Top 5 Highland Cows


Highland cattle’s signature shaggy hair helps them survive harsh Scottish winters by acting as an insulator against cold air, rain, and snow.

Cinch is a miniature highpark cross bullcalf born to Annabelle, who stands 39″, and Cash, who stands 36″. Chondro negative and with beautiful coloring. Cinch also boasts a fantastic personality reminiscent of an adorable puppy dog!


Evelyn is a stunning miniature highland heifer who will develop into a mid-size cow, polled and ready for breeding! Sired by Chip (mini Highpark bull), she will make an ideal addition to any herd!

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Creme Brulee hails from Tennessee and is the perfect mix between Belted Galloway and High Park breeds, boasting both characteristics. She is polled and chondro positive, an ideal pet or breeding cow. Cross her with any small highland or Highpark bull to create unique offspring! Her gentle temperament can’t be beaten! She absolutely adores being scratched!


Dora, our stunning yellow 43″ miniature Scottish Highland cow, makes a wonderful mother and respects fences. Vaccinations have been taken care of, and she is now prepared for her new farm home!

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Libby is a dexter, dun highland/Hereford cow, standing 37″ and is chondro negative. She gave birth to a Red Bull calf in January 2022 and has since been confirmed bred with Tank or Tex for an August 2023 birth; Tarzan may also be exposed. This cow loves being scratched – she tolerates it well! It doesn’t bother her at all – and she will barely notice when you give it.


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Cinch is an adorable yellow miniature highland bull calf from Chip. His son will be small and chondro-negative – perfect for crossbreeding in your mini herd! The cinch will arrive fully halter broken, vaccinated, and dewormed prior to weaning in June!


Cinch is an adorable miniature High Park cow-calf from our 36″ small red highland bull, Chip. Her genetics offer all the color, hair, and genetic qualities anyone could hope for in a heifer heifer.

She is an experienced mother and easy to work with. She respects boundaries and is very calming, making her an asset to any household!

Creme Brulee was purchased in Tennessee from Belted Galloway/High Park cross Belted Galloway/High Park crossbred cattle that is chondro positive and loves receiving attention! She’s halter broken and up-to-date on spring vaccines and deworming, ready to find her forever home!


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This cow was born in 2022 and is chondro-negative; she will be bred to either Tank or Tex for their 2024 calf. She has a fantastic personality, loves neck-scratching sessions, and makes a tremendous addition to your herd! Plus, she’s naturally polled, making her the ideal mini moo!


Juliet is a lovely mini-high park cow. She possesses all of the attributes required of an ideal heifer: fluffy hair, striking coloration, and an impressive breeding background. Juliet is my beloved Chip’s granddaughter; I can’t get over how beautiful she is.

Highland cows feature long fringes of hair, which protect them from snow and rain and keep away flies, covering their eyes. Their boundary also helps them store less fat compared to other cattle breeds.

Wednesday is an adorable black miniature highland heifer calf with outstanding genetics and stunning features, such as her spots. She is lovely and is currently half broke, as well as up-to-date on vaccinations and deworming treatments. Wednesday would make an excellent addition to any micro-mini herd or make a fabulous pet! She is also chondro-positive.


An exquisite heifer from the incredible mini Highpark bull Chip. She exudes beauty with her glorious coloration and fluffy hair while also possessing that solid build that we seek in a mini moo.

She makes an ideal cross for any herd sire; you won’t be disappointed with what comes out of the horns!

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Chloe is an intelligent redhead with short hair who tends to be quite bossy at times, yet is nonetheless an outstanding friend who will help anyone in her circle when needed.

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Petey is an AHCA-registered bull calf who is both enthusiastic and friendly. Currently being socialized and trained on a halter, Petey would make an outstanding herd bull!

Long-haired breeds like this one are essential, not only keeping them warm during the winter but also offering protection from brush and undergrowth, protecting their eyes from flies, making it hard for predators to spot them, as it is much harder for predators to spot them! Their hair also makes it harder for predators to spot them quickly!

Chip, our mini Highpark bull and dam of our mid-size Highland cow, sired this girl. She boasts excellent color, fluffy hair, proven breeding, a muscular physique, and is chondro-negative.


Margaret is an adorable heifer with gorgeous locks and colors. She is the daughter of our 36-inch miniature red high park bull Chip and an AHCA registered herd cow with brindle and dun coat colors, born to be part of our herd. Margaret has been well socialized over time; halter broke with no issues reported to date; confirmed chondro positive; polled.

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