How to Create Awareness About Internshala in Your College


Internshala is India’s leading homegrown content, career, and skill development platform for students. Each year, it reaches more than three million students with educational content, career guidance, and skill training opportunities.

This website assists students and recent graduates in finding internships and full-time placements in companies nationwide, online training programs, and partnerships with top businesses.

1. Organize a student campaign

Internships are an integral component of academic life for students. Internships provide them with practical experience, expand their skill set, and make a significant difference in their career development. One way students can raise awareness about internships is to organize a campaign within their college: this could include distributing posters or visiting classes, while seminars could focus on how internships improve job-search capabilities and career prospects for their participants.

Campaign activities could also involve working closely with the college placement cell and hosting informational seminars on Internshala training courses led by alumni or professionals who have taken these training programs themselves and discussed how it has enabled them to land great jobs and advance in their careers.

Reaching a broad audience with your campaign is easier than ever with social media platforms, where success stories, internship opportunities, and advice on landing internships will generate interest in target audiences. Collaborate with career-related clubs at school by hosting workshops, webinars, or events as part of your promotion efforts.

An alternative way of engaging college students regularly is to create WhatsApp or Telegram groups for them. Through these, posters and e-posters can be distributed periodically; online contests on Internshala’s internship platform could also take place through these channels.

Creating your student campaign requires dedication and enthusiasm – not to mention an opportunity to earn a stipend by referring students to Internshala! Not only that, but this program can help develop your marketing and communication skills as well as leadership qualities, so don’t delay getting involved now!

2. Hold seminars

Implementing Internshala into your college communication channels is one of the best ways to spread its reach. Message boards, newsletters, and the official college website all serve as excellent locations for eye-catching posters highlighting its advantages and possibilities. Working closely with your career counseling or placement office allows you to plan informational seminars about Internshala; during such meetings, successful alumni who have completed Internshala training can share their stories about their experiences – something message boards cannot do alone!

Another way Internshala can be promoted is through holding seminars and workshops about finding internships on its platform. These events could be organized either within your college or by external parties; an excellent idea would be reaching out to student clubs and organizations for hosting such an event – this may help create awareness at your college as students attending these seminars will be exposed to Internshala’s benefits!

Word-of-mouth advertising remains one of the most effective strategies in any industry, and talking to friends and sharing your personal experience of your platform is an effective way to generate interest among others. Additionally, social media such as Facebook and Twitter provide platforms where the word can spread even further.

If you have free time on your hands, consider becoming a Campus Ambassador for Internshala. Through this performance-based incentive program, Campus Ambassadors can earn for each registration on the platform and each sale of Internshala training programs that occurs through their unique link. In addition, participating allows access to exclusive contests and learn-ups.

3. Make attractive posters

Students love contests and are eager to discuss them amongst themselves. Create attractive posters highlighting all of the contest details and post them around campus; this is sure to capture many students’ attention and increase awareness of internship contests!

Reminding students about Internshala can also be achieved by asking your institute’s website administrator to display Internshala ads on campus websites so they will see them every time they access it and gain familiarity with us! This way they’ll see our advertisement and become more familiar with us over time.

Furthermore, campus ambassadors may help spread e-posters among their peers through emails, WhatsApp, or telegram groups – an extremely efficient method to spread your message! This strategy has proven very successful!

As a company, we’ve long held the view that interns are an organization’s most significant brand ambassadors. If treated well, they will enthusiastically promote your image among their network; otherwise, they will accuse your name unfavorably – we have seen this firsthand through internship contests; their stories only solidified our belief!

4. Set up a stall at college fests

College fests offer an ideal way to engage students and introduce them to Internshala. You could set up a stall at your fest, host seminars on interning through Internshala, and create attractive posters to draw their attention. Furthermore, ask permission from your college’s admin so you can display Internshala ads on their website – this way, students will see it each time they access it!

Planning a college event takes careful preparation, teamwork, and creativity. Begin by setting clear goals and selecting an organizing committee with diverse skills. Select an appealing theme before exploring available venues near you or engaging event planners. Finally, develop engaging activities and events to engage attendees across a broad spectrum of interests.

College events offer students a memorable and thrilling experience while also serving as an effective method to raise money for charity. A student-led cleaning project could benefit residents while teaching students leadership and management skills, or you could host a movie night where students vote on their favorite films before donating proceeds to an important cause.

Hold a food festival as one of your college events! Students often get tired of eating hostel food all of the time, so offering a variety of delectable foods at your fest will entice them. Involve a cooking contest where participants use different techniques and ingredients when creating dishes to teach them new recipes for when they graduate – and provide prizes to each category winner!

5. Create a WhatsApp or a Telegram group

Students can utilize WhatsApp or Telegram groups to spread awareness about Internshala. Groups can be created for any year or stream and share information regarding training program updates, internship contests, etc., on these channels – creating greater awareness across a broader student population.

Communication about internshipshala can also be increased by approaching your college website admin and asking permission to display internshipshala ads on it. This is one of the best ways to promote Internshala as students tend to frequent their institute’s websites frequently, and this will give Internshala greater visibility among them.

Writing articles in your school newsletter and newspaper to promote internshipshala will also work well, or taking on an online internship and earning some extra bucks by promoting internshala – it could even make studying at college easier! This could also provide another great source of revenue.

If your passion lies with internshipshala, get your college to host a seminar on it to attract more students as well as generate some extra revenue for them. This could not only draw them in but may even cause some extra profit for them!

If you can convince many people to attend your seminar, consider organizing a competition on its subject matter – the winning team could receive an iPhone 11! When answering questions at interviews or interviews with recruiters or interviewees about internship opportunities, be prepared and confident when delivering your answers; adding as many details about yourself will give the recruiter an understanding of who you are as an applicant and will convince them that you are indeed suitable candidates.