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Complete front PPF packages cover the bumper, hood, and total fender panels of a vehicle in full front PPF coverage; edges are usually wrapped to create a seamless appearance and an entirely unobtrusive appearance.

PPF protection extends beyond just rock chips; it also safeguards against environmental contaminants like tree sap, bird droppings, pine needles, bug splatters, and acid rain or snow slush.


XPEL Stealth is an extraordinary program that transforms glossy paint to an eye-catching satin finish at a fraction of the cost of custom painting shops while protecting painted surfaces against road debris, bug acids, and other hazards that could otherwise ruin high-end matte finishes.

XPEL STEALTH film is an invisible protection film made of a clear matte topcoat that is applied directly onto painted surfaces on your car, such as its hood, fender, or mirrors. Designed with advanced elastomeric polymers that absorb impact energy to prevent scratched or chipped paintwork, XPEL STEALTH is available for front and rear bumpers and any areas susceptible to road debris or bug acid attacks.

The XPEL STEALTH PPF is visually stunning and boasts some great features that set it apart from other protective films on the market. Notably, its self-healing technology enables minor scratches to heal themselves over time without manual intervention, while its low surface energy protects against staining caused by tree sap or bird droppings – things that could otherwise permanently mar unprotected paintwork.

XPEL STEALTH was developed to be simple to maintain. You can wash and dry it within minutes without altering its luster, making it the ideal solution for vehicles featuring matte or satin factory finishes or those looking to protect their investment when trading or selling their car later.

While both XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS and STEALTH offer exceptional protection for your vehicle, choosing between the two ultimately comes down to personal preference and budget considerations. While Xpel Stealth may cost slightly more due to its thicker construction and matte finish, it offers additional benefits such as heat resistance, self-healing capabilities, and ceramic coating compatibility, which make it well worth its extra price tag.


XPEL is an industry-renowned manufacturer of paint protection film, offering various products. Their high-quality and long-term guarantee has earned them an exceptional reputation within the industry, with multiple offices around the globe and their products available through authorized dealers and automotive professionals. Founded in the United States with headquarters in California and an array of offices worldwide. XPEL products can also be purchased directly by automotive professionals through various outlets.

Initial prototypes of XPEL were intended for race cars to protect them from rock chips and other forms of damage on the track; however, they were later adopted for consumer vehicles to maintain showroom condition for years after purchase. Its virtually invisible urethane-based film helps protect auto paint against scratches, rocks, bird droppings, and UV radiation exposure, while heat activation triggers self-healing features; in short, it heals itself quickly even when scratched!

Are You Wondering the Differences Between XPEL and 3M Scotchgard? As a car enthusiast, you may be curious about their differences. Both products have similar benefits; however, XPEL stands out regarding resale value. Vehicles covered with it will always look better than those without, and it is worth investing in!

As a business owner, having detailed knowledge about your costs and margins is vital to profitability and scalability. The XPEL DAP provides invaluable data enabling you to create custom wholesale and retail price levels based on factors like film cost or installation time – whatever suits your business model best!

Work with a professional PPF installer; rest easy knowing your vehicle will receive only the finest care. Not only will your technician use specialized equipment during installation, but they will also take the time to prep the surface properly, removing dirt or debris. They may even perform additional services such as washing and drying before light polishing or wax application to ensure optimal adhesion for the XPEL film installation process.


XPEL is well-regarded in the automotive community for its revolutionary paint protection film that can protect vehicles against rock chips, scratches, chemical contamination, and UV rays. Each protective film is custom cut to each vehicle model for unparalleled coverage that maximizes warranty benefits while remaining transparent – two advantages that make XPEL such an appealing option among car enthusiasts. Moreover, their superior customer support and commitment to quality make XPEL an attractive option that many seek out as part of their vehicle care routines.

Potential buyers tend to view cars protected with XPEL PPF as more likely being in good condition and, therefore, fetch higher resale prices than similar unprotected counterparts.

XPEL paint protection film stands out from its competition because of its durable and self-healing nature, meaning minor scratches will gradually disappear without incurring costly repairs. This technology makes maintaining your car’s appearance simpler while prolonging its lifespan – ideal for luxury cars prone to scratching and fading.

Are You Looking to Protect Your Car with XPEL? Contact Us now and schedule an appointment – Our experienced technicians will handle the installation process, ensuring your car is well protected against environmental elements like rain and dust and offering tint services to block out damaging UV rays from the sun. Once finished, the outcome will be an elegant vehicle ready for showroom display! To learn more about our Paint Protection and tinting services, contact us and speak with one of our experts, who are more than willing to answer any of your queries – Our experts would be more than ready to assist –


XPEL automotive film provides high-performance protection for the surface of your car from scratches and rock chips, perfect for protecting its paint job against denting, dings, and UV ray damage to interior materials such as carpets. Its self-healing technology helps restore minor surface blemishes quickly to keep it looking its best!

XPEL PPF stands out from traditional tinting by being transparent and invisible yet boasts high mechanical strength to withstand extreme temperatures, resist chemical etching from bug acids, road contaminants, or harsh chemicals, plus being water-repellant and stainproof – giving you more time for fun on the open road than spent cleaning your vehicle! Plus, it protects from bug acids, road contaminants, or harsh chemicals! Plus, its stain-proof nature means less time cleaning it after each journey!

Though DIY installation of XPEL may be possible, professional installation should always be sought for optimal results. PPF specialists possess the skills, tools, and experience required for accurate measurements and seamless fitment of PPF films onto vehicles. Furthermore, they know how to position and align film for an aesthetically pleasing result and can offer maintenance instructions and recommendations to keep your protection intact over time.

XPEL paint protection films are recognized worldwide. Utilizing cutting-edge software and film formulation, their products deliver top performance. Furthermore, the company boasts an experienced management team understands the significance of investing in quality products.

XPEL has a strong balance sheet with no debt and positive cash flow, making it well-positioned to take advantage of vehicle protection’s rising demand. Their flagship product, the Resistance product line, provides comprehensive paint and surface protection solutions for vehicles with advanced features, including UV ray resistance, self-healing capability, and antifouling protection.

XPEL stands out from its competition by offering outstanding customer service and support, with dedicated teams available 24/7 to assist customers with any issues. This service sets them apart in an industry where customer service may often fall short.