The Best Poboys in New Orleans


Poboy is a deliciously satisfying footlong sandwich filled with roast beef, Louisiana hot sausage, or fried oysters that has long been a part of New Orleans lunchtime culture and pairs well with an ice-cold Coke beverage.

Ask any New Orleanian where to find the best oyster in town, and they’ll tell you where it can be found with passion.


As New Orleanians love their po-boys, it’s no secret they take great pleasure in creating an integral part of their identity – almost as crucial as a neighborhood or family heirloom. Many locals swear by specific spots, but there’s no shortage of sandwich spots in New Orleans!

Domilise’s is an iconic local institution established shortly after World War I. Though small, this backstreet eatery draws customers daily, from classic roast beef with gravy to their famous fried shrimp and catfish. Domilise’s also offers other seafood offerings and hearty Italian fare!

This humble establishment has long been part of Chicago’s food culture and has served its community for over 100 years. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced its closure last fall, many longtime fans were disappointed and patiently waited for its return – but this week finally came.

At lunchtime, people flock to this small shop in droves. The line moves swiftly as staff quickly fill orders and assemble sandwiches – such as the delicious Fried Oyster Po-Boy made of crisp Gulf oysters stacked atop local bread and doused in mayonnaise and ketchup; there is also an equally mouthwatering Roast Beef version on offer!

Melba’s offers more than traditional po-boys; besides providing delicious traditional po-boys, they offer a selection of grilled options, like roast beef with cheese and pickles and alligator sausage. There are vegetarian and vegan-friendly items, such as their delicious cauliflower with pecan butter and jelly sandwich!

Johnny’s is an all-American restaurant in the French Quarter that New Orleans locals have long beloved. Their extensive menu offers over 45 sandwiches ranging from traditional roast beef to cornmeal fried catfish. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with full bar service and traditional po-boys; they also offer other conventional sandwiches along with Louisiana classics like gumbo and jambalaya!


Po-boy sandwiches are an iconic New Orleans treat. Crafted with French bread stuffed with meat or seafood, these tasty bites can be found at deli counters and high-end restaurants but are often enjoyed at other venues.

Po-boys were initially developed as an aid during workers’ strikes in Louisiana, dubbed after their name, which refers to the Louisiana dialect and means “poor boy.” Today, po-boys are recognized as one of the city’s signature foods – many are familiar with roast beef or catfish versions. Still, numerous variations exist, including performances with smoked sausage, shrimp, or even all three!

Johnny’s is a charming lunch counter in the French Quarter that has been serving locals and visitors since 1950. Their large sandwiches feature delicious options such as their signature fried shrimp and oyster po-boy; other choices include their delicious muffuletta (with ham, salami, mozzarella), as well as their fried shrimp and catfish version – but keep in mind this restaurant only accepts cash payments so that service may take time!

Mahony’s is another fantastic spot in New Orleans to grab a delicious po-boy. A beloved spot among locals and featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives for its generous sandwiches served with fries or beans as sides – perfect as takeaways before exploring boutiques or museums!

Mahony’s sandwiches are delicious but not cheap; their prices may be slightly higher than other places on this list. Nonetheless, it is worth your while as these sandwiches will fill you up quickly and taste fantastic!

One drawback of this restaurant is the subpar bread. French bread tends to be too thick and has a bitter aftertaste, likely caused by old cooking oil. But rest assured, their meat is always fresh and tender, while their bourbon sauce is delicious!

Parkway Bakery & Tavern

New Orleans is famed for its po’boys. They were first created here to provide workers quick meals during strikes; today, the sandwich has become synonymous with New Orleans and can be found nationwide. Leidenheimer French bread serves the best versions, packed with seafood and meat and salads and sides such as coleslaw or pickles – perfect after an active day on the water or jazz club visit!

Since 1911, this neighborhood staple has been serving its award-winning roast beef po’boy sandwiches to visitors to New Orleans. Their sandwiches come with gravy-slathered roast beef slices and pickles for a truly delicious dining experience, so much so that Obama indulged in one during his last visit!

Jay Nix purchased Parkway Bakery and Tavern from the Timothy family in 1996 to continue its legacy and quickly established it as a favorite spot in its local community. Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and six feet of floodwater damage, locals met its reopening with immense joy as an indication of hopefulness for future success.

Lines often form around a sandwich shop serving delicious, reasonably-priced food, like this simple wooden building or outside under its covered structure. Furthermore, its bar offers an impressive selection of cold beer and rum that guests can order as needed.

The owners of this neighborhood dive are committed to supporting their community and its musicians. With an established tradition of charity in their restaurant, they provide free po’boys for disaster relief survivors, veterans, and other needy community members. Furthermore, they generously attend local music events and sponsor a scholarship for one local high school student. It offers a casual environment perfect for meeting locals while experiencing authentic New Orleans flair; perfect for lunch or dinner dates with friends!


New Orleans is famous for its delectable cuisine. From red beans and rice to beignets and king cake to the po-boy (a traditional Louisiana sandwich made of French bread filled with meat or seafood). It is usually served alongside fries and pickles – make sure not to miss this treat while visiting this culinary oasis!

Invented during the 1929 streetcar strike by the Martin brothers during their lunch break from work, the po-boy gained its name from its symbolic reference to striking workers or “poor boys.” John Gendusa’s bakery provided long loaves of bread from Sicily that formed the basis of this sandwich; Gendusa then added his expertise in bread to produce what became legendary po-boy sandwiches now enjoyed by locals. Finally, the Martin brothers added slices of meats and fish from John Gendusa’s bakery for finishing touches before creating their masterpiece – which now holds!

Po-boys are filled with anything from roast beef and seafood to fruit, cheese, and lettuce! Crisp and fresh bread are critical when creating the ideal po-boy, so several local bakeries specialize in producing this perfect bread – Ledenheimer’s may be best known. At the same time, Bear’s also boasts an excellent selection.

Bear’s is a family-owned restaurant serving some of the best poboys around. Their sandwiches are packed with fresh ingredients, making for an incredible lunchtime feast! Due to the high volume at this popular lunch spot, orders should be called in well in advance for pickup.

Bear’s in Covington has earned an excellent reputation for serving delicious roast beef po’boys and other tasty sandwiches like their grilled catfish and shrimp po’boys, not to mention salads and gumbo.