Tiny Tots Learning Center


Tiny Tots Learning Center provides childcare in a safe, caring environment and offers activities designed to develop social skills while creating an encouraging atmosphere. You can find information about their operating hours, tuition rates, and more here.

Marcy and John Barker of Germfask recently acquired Barker’s Tiny Tots of Germfask after operating under its former name of Tahqua Tots, run by Quin Curley.


Children can interact with their peers in an age-appropriate environment, giving them a deeper understanding of the world while developing social skills and building self-esteem through interaction with instructors.

Classes cover various subjects, such as music and movement, yoga, literature, and art. Professional instructors lead all types to challenge your child academically while channeling his or her energy in constructive channels while promoting physical fitness and overall wellness.

Congress recently passed The Greening of Early Learning Act, which mandates centers to offer healthier beverages, support breastfeeding mothers, and limit non-educational screen time.

Physical Development

Eco-Tots Early Learning Center will enable toddlers to explore and discover through engaging with materials surrounding them, facilitating both their physical development and emotional maturity. They will engage in teacher-guided playtime activities and experiences based on weekly lesson plans; yoga will also be integrated into daily schedules to aid children’s balance and posture development.

Tiny Tots of South Seattle stands out as a premier child development center, but beyond being one of its services, it also works closely with local organizations to promote healthy lifestyles and support families in need. High school students also work closely with them for job experience and volunteerism opportunities as they gain work experience during high school classes at Tiny Tots; plus, they’ve been heavily involved in Othello Square development plans regarding affordable housing and childcare facilities.

Tiny Tykes provides a safe and stimulating environment where children can freely express themselves creatively while becoming independent lifelong learners. Their mission is to offer high-quality education that respects cultural diversity in an enjoyable atmosphere, helping children reach their full potential by improving motor abilities, thinking skills, and relationships among peers and encouraging parents to join in the learning process with their child(ren).

Language Development

Participating children will develop various social skills that will prepare them for kindergarten and benefit significantly from participating in the Tiny Tykes program. Its curriculum offers a stimulating yet safe environment where children can think creatively while becoming independent lifelong learners. It also meets all developmental needs, including the cognitive, social, and physical growth of each participant child.

Tiny Tots Childcare And Learning Center Llc of Reidsville, GA, provides age-appropriate programs and curriculum for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children. We are licensed by the state and provide subsidized childcare options.

The facility also provides various activities designed to assist your child in building motor and cognitive abilities, essential elements in their cognitive development. Furthermore, staff are specially trained to ensure your child is always safe.

Your child will experience an exciting day with interactive learning games to promote personal and social development. Their teachers will encourage independence, creativity, and self-confidence in your little one.

Mental Development

Children are encouraged to participate in activities that foster creativity, such as music, art, sports, and the environment. Such programs help children develop problem-solving abilities and become lifelong learners while cultivating self-discipline, respect for diversity, and an enthusiasm for learning.

South Seattle resident Helen Hicks established Tiny Tots, which has become one of its premier child development centers. Working closely with its community, Tiny Tots promotes healthy lifestyles while supporting families in need and providing work experience opportunities to high school students. Tiny Tots operates from two facilities within Othello Square, including preschool classrooms and shared building amenities; one will house Odessa Brown Clinic on two levels and five floors of affordable housing above; it plans to open officially by July 2017. ChildcareCenter provides inspection reports for this daycare provider as a service to parents.