Sunshine Learning Academy


Sunshine Learning Academy is a private school designed to accommodate children with special needs, offering classes that teach children respect for education and foster an eagerness to learn.

Tin-kai is one of nine students attending Gahood School for Foreigners near Seoul Station. Since joining, he has learned to feed himself from a bowl and walk safely.


Sunshine Learning Academy provides academic enrichment courses and test preparation services for Pre-K-6th graders, using the Creative Curriculum as its core foundation of instruction. Their curriculum emphasizes developing cognitive, speech and language, social-emotional, and gross/fine motor skills while encouraging their natural sense of curiosity.

Curriculum activities at our school range from reading and writing activities, small group and extensive group activities, music, and movement to alphabet charts for learning the letters and their sounds and numbers and shapes. Classrooms at the school feature enrichment experiences such as science labs, computer labs, indoor gyms, greenhouses, and playgrounds, giving children opportunities to pursue their interests while simultaneously building self-esteem and upholding Christian morals and values.

WHEN SHE ESTABLISHED SUNSHINE EARLY LEARNING CENTER, Frances J. Rollins made her dream a reality over 53 years ago. Frances’ passion and commitment to providing high-quality education still drive the staff and children today, inspiring the programs designed to help low-income neighborhoods realize their full potential in an environment that fosters nurturing care, clean environments, and supports perseverance – as well as being driven to deliver nothing short of excellence in service delivery to children and their families. Sunshine strives to become a bridge from poverty into an opportunity for children and their families alike!


Sunshine Learning Center staff comprises a fantastic group of individuals working closely together as a team. Dedicated to caring for and nurturing children in an ideal learning environment, they aim to offer age-appropriate activities that foster children’s natural curiosity.

These teachers help lay the groundwork for a child’s academic career by using building blocks to teach math concepts, organizing group activities that foster social skills and creativity, encouraging language development through storytelling or reading aloud and maintaining classroom order while operating audio-visual equipment, and using computers as instructive devices for disabled students.

Janessa Wilkins has been working at Sunshine & Rainbows ELC since it opened its doors in 2013. She holds a bachelor’s degree from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and brings with her a passion for children that she cherishes extensively – working directly with each child, nurturing creativity, and celebrating individuality while attending educational training programs for early child development – making her truly honored to co-direct S&R ELC with such great families!


Sunshine Learning Academy provides activities designed to foster cognitive, speech and language, social-emotional, and gross/fine motor development in its students. Their teachers introduce children to alphabet letters and sounds, use counting games to reinforce math concepts, organize group activities to foster social skills, assist kids in developing creativity through arts and crafts projects, set rules in the classroom and consistently enforce them, lead physical exercise sessions for disabled students using assistive devices; keep records on student progress as well as meet with parents about student progress.

This preschool offers a garden that teaches kids how to plant and grow fruits and vegetables such as peaches, melons, and tomatoes – typically during spring as part of its STEM curriculum. Furthermore, regular field trips to botanical gardens and zoos help develop imagination and self-confidence while teachers provide plenty of reading materials and play-based learning activities to complement this experience.