Elk River DVS


Elk River DVS office, situated in Minnesota, provides an array of services such as Road Test, Driving License Tests, Written Cards and Identification Cards as well as providing other specialized services.

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Elk River DVS, situated at 600 Railroad Drive in Minnesota, provides Road Tests, Driver License Renewal Services, and Identification cards, as well as Titling & Plate Services. You can schedule an appointment by phoning their customer service representatives, who are courteous and polite – helping make the transaction smoother!

Visit an auto service terminal instead. There, you can get your new sticker instantly without waiting in long lines at the DMV – making this option particularly suitable for those with limited free time and looking to save money by skipping these processes altogether.

The DMV is an integral component of Minnesota state government, so your driver’s license must remain up-to-date. Doing this will ensure you can legally drive in Minnesota. To check on its status, visit its website or call its local location – during peak times, an appointment may be necessary, but alternative arrangements can often be made if this cannot be accommodated.


DVS offices in Elk River offer an array of services that can assist with meeting Minnesota driving requirements. Find out the hours of operation and make an appointment if necessary; additionally, you can gain information regarding the address, phone number, and holidays of each location to ensure a timely arrival on your trip.

At 600 Railroad Drive, DVS offers comprehensive services that can assist with road tests, driving licenses, written cards, identification cards, and commercial driver’s license applications. To reduce long wait times at this office, it is advisable to make an appointment beforehand by calling ahead.

If you are unable to visit the Elk River DVS in person, online or over-the-phone appointments can be made. Existing appointments can also be rescheduled by calling Minnesota DMV and following their customer service representative’s instructions, remembering to make this appointment before their closing time!


If you live in Minnesota and need your driving-related documents handled quickly, Driver and Vehicle Services is the place for you. This state-run office offers various driving-related services from one convenient location; plus, there are auto service terminals. Plus, you can even use it as a place to pay license or registration fees!

Elk River DVS can be found at 600 Railroad Drive in Elk River, MN 56336, with the phone number of 712-443-4575 and a website: elkriverdmv.com for easier scheduling of appointments during regular business hours (Monday through Friday; closed on holidays). Appointments can be scheduled online or over the phone during these times.

Elk River DMV (Elk River Driver and Vehicle Registration Office) is a government agency offering driver’s license and vehicle registration services, including road tests, written tests, ID cards, and auto service terminals where stickers can be renewed instantly – saving time by eliminating long waits in line.


Elk River DVS Office provides license and renewal services, ID cards, written tests, road tests, and appointment scheduling if needed. Call ahead, as wait times may differ depending on when you come.

If you need to make an appointment, either online or by phone, it can be done quickly and conveniently. When calling the Minnesota DMV agent by phone, they will confirm your details with you – it is essential to be on time as it helps prevent misunderstandings or confusion!

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