut. Audiences worldwide have found him endearing, so much so that live-action versions such as “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” even feature him. A beloved symbol of fun and mischief since 1940, audiences continue to fall for Bugs today!

Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies animated shorts have inspired a wide range of video games and other forms of entertainment, earning the character worldwide popularity and becoming part of popular culture – becoming some of the most outstanding examples of cartoon animation ever produced. Games featuring this franchise can be found across various formats for platforms – even mobile phones!