How to Hide Music Sticker on Instagram Story


Music can add an intimate element to your stories on Instagram. Use the song as an emotional trigger or use its powerful message as inspiration – whatever suits your level best!

Launch Instagram, tap on the camera icon, swipe up to access the sticker tray, and find “Music” as your sticker of choice.

1. Move the Sticker

Instagram Stories allow you to set the scene by using music as a dynamic trigger and capture people’s attention, from lip-syncing along with holiday tunes or simply providing background noise; there are numerous ways music stickers can add the finishing touches and help tell stories through unique content creation and storytelling.

But sometimes, you might need to hide the Music Sticker from your Story for aesthetic or convenience reasons. Luckily, there are easy solutions available; by following these simple guidelines, you can hide the Music Sticker while still allowing the chosen song to play!

First, launch Instagram and ensure you have the latest version. Next, either swipe up from the home feed to access your Story or tap your profile picture with a colorful ring in the top-left corner of the screen to enter. When in your Story, tap the “Music” sticker to access the song library; move the sticker where desired on Story; pinch with two fingers (usually thumb and forefinger) until it becomes so small it no longer appears in Story.

Once your sticker has been placed, Instagram will recognize its reduced size and continue playing your chosen song. Alternatively, you can move it off-screen so it won’t appear in your Story but will still play as background music for it.

As another way of disguising the visibility of your Music Sticker, adding visual effects such as text overlays or captions to share lyrics from songs you selected as well as explain their relevance within your story can also help. Also, try playing around with different camera angles to reduce the visibility of your Music Sticker.

2. Pinch the Sticker

Instagram Stories is an essential platform for sharing moments, creativity, and personal expressions with a global audience. By adding music stickers to your content, you can captivate followers while creating an immersive storytelling experience for them to engage with. But some users may wish to cover up or remove this music sticker on their story for privacy or aesthetic reasons – there are various methods of doing this!

Start by opening and logging into Instagram on your mobile device, then swipe right to access the Instagram Camera screen and tap on the Gallery thumbnail icon at the bottom to select photos and videos from the device library. When you have decided what you wish to share, tap the Sticker icon at the top and choose MUSIC sticker from available stickers – then post!

The MUSIC sticker allows you to select any song from your Instagram music library and play it as background noise in Stories. Each track will play for 15 seconds at most; pick an area, such as chorus lyrics, for maximum impact on your Story’s content.

Once you’ve selected the song you wish to use, place the MUSIC sticker on your Story and adjust its size as necessary. Customizing this sticker could include previewing or purchasing of its track; when satisfied with its placement and customizations, tap “Done” to save all changes made.

To successfully hide a MUSIC sticker in your Story, position it where it won’t be seen by viewers and pinch it with two fingers (typically your thumb and forefinger) until its size shrinks down until it is no longer visible on your Story. Note that its thumbnail remains visible – although when clicking through your Story, they won’t see it displayed as soon.

3. Hide the Sticker

Instagram Stories provide an engaging platform to express moments, creativity, and personal expression with a global audience. Recent updates by Instagram have introduced several tools to increase storytelling prowess, such as the Music Sticker, which amplifies impact while engaging audiences.

The Music Sticker gives you the power to choose a song to play in the background of your story while displaying its lyrics as it plays back. You can position, resize, and rotate this sticker until it fits seamlessly with your content, plus customize its playback duration or find lyrics that coincide with it!

Even with all its power, sometimes it may be best to forgo using Music Stickers in Instagram Stories. Be it creative reasons, narrative choices, or copyright compliance issues, hiding stickers can add depth and make your Instagram Stories more compelling and intriguing.

To hide a Music Sticker, first locate it by placing two fingers on it (typically your thumb and forefinger). Next, pinch to reduce its size until it becomes imperceptible or completely disappears from view. When your sticker reaches an indistinguishable or indiscernible state, publish your story: the selected song will still playback as part of its performance without the music sticker in view.

If you want to take your Instagram stories one step further, try adding other stickers, like location tags, GIFs, countdowns, polls, and questions, as well as text overlays and captions that convey your message directly. By taking advantage of these techniques, your story will stand out and become engaging for its followers – hopefully leading them further down their storytelling path! With these tips in place, your journey toward crafting captivating Instagram Stories should begin shortly – happy storytelling!

4. Remove the Sticker

Instagram Stories is an innovative platform that allows users to express themselves freely with a global audience. It boasts several features that help add depth and context to your posts, such as its Music sticker. However, you may occasionally want to remove this element for aesthetic or minimalist reasons; there are several methods you can employ in order to remove the sticker without degrading sound quality or the quality of the track.

Start by opening Instagram on your phone or tablet and tapping the profile picture with its colorful ring at the top of the screen – this will bring up your Stories feed if it hasn’t already. To create new stories, swipe up from the bottom of your device to access your camera.

After that, you can either capture a photo or video, add one from your existing library, or both to your Stories by tapping the paper airplane icon in the upper-right corner. Once complete, tap the “Music Sticker” icon to add songs as part of your narrative.

Once you have selected a song, its lyrics will automatically appear as it plays. Furthermore, you can move and resize its music sticker accordingly so as not to cover any part of your story with text.

Once your music sticker has been placed correctly, continue telling its story by adding other stickers, captions, and drawings that showcase your creative vision and reflect its individuality. By doing this, your individuality can shine through when crafting unique stories from within yourself.