Duki River Plate Presenta Dos Concertos Este Sabato y Domingo


Duki, an Argentine trap artist, made two performances at River Plate Stadium on Saturday and Sunday. Prior to each event, he participated in a press conference where he addressed his health.

Duki (Mauro Lombardo) is one of Argentina’s best-known hip-hop artists, who has achieved immense fame within the industry for his groundbreaking works that cross genre boundaries and leave an indelible mark on society.

What to expect

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Duki is one of the foremost representatives of Argentine trap music. An accomplished and charismatic performer, Duki draws audiences from around the globe, having already toured North America and Spain. Duki stands as an inspirational testament to both music and perseverance.

Duki has won hearts through his humility and appreciation of his audience, becoming one of the most beloved artists in his genre. Most recently, he performed in Velez, where he addressed an emotional speech where he thanked family, friends, and fans for all their support – something which Duki himself acknowledged during an emotional speech during which he thanked them personally and pledged never to give up his dreams or promises of hard work in order to realize them during this show where popular hits “Givenchy” and “Tumbando el Club” were performed alongside energetic performances that left audiences wanting more.

The setlist

Duki River Plate has created an unforgettable setlist with unforgettable songs such as “Rockstar,” “If You Feel Alone,” Wacha,” and Troya.” Their concert was filled with emotional moments, such as when Ysy A y Neo Pistea entered the stage – she thanked Duki for opening up pathways for all those present!

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The venue

Estadio River Plate stands as one of the most incredible music venues on the planet. Over its history, this venue has hosted world-class acts like The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, and Roger Waters – along with up-and-coming local talent like rock enthusiast The Weeknd or jazz enthusiast Roger Waters – making this event not to be missed!

Duki began his career by engaging in street rap battles when no one believed in what he was doing; one of his many spoken interludes featured Fede Lauria of Dale Play, a concert promoter in Argentina, who saw enough potential in Duki to launch an independent label that now houses artists such as Bizarrap and Nicki Nicole.

Duki’s sold-out show was an appropriate tribute to his meteoric rise and impactful presence on the Argentine hip-hop scene. Duki performed hits such as “Givenchy” and “Tumbando en el Club” and was joined onstage by Emilia Mernes, Khea, Milo M, Bhavi Salastkbron, and LIT Killah, among others. Beyond just performing, Duki used this performance opportunity to promote his latest album, which features guest artists from various Argentine hip-hop scene artists; Duki uses concerts as more than just performances but as opportunities to share his message of hopefulness with audiences everywhere.

The artist

Duki (Mauro Lombardo) is currently leading an explosive generation of urban artists from Argentina. At 27 years old, Duki has successfully established himself as an uncontestable reference of an unstoppable musical movement. Through Ances de Ameri, released in June this year, he made history by being the first urban rapper from Argentina to perform two sold-out concerts at River Plate Stadium of Buenos Aires.

Duki is nearly ready to conclude a major European tour, beginning in 2024 when they’ll revisit Spain for its launch. Additionally, Duki plans on embarking on international tours alongside such artists as Bizarrap, Lola Magnin, and Rei.

Duki was born in Buenos Aires and began his musical career at the start of this century, slowly progressing between rap and trap, producing such masterworks as “Givenchy” and “Tumbando en Club.” Duki has collaborated with artists of various backgrounds, such as Bad Bunny’s YHLQMDLG album; last year, he also worked as the composer on Lola Magnin’s film soundtrack as an official musician. With so much personality and spirit of life within himself, Duki stands apart as one of today’s young musicians!