Boosted Board Review


Boosted Board is one of the most sought-after electric skateboard brands available today, boasting durable boards designed to handle bumps or cracks during their rides.

This company boasts one of the industry’s most reliable warranties; however, their products do not come cheap.


The Boosted board is an impressive piece of technology that can get you from one point to another quickly and efficiently. Offering ample power, this powerful device easily navigates hills and other obstacles – providing an efficient alternative to walking or driving in urban settings. Furthermore, its durability makes it suitable for urban riders navigating uneven terrain.

Boosted boards are still relatively new to the market yet have quickly attained a cult-like following online. From forums and Reddit threads to YouTube, their popularity can be found everywhere, from media and Reddit lines to Casey Niestat’s videos of him riding his Boosted board around New York, which earned 17 million views alone – no small achievement for such an upstart product!

Niestat’s video also helped Boosted secure $10 million worth of investment and expand operations, leading them to release cheaper and smaller models, like the Boosted Mini. They also introduced various upgrades, such as an interactive remote that lets riders control brakes and acceleration directly – as well as one featuring an indicator displaying how much battery life remains on each battery pack.

Success for Rick Bross’ company didn’t come without challenges, however. Early in 2016, Rick — not the comedian — reported that his boosted board was emitting smoke, prompting him to call a friend over to help move it and move his board – while filming all this event to post later on Reddit threads.

To address this problem, Boosted changed its battery design to make it more resilient, increased insulation thickness on cables, and added aluminum in high-stress areas for additional reinforcement. Furthermore, quality control has been strengthened, and their warranty stands among the most trusted in the industry.

Boosted’s latest release is the Stealth, boasting top speeds of 24 mph and 14 miles range. Extremely durable, it can withstand bumps and cracks that would damage regular skateboards without incurring damage itself; furthermore, unlike previous editions, which used components from multiple manufacturers for assembly purposes only – making repair and maintenance simpler.


Technology exists to make life simpler, more productive, and more convenient for us all. While sometimes new advances pass us by quickly, sometimes we do get lucky and find ones that really add value. One such device is a boosted board – an electric skateboard capable of reaching 24mph on level surfaces that could make commuting or getting around town more quickly than using public transportation or Uber services.

Boosted boards are also constructed to be durable so that they can withstand the rough terrain found in urban environments. Utilizing vehicle-grade durability features, your boosted board should last a long time and may even stand up better against weather elements than traditional boards, which often break or crack over time.

Launched out of Y Combinator and Kickstarter in 2012, Boosted boards are electric longboards controlled with handheld remotes. Depending on their model, these longboards can travel up to 22 mph while climbing steep hills quickly – they feature regenerative brakes, belt-driven motors, and rechargeable batteries, making them a great alternative to walking or driving in urban environments as they can also ride over rough surfaces that conventional skateboards might struggle on.

The Dual+ was the inaugural mass production Boosted board to hit shelves, boasting speeds of 12-13mph and excellent brakes – two features that earned it high rankings in our tests and became popular among consumers. Unfortunately, however, some issues persisted; an avid Boosted user, Rick Bross, reported to us in early 2016 that his board was emitting smoke, damaging Boosted’s reputation while potentially leading to lost sales opportunities. This issue eventually resolved itself but caused considerable harm for Boosted as a whole – leading them down an expensive road of revenue.

Boosted remains an innovative leader in its industry despite experiencing setbacks. It has raised two seed rounds and a Series A from investors such as SV Angel, Rothenberg Ventures, and Structural Capital; additionally, it filed suit against Lime for poaching employees who were working on negotiations between Yamaha and Boosted at that time.


As it seems, new technology is constantly emerging in our lives. From apps and gadgets to pieces of tech designed to improve energy and increase productivity, new releases seem endlessly helpful – yet keeping up can be challenging. Luckily, however, one such innovation aimed at making our lives simpler and more productive is available: the boosted board. With its extra boost of speed, it can take us where we need to go in an easier and faster manner than before.

Boosted boards offer not only fun rides but also require less energy to operate than driving your car, making them an excellent option for short journeys without warranting driving or walking. Furthermore, these boards can easily pass cars without impeding on pedestrian paths or other surfaces where cars cannot easily pass.

While other motorized skateboards had existed prior to Boosted’s introduction, no other motorized board ever captured the public imagination as effectively. Boasting millions in investments, a cult-like following, and endorsement from some of YouTube’s biggest stars, it seemed Boosted would soon reach success.

But then, in March 2020, they laid off most of their employees and sought buyers. What happened?

The problem was that Boosted was losing money. They took a significant hit after ceasing production during the holiday season, and sales decreased sharply as a result. Furthermore, after receiving feedback about an unusual burning smell emanating from one battery pack from a user report, Boosted issued an extensive recall campaign in response to that incident.

As part of its desperate attempt to stay afloat, Boosted turned to Khosla Ventures and another investor for loans; unfortunately, these failed, forcing Boosted to delay payments to vendors and consider layoffs before Structural Capital eventually took control over parts of the company.

Despite these setbacks, the company refocused on its core mission and hired a new CEO, Stanford graduate Jeff Russakow. Russakow was determined to expand and bring new products to market and formed partnerships with Birdhouse (run by legendary skater Tony Hawk) and Specialized (which two former employees reported).


The boosted board is one of the world’s most revolutionary electric skateboards. Using technology similar to that found on e-bikes, its slim motor and battery work to spin its rear wheels, allowing maximum speeds on this board.

The design of the boosted board is also quite impressive. Crafted from fiberglass for optimal flexibility and durability, its wheels may be smaller than other boards but still provide plenty of speed and control – and its subdued gray paint job provides an elegant contrast from more vibrant designs on other boards.

Boosted boards are constructed using top-grade materials and components and are designed for maximum safety. Not only are they one of the most affordable and reliable electric skateboards on the market, but they’re also one of the fastest-moving boards. Their power allows them to go over hills up to a 25% gradient. Unfortunately, however, these boards don’t weigh very little.

After an impressive 2017 performance, Khosla Ventures awarded Lime with over $80 million as part of a more significant investment into Lime’s business in 2018. However, Lime has since been accused of hiring away employees from Boosted while using investors’ funds for litigation against it.

Boosted has not given up its goal of designing the ultimate electric skateboard; in fact, they have recently unveiled a brand-new Mini X model designed for maximum portability. Perfect for use when commuting in busy city streets and can easily fit under desks or into overhead bins on buses and trains.

The new board offers a more compact design than previous Boosted boards and weighs only 17 pounds. Its subtle look features dark gray hues with gray wheels – a welcome change from other electric skateboards’ show beast designs and perfect for riders who don’t wish to be seen as showoffs. Furthermore, there are multiple riding modes on offer, such as the “Eco” mode – ideal for city commuting!