Back to the Future Shoes


Tinker Hatfield and Tiffany Beers’ futuristic shoe designs – the Nike Mags worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future (1989) – fascinated audiences when they first appeared. These futuristic shoes featured an exceptional motor fit, tightening as you walk, making these revolutionary shoes genuinely iconic.

Nike recently created a special edition Mag with innovative self-lacing technology, auctioning it off and donating all proceeds to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

Tinker Hatfield

Back to the Future (BTTF) remains one of the most iconic films for sneaker culture. It combined fashion and film, showing how iconic sneakers can play an essential role in character development and storytelling. Furthermore, the film highlights innovation, nostalgia, and limited releases within sneaker culture, thus leaving an indelible mark that continues to inspire today’s sneaker industry.

Tinker Hatfield, one of the pioneering sneaker designers, created Marty McFly’s shoes, known as Nike Mags from Back to the Future (BTTF), to self-lace and tie automatically upon recognizing his foot. They have become iconic icons within pop culture; highly sought-after collectors seek them out, and auction sites offer them for higher-than-expected prices at auctions or eBay sales.

Notable Nike footwear in Back to the Future II was the Mags, self-lacing shoes with illuminated soles that inspired an entire generation to pursue careers in science and technology. In the first film, Marty McFly wore Nike Bruin sneakers in white and red colorway; for BTTF II, he switched over to wearing self-lacing MAGs that featured a self-lacing mechanism and had illuminated soles. These were so cool they even inspired some fans into careers in these fields!

Hatfield, who designed several iconic Nike sneaker styles such as the Air Max and Air Jordan models, was honored with Oregon’s Hall of Fame. Additionally, he received numerous awards, such as the Lawrence Medal, which recognizes alumni who have made significant contributions to society while embodying Oregon’s spirit of excellence. Furthermore, Hatfield volunteers his time coaching basketball and football at his children’s schools in Portland, Oregon.

Tinker Hatfield and Tiffany Beers’ video for the new Nike MAGs has gone viral online and garnered millions of views, creating unprecedented interest in these revolutionary shoes that feature self-tie laces and self-lace removal capabilities. Nike plans on releasing these special edition MAGs next spring in limited numbers, with proceeds benefitting the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

Marty McFly

Back to the Future II features one of cinema’s most memorable movie moments when Marty McFly dons his self-lacing Nike Mag sneakers designed in collaboration between director George Miller and Nike designer Eric Avar. These innovative sneakers were the result of cutting-edge technology combined with iconic movie history, becoming must-haves among both movie fans and sneakerheads alike.

Nike Mags are no longer produced, yet several pairs have been released over time. A notable couple was released in 2008 in grey and teal colors with glow-in-the-dark outsoles; limited to only 89 pairs they sold at auction for incredible prices. As a result of its immense popularity, its successor was released for less than half price in 2019.

Replicas of Marty McFly’s shoes can help recreate his look. One such option is the Nike Adapt BB, a modern take on the Nike Mag from Back to the Future II that features its futuristic sci-fi style as seen in the movie and boasts adaptive fit technology to accommodate the wearer’s foot size.

Another tremendously intelligent shoe option is the Nike iD. This innovative shoe uses your smartphone to automatically tighten and adjust, with customizable light displays to showcase your style. In addition to tracking steps and heart rate data, it also comes with built-in speakers so you can play music or answer calls!

Add some finishing touches to your Marty McFly costume by including accessories like a hoverboard. This prop features all the retro 80s-style futuristic graphics from the movie and lights up when used! It is a perfect accompaniment with Nike MAGs.

For a closer look at Marty McFly’s clothes, the Sideshow Collectibles Marty McFly 1:10 Art Scale Statue offers an accurate representation. This statue includes his tube-shaped backpack for carrying gear as well as an intricate replica of a DeLorean car at its base – making this piece essential to any fan of Back to the Future!


Back to the Future made Michael J Fox an international star while also introducing us all to Nike’s light-up sneakers. These shoes feature LED panels that illuminate both the upper and lower sections of each shoe and last up to five hours before needing charging again. Nike only ever produced 1500 pairs, which were auctioned off via eBay, with all proceeds donated directly to the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease Research.

Marty McFly wears Nike Air Mags that feature self-lacing technology in Back to the Future II, designed by Nike over 11 years ago and produced in 2016. They were introduced as the first sneakers with an integrated motor small enough to fit inside it.

Nike released these exclusive, limited-edition sci-fi-themed sneakers only to select buyers, yet today they fetch thousands. Now known as status symbols among collectors, these footwear pieces have become must-have items in any sci-fi fan’s collection. In addition to original versions, retro versions from Nike have also proven popular and stylish.

Marty wasn’t wearing only Nike Mags when he made his appearance in Back to the Future II; he also donned a pair of Nike Bruin sneakers designed by Tinker Hatfield that remain in production and remain highly prized among Nike enthusiasts.

Although not as technologically advanced, Marty made his iconic mark through the shoes he wore during Back to the Future by choosing them for himself as Marty Bruin. These cool kicks became even more iconic for him and helped further cement his place as one of its main protagonists.

Back to the Future was a massively successful movie, and many fans eagerly anticipated its sequel. Filmmakers of BTTF recognized that they needed new shoes for Marty and Doc Brown’s time-traveling duo, so they hired Tinker Hatfield, one of Nike’s rising stars, as a designer of something genuinely distinctive for this sequel.

Hatfield and Tiffany Beers spent six years developing Mag shoes for BTTF 2. As a result, these legendary sneakers stand amongst some of the most excellent sneakers ever seen on screen.

The Future

Few sneakers have had as significant an effect on sneaker culture as those featured in the Back to the Future franchise; the Nike Mags from Back to the Future are one such shoe. Not only iconic in design, they represent how film and fashion came together and captured audiences worldwide – as evidenced by their high resell prices and significant significance among collectors and fans.

These futuristic kicks from the movie are so beloved a replica pair is now for sale – giving anyone their very own futuristic kicks! Not only are the replica shoes an affordable alternative to their original counterparts, but they also boast their unique features: lightweight construction made of eco-friendly materials as well as being designed with comfort in mind; additionally, they include features such as padded tongue and collar to make long wear times comfortable and lasting wearability.

There are other pairs of Nike sneakers associated with Back to the Future films beyond MAGs, however. Marty McFly wore white and red Nike Bruin sneakers in the first film; these feature white full-grain leather uppers topped by Gym Red Swooshes and heel patches, creating an eye-catching aesthetic sure to draw an audience’s eye.

Nike Mags were perhaps the most iconic shoes from this film, boasting advanced Adaptive Fit technology to sense wearer movement and loosen or tighten laces accordingly. Produced as part of a limited run of only 89, many were auctioned off to raise charity funds; today, these self-lacing Nikes typically fetch $24K or more on the secondary market.

These shoes not only pay tribute to the film, but they’re incredibly stylish as well. Available in various colors and shapes – even glow-in-the-dark options are available – these kicks make a perfect statement of support for this iconic franchise!

It is undeniable that this movie had such an enormous influence on sneaker culture, and these shoes have since become such a trendy fashion statement. They represent innovation and remind us to always remain positive towards tomorrow.