Bleeding Heart Flower Tattoo


A bleeding heart flower tattoo represents unconditional love, compassion, and self-love – making it the ideal choice for women and men!

This stunning tattoo depicts an intricate anatomical heart with delicate flowers and dot work, perfect for anyone wishing to show their feminine side or express their passion and love for someone close.

1. Heart on your sleeve

The bleeding heart flower (Lamprocapnos spectabilis, formerly Dicentra spectabilis) is one of the world’s most stunning and unforgettable blooms, symbolizing unconditional love, compassion, and grace. A perfect tattoo choice to show off one’s feminine side while simultaneously representing compassion & grace – perfect if looking for minimalist ink! This design of bleeding hearts also makes an excellent minimalist choice!

This black and white tattoo of a heart with flowers can serve as the ideal reminder to remain strong and follow your heart no matter the challenges. It will look lovely on either your rib cage or wrist!

Traditionally, this flower is used to commemorate the loss of loved ones or express unrequited affection; however, its delicate form often appears at weddings or is used as decoration on bouquets or table arrangements. Furthermore, its soft appearance symbolizes sensitivity and compassion; getting this tattoo will make you feel closer to those you care for most.

2. Anatomical heart with flowers

Anatomical heart tattoos are a timeless way to memorialize a loved one or express one’s appreciation of life and beauty. Combining realistic medical drawings with delicate flowers creates a striking visual contrast, with each softening the anatomical heart and adding femininity – white blossoms such as lilies are often associated with purity and innocence.

An anatomical heart that has been ruptured can represent grief and loss due to failure in various forms, from grief or separation to relationship dissolution or divorce. A design with such an image reminds those going through challenging experiences to move on and not dwell on past tragedies.

Anatomical heart tattoos with flowers can also be a powerful reminder of life’s transience; as flowers bloom and fade, so do our loved ones. Including them in your tattoo can reinforce this message and provide a constant reminder to cherish the memories of those who have passed on.

3. Heart with flowers

This tattoo takes the classic heart-and-flower design and adds a personal flair. Incorporating “mom” into each heart symbolizes maternal love, while small flowers remind our loved ones of our appreciation. This stunning design is a beautiful reminder of how much we care!

A bleeding heart flower (Dicentra spectabilis or Lamprocapnos spectabilis), native to Asia, symbolizes romance and unrequited feelings for years. It takes its name from an Asian folktale about a prince who fell deeply in love with a maiden and attempted to win her affection by offering 20 gifts; unfortunately, she rejected him instead and died due to his broken heart; thus, the flowers are named in his honor and represent unrequited feelings today.

This particular heart with flowers features fine line features for maximum biological realism. Roses have traditionally been associated with hearts to represent deep or passionate love, while adding hibiscus flowers can symbolize purity and wisdom.

4. Heart with flowers on the thigh

If flowers are your passion and you want a tattoo that showcases them, this adorable and dainty thigh tattoo could be perfect. Featuring colorful blossoms that symbolize life and kindness, you can add words or dates with special meaning to further personalize this piece.

The Bleeding Heart (Dicentra or Lamprocapnos) flower symbolizes unconditional love and other deep emotions like compassion. The white petals represent innocence and purity while its red petals symbolize sorrow and heartbreak – this name derives from an old folktale involving a prince who fell deeply in love with a maiden but could not express his emotions freely.

Hayleigh has chosen a beautiful floral tattoo as a fitting way to remember her mother or loved one who has passed on. With its simplistic design and minimal pain requirements, this simple choice makes a great first-time tattoo choice. Additionally, clothing covers it quickly when necessary.

5. Heart with flowers on the back

Bleeding heart flower tattoos have quickly become popular as an expressive way to show love and passion. They symbolize life’s fragility and strength and the beauty and growth that comes from nurturing those feelings. A combination of a bleeding heart with roses symbolizes both elements: one represents your blood pumping through your veins, while roses represent the beauty and power that come from loving someone and caring for someone.

Pink bleeding heart flowers symbolize kindness and subtlety, while red ones depict romantic or cute love, unconditional affection, and compassion. A rare white one represents purity, faith, and an open mindset toward new adventures or fresh starts.

Legend has it that a wealthy prince fell in love with a maiden and attempted to woo her by giving them 20 gifts, but when she declined him, she left his heart broken, so the flowers are given in his honor as flowers that look similar to hearts; hence their name “bleeding heart.” Today, this flower symbolizes unrequited love and broken hearts.