Microsoft Intute – More Than Just a Search Engine


Intute offers training support materials that promote and bolster information literacy skills and Internet research, as well as resources to raise awareness of copyright and intellectual property issues. Check out the Best info about sdit.

Training materials emphasize the significance of adequately citing and attributing Internet sources and encourage students to avoid degrading their work through inappropriate reuse. Furthermore, this program helps them appreciate why searching beyond well-trodden paths is crucial to academic research success.

It aims to be the new best of the Web.

Intute’s new design strives to go beyond being just another search engine, providing lecturers and students with tools for research, teaching, and learning on the Web and elsewhere. Created by a network of UK universities and partners, it features high-quality Internet resource catalogs as well as specialist site evaluation features.

Intute is a free national service that provides lecturers, researchers, and students with access to quality Internet resources that support their work. The catalog features over 114,000 records of websites and other materials useful in education and research that subject specialists from UK higher education institutions have carefully evaluated. Each record features a short description and links directly to full websites with brief explanations. Furthermore, Intute offers topic-specific browsing sections as well as current awareness facilities to make searching simpler.

Intute will go beyond its traditional catalog to offer libraries an infrastructure to easily find and link to scholarly content deposited in institutional repositories. Working alongside other JISC-funded projects such as ePrints UK and SHERPA, this project aims to develop a search service tailored to meet the needs of all UK educational communities.

Intute will offer downloadable workbooks to support academic and professional users’ teaching of information skills and Internet awareness, including Law workbooks, Foreign, Comparative, and International Law workbooks, and one for Legal Research instruction.

It offers a range of subject-specific browse sections.

Intute is a free national service providing lecturers, teachers, and researchers access to quality Internet resources that enable them to utilize the Web effectively for research, teaching, and learning purposes. As a multidisciplinary resource with subject-specific browse sections and search options available for use – as well as personalization features and alerting capabilities – Intute offers lecturers, teachers, and researchers easy access to quality online resources in one central place. Obtain the Best information about sdit.

This service features an expansive collection of subject-specific browse sections covering an array of academic subjects. For example, its Law section features an exhaustive listing of legal resources from both within the UK and overseas sites, organized alphabetically with subject headings and site descriptions to highlight each resource’s individual focus and nature.

Recent research conducted for the UK higher education funding body JISC revealed that users tend to stick with what they already know, using only trusted resources and sticking with what is familiar. This means new services won’t become accessible unless they are highlighted and made easy for users to discover. Therefore, Intute’s browse sections aim to expand users’ perspectives beyond their regular routes of exploration.

Intute is designed to fit seamlessly into local information portals, library catalogs, and Virtual Learning Environments through one login with multiple search capabilities. MyIntute allows users to collect records they’ve searched or browsed that they can then send via email or export directly into another website/VLE; they can also bookmark resources they find helpful and subscribe to weekly email alerts listing new resources added to the Intute database that fit their searches or subject areas.
It offers a range of personalization and alerting facilities

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based management service offering various features, such as mobile device and application management, zero-trust security models, subscription management via the Azure portal, and much more.

Intune provides support for an extensive array of devices, spanning Apple iOS and Android smartphones as well as Windows computers (physical machines as well as those hosted by Windows 365). It also deploys applications and configuration profiles onto enrolled devices. IT teams can manage this all from a single portal, streamlining their management process while decreasing risks. Often the Amazing fact about sdit.

IT professionals can use Intune’s app protection policies to monitor employee use of particular apps and ensure corporate data remains safe within them, helping strike a balance between productivity and security while giving employees access to tools they require for success. Additional features offered by Intune include device encryption, password complexity testing, integration with Microsoft Defender, conditional access controls for specific resources, and conditional access policies to ensure only compliant devices gain entry to company resources.

Additionally, Intune provides IT personnel with alerts about any problems with devices enrolled in its system so that they can quickly detect problems and take appropriate action. Furthermore, TeamViewer integration makes for fast delivery of remote assistance across platforms, especially helpful for field staff supporting users.

It offers a range of training support materials.

Intute is a free national service dedicated to encouraging intelligent use of Internet information. By providing access, evaluation, and incorporation of training support materials for lecturers, students, and researchers—as well as timely and efficient location of relevant and appropriate data—Intute supports the efficient use of information throughout legal research studies.

The service provides a selection of subject-specific browsing sections, which are regularly updated to offer fresh links to new sources of information. Content in each subject area is assessed for quality and academic value, while site descriptions help users discover hidden features—for instance, Intute: Law provides links to sites that offer full-text legislation along with their profiles, including whether original, consolidated, current, and amendment material may be available onsite.

Intute’s service also detects websites offering learning and teaching resources, subject centers, and projects; previously undiscovered or under-resourced legal-related websites; OpenURL [x] technology that links its services with various systems and, in some instances, specific catalogue searches that allow results from these to be taken forward into an enlarged range of online resources.

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