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Curtis Huckaby was an incredible father to his two children, Hugh and Madilyne (Madi), raising them alongside their mother, Regan. Curtis also loved youth sports, cheering his children’s lacrosse and softball teams to victory!

According to police reports, she claimed Huckaby grabbed her from behind the counter at Big Red convenience store and beat her before running over her with his vehicle.

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Curtis Huckaby put his family first and loved watching them flourish through youth sports. As Hugh’s lacrosse and Madi’s softball coach, Curtis was always present to throw pitches or coach up-and-coming players. Curtis was generous beyond measure; anyone he came in contact with felt a particular affinity towards him – whether close family, friends, coworkers, or casual acquaintances – it all created an innately good atmosphere around them all.

He was a lifelong athlete and teammate, playing basketball, soccer, football, and baseball in his youth. Later, he went on to university-level rugby, proudly helping establish a nationally ranked program there. Above all, he cared deeply about young people, working tirelessly towards building brotherhood among his players.

Bryant police say they have seen many violent situations over their careers, but this one stands out. According to KATV reports, Brock Huckaby told police his father, Curtis Huckaby, burst into his home and beat him before pulling an employee of a nearby Big Red convenience store away and assaulting her with force – she miraculously survived this ordeal. It remains unknown what triggered this seemingly random act, but Curtis Huckaby now stands charged with Attempted Capital Murder, among other counts.

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Curtis was a dedicated father to Hugh and Madilyne (Madi), raising them together with their mother, Regan. A sports fanatic himself, Curtis enjoyed watching both his kids play lacrosse and softball, dedicating much of his time to coaching their teams and being present for every game, leaving an indelible mark on all he met through his kindness and magic.

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Curtis was an incredible father to Hugh and Madilyne, raising them together with Regan as proud parents. Family was at the core of his life; he loved spending time with his nieces and nephews as well as gaming with friends, hunting with his father, traveling on family vacations, gaming with his friends, hunting with his dad, gaming on family vacations and vacationing together – Curtis will be missed by all who knew him.

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Curtis Lowell Huckaby of Hood River, Oregon, died Friday, June 30, 2023, at age 39. Throughout his life, he was a loving father to Hugh and Madilyne (Madi), raising them alongside their mother, Regan. Additionally, he was highly involved with their youth sports teams, coaching Hugh’s lacrosse and Madi’s softball teams, respectively – even throwing pitches or giving advice daily! His kind nature touched all he met; all who encountered him felt his positive influence.

Police were called to a residence on Carywood Drive in Bryant after the victim reported his father had violently entered and attacked him, then followed him out the door where he shot a cashier from Big Red convenience store and beat her before finally fleeing again. She is expected to make a full recovery.

Curtis had lived in Jonesboro all his life, attending Jonesboro High School and Arkansas State University to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in history, respectively. These degrees led him to an established career in aerospace. While his professional life was flourishing, Curtis’s primary objective in life was to be an attentive husband and father, always prioritizing them over himself in life decisions made with them in mind. Furthermore, he was very much in tune with family life – spending quality time in their backyard was something they all enjoyed together.