Super Mario Bros Wonder – A Review


Super Mario Bros Wonder may appear like your typical run-and-jump game at first glance, but Nintendo’s latest 2D adventure adds subtle details that give its familiar presentation new life.

New power-ups provide additional advantages in this game, such as drilling into walls and floors, creating bubbles to trap enemies, or becoming an elephant!

Super Mushrooms

Super Mario bros wonder is an engaging side-scroller where Mario and Luigi must stomp enemies and collect Power-Ups to protect the Flower Kingdom from Bowser. Additionally, RPG-like elements like badges can be unlocked for various effects, such as using Peach’s “floaty” jump to skip over gaps faster or using their parachute cap to increase midair time.

One of the most recognizable icons in gaming, the red and white Super Mushroom first made its debut in Super Mario Bros. for NES and has since become an integral part of its legacy. Also referred to as Magic Mushroom or Power Booster Mushroom, these mushrooms allow the player to bulk up their character for greater strength to stomp enemies or break Brick Blocks; alternatively, they can shrink them down for use through tight passageways.

Super Mushrooms appear throughout this game and fulfill a similar function to what they did in its original release: they can transform Small Mario into Super Mario and allow him to take one hit from enemies while breaking Brick Blocks. Peach also tosses them at Bowser during each phase of combat for optimal effect.

Each Power-Up has its animation when picked up; when Mario picks up an Elephant Fruit, for example, he makes an Elephantine sound before showing his newly gained strength by tooting like one! Other powers, like Drill Mushrooms, can increase jump speed or make you invincible temporarily.


Mario has always had his fair share of power-ups, but Super Mario Bros Wonder introduces a brand new mechanic called Badges that dramatically alters the way players can play the game. There are 24 total badges in total, which can be unlocked by completing Badge Challenge Course levels or purchased from Poplin Shops scattered throughout each world using Flower Coins – each badge offers different abilities, but only one can be equipped at a time.

There are three categories of Badges, each marked by its respective color: Action Badges let your character perform specific actions; Boost Badges provide passive effects; and Expert Badges grant powerful skills to your player. Each badge offers its distinctive play style, which makes them worth collecting.

Safety Bounce

Your Safe Bounce badge grants your character the ability to safely bounce off of dangerous surfaces like lava without taking damage, providing an effective means of navigating more challenging levels without incurring damage and increasing flag pole completion rates on even the most difficult stages.

Sensor Badge

Your character can use their Sensor badge to detect nearby coins or enemies, making them easy targets during boss fights or trying to reach secret exits. It can also come in handy during hidden exit hunts or collecting all Gold Mushrooms within a level – invaluable tools indeed!


The Sound-Off badge allows players to switch the game’s audio into a localized version of its original soundtrack, providing a helpful option when playing quietly or in environments where music may distract. Unfortunately, I found myself desiring more reliable ways of altering the gameplay experience.

Super Mario Bros Wonder offers an exciting take on the 2D Mario formula, offering unique modifiers and abilities that give each stage its distinct feel. Additionally, there are hidden secrets and even an increased difficulty level that makes every stage feel new!


Yoshi makes an appearance in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, joining Mario, Luigi, Princess Daisy, Toadette, and two versions of Toad as playable protagonists. In keeping with the tradition of this series’ emphasis on co-op playability and local multiplayer gameplay – including 4-player local multiplayer mode – his presence among them may cause concern from some fans.

Yoshi can complete his adventure on his own, yet his inclusion comes at a significant cost: He cannot use any of the title’s power-ups – an essential selling point that may make the experience simpler for younger players or those wanting a more leisurely journey. While this won’t affect other legacy Super Mario characters who use such features as power-ups as much, Yoshi’s inclusion puts him in an awkward situation as one of only new characters on his roster who cannot utilize such power-ups.

Yoshi provides plenty of value in Wonder despite not possessing power-ups; his signature flutter jump and ability to catch items with his tongue are handy, while his stomping motions can break open enemies’ shells. Furthermore, other characters can ride him for use in some of its trickier levels.

Fans are expressing displeasure over Yoshi not being able to access power-ups, although Nintendo appears keen on addressing it. A tweet by Twitter user SuperMarioOOC85 received over 20,000 likes and was widely shared, showing it resonated with many. Unfortunately, it remains to be seen if Nintendo will make changes in how Yoshi and Nabbit function within their respective games to address this concern – if that were to occur, they might find themselves in an uncomfortable spot with some fans.

Level Design

Wonder turns the conventional 2D Mario side-scroller concept on its head. Not content to retread what Nintendo had explored previously, it proves its worth as an impressive masterclass in how to alter gameplay without changing its core experience.

Badges allow players to customize how they approach each level, providing a variety of jump modifiers (such as floating jump and Piranha Plant grappling hook) that vary the playing experience within the core mechanics of Mario’s movement – adding excitement without becoming unbalanced or overbearing.

The Badges are enhanced by unique challenges and mechanics that give each level its own distinct identity. Classic enemies like Goombas and Koopa Troopas make an appearance, while there are also brand new baddies – from diving birds in water levels to snails plopping down and moving platforms with their beaks – who create a unique microcosm within each group of gameplay.

As with the world maps, these world maps feel exciting and new. There’s an excellent mix of fixed paths, freeform areas, and dungeon-like structures in each kingdom’s representation – making for an engaging viewing experience!

Even tiny details, like sound design, help Wonder’s masterful reinvention of the side-scroller genre stand out. Gone are the days when ground pound and item pickup sounds were as predictable; making these more dynamic heightens my enjoyment while playing this game. Furthermore, its soundscape shifts when entering warp pipes or encountering enemies feels entirely new and refreshing.

Special Events

Mario and friends can also participate in special events to add even more variety to their gameplay experience, including a Mystery Event that requires them to find seven hidden entrances across the globe and unlock an exciting mystery level with different themes and gameplay styles – perfect for experiencing all that Mario’s universe has to offer!

Super Mario Bros Wonder offers players special events such as participating in a Badge Marathon and recovering lost stars. These races and challenges provide players the chance to put their skills through rigorous testing while earning additional rewards that will increase their scores. Some badges even come equipped with special effects that change the course of a stage; for instance, Power Squat Jump badges turn enemies into coins, while Crouching High Jump ones allow access to previously inaccessible areas.

Super Mario Bros Wonder will bring joy to fans of multiplayer gaming with both traditional four-player local play as well as innovative online features, such as friend races on most courses. Both modes support four players at once.

This game also introduces many new enemies and some throwbacks from earlier titles. For instance, Bulrushes present Mario with an exciting challenge that cannot be easily defeated with traditional stomping; they must instead be ridden for extra maneuverability against these deadly foes. Furthermore, Drill Form offers another exciting way of dealing with an onslaught of enemies by drilling holes into the earth – it provides Mario with an effective means of combatting an abundance of adversaries!