High Bay LED Lights – 30000 Lumens in Cool White


High bay LED lighting offers an efficient solution for lighting large warehouse spaces at a reasonable cost. LED fixtures consume less energy than metal halide lamps and require far less maintenance while helping lower utility costs and qualify for special rebates. Get the Best information about industrial high bay lights manufacturers.

This 200W LED linear high bay light was created to replace traditional HID and fluorescent lighting sources in warehouses, gymnasiums, arenas, auto shops, and other large indoor spaces. Operating on AC120-277V voltage with dimmable support via compatible 0-10V dimmers.


This LED high bay light is an ideal replacement for fluorescent and metal halide lighting in warehouses and other large interior spaces, providing reliable energy-efficient illumination through high ambient temperatures while withstanding moisture, dust, and airborne contaminants. Furthermore, its IP65 wet-rated design makes it suitable even in damp environments.

This high bay fixture offers an energy-saving and cost-cutting alternative to conventional fluorescent fixtures, delivering up to 22319 lumens at 5000K color temperature and featuring 0-10V dimming capability for precise light control in any space. Plus, its durable die-cast aluminum construction ensures long-term use.

The high bay LED fixture uses Philips 3030 SMD LED light sources and a Meanwell driver to produce soft daylight-white illumination with minimal fade or flicker. Its recessed mount makes installation easy in ceilings, walls, and cabinets; plus, it comes UL and CSA certified for safety with an included 6.5ft power cord!

This LED high bay light is an ideal solution for spaces with ceiling heights of more than 20ft. Its custom-engineered reflectors and optics help produce an evenly dispersed beam of illumination that reduces shadows and dark areas while improving productivity. Plus, being mercury-free ensures reduced environmental impacts and disposal costs!


This 200W LED High Bay offers an impressive light output of up to 30,000 lumens in cool white. Compatible with 0-10V dimmer controls (not included), this fixture replaces 800-watt metal halide fixtures while using up to 80% less energy – plus, it comes with a 5-year warranty from UL-listed and DLC 5.1-approved manufacturers!

High bay lighting is ideal for spaces with 15 feet or higher ceilings, providing ample illumination of large areas while increasing productivity in industrial facilities. The brightness can be tailored depending on the size and type of illuminated room.

These lights can easily be installed onto a grid or suspended from the ceiling with hooks for quick and easy installation in warehouses, garages, and commercial spaces. Their installation process makes them a great choice – simple and easily fit anywhere inside any building!

LED warehouse lights not only increase productivity but can also improve safety by helping workers see fine details and color contrasts clearly, while their superior heat resistance means reduced risk of workplace accidents. Furthermore, their reduced need for bulb replacement saves both money and time on maintenance costs; they are more durable than traditional metal halide lamps, not to mention safer to touch due to lower temperatures.

Color Temperature

High bay lights are lighting fixtures designed to illuminate spaces with high ceilings – usually above 20 feet – by casting ample illumination from far distance. Typical applications of these lighting fixtures are warehouses, gyms, arenas, and convention centers where large open areas exist, such as warehouses. Their reflective surfaces and lens angles help ensure light reaches every corner of the room.

LED high bays are incredibly energy-efficient, using less power for each lumen and producing very little heat, helping reduce cooling system strain. As such, their use can result in lower energy bills, maintenance costs, and savings over time.

LEDs are free from harmful elements like mercury in fluorescent and metal halide lights. Furthermore, their durability surpasses their fluorescent counterparts, allowing them to last longer in industrial environments and being covered by extensive manufacturer warranties and rebate programs.

Round LED UFO high bay lights are often utilized in warehouses, gymnasiums, and big-box retail stores as an adequate replacement for high-pressure sodium or metal halide fixtures. They can either be suspended from chains from the ceiling or mounted directly with appropriate brackets – with accessories like reflectors or motion sensors added for additional functionality and security. Linear high bay lights feature more linear designs, which can be placed along aisles to provide even illumination across an entire facility.


Lighting is an essential component of any workspace. High bay lights provide efficient illumination of large areas with higher ceiling heights than traditional lighting solutions and have low power consumption while offering a bright shine consistent over time without draining power sources. They’re an economical alternative to HID bulbs.

LEDs offer many advantages when it comes to maintenance; their absence of toxic elements such as mercury simplifies recycling, reducing environmental impact. Plus, their long lifespan means less frequent replacement needs.

LED UFO high bay lights are up to 70% more energy-efficient and offer higher lumen per watt than traditional metal halide (MH), boasting wider beam angles with compatible 10V or lower voltage dimmers.

LED UFO high bay lights are widely utilized in warehouses, aircraft hangars, and gymnasiums with ceiling heights of up to 20 feet. These fixtures can light floor space from afar while withstanding harsh environments; additionally, they often come equipped with reflectors and optics designed to distribute their illumination evenly over an entire workspace.

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