Solo Leveling Free Manga Review


Solo Leveling is an isekai manga set in modern South Korea that follows people transported into fantasy realms with gaming-like qualities. Unlike its counterparts, however, this one focuses more heavily on character development than on fantasy elements.

Solo Leveling will make its highly anticipated anime adaptation debut on Crunchyroll this Winter 2024! Aniplex Online Fest 2023 saw this announcement made alongside a trailer and key visual.


Amidst an unpredictable world filled with monsters and magic, an ordinary young man with modest powers gains extraordinary abilities by enrolling in a mysterious program known as. Over time, he levels up into one of the strongest Hunters known to mankind, yet when confronted by one of the world’s most potent monarchs – he is forced to choose between himself and the lives of his loved ones.

Solo Leveling is a manga that employs many tropes from isekai (a genre where protagonists are transported into an immersive virtual reality world with game-like elements), yet, unlike most isekai stories, its characters exist within this fictional setting from the start and do not belong in a fantasy setting such as Re: Zero or Sword Art Online – somewhat, its location resembles modern South Korea with monster raids and magical abilities thrown in for good measure.

Solo Leveling manga can be read free on the Kakao Page website and its app, which is updated each Thursday. However, free tickets only permit reading five chapters daily – to continue reading more, additional tickets must be purchased from Kakao Corp using GoPay, OVO, or Telkomsel Cash services.

The manhwa is an adaptation of a 270-chapter novel of the same title written by Chugong and illustrated by Gi So-Ryeong and Jang Su-Rak, both illustrated by Tappytoon.


Solo Leveling is a beloved Korean manga and webcomic about Sung Jinwoo, an E-rank hunter striving to become the world’s strongest S-rank hunter. Fans of action and fantasy anime alike will love Solo Leveling because it features everything that appeals to them: an impressive underdog protagonist with tremendous growth potential, thrilling fight scenes, as well as an entertaining balance of drama and humor.

Chugong originally wrote this novel that was later turned into a webtoon by artists Gi So-Ryeong and Jang Sung-Rak; its first volume was published on February 14, 2014, in Papyrus before its serialization on KAKAO PAGE mobile site, with Gi So-Ryeong drawing the illustrations; currently, there have been 14 volumes and 270 chapters as of March 2019.

Even with its short history, this series has achieved tremendous success both as book and webtoon adaptations. Nominated for multiple awards and boasting a dedicated fan base across Asia, its success even led Crunchyroll to adapt it into an anime series!

Solo Leveling’s anime adaptation promises to impress with its high production value and impressive animation, making it sure to please fans of this beloved classic series. A-1 Pictures has made its mark as one of the premier studios producing notable anime adaptations like Your Lie in April, Sword Art Online, and Kaguya-sama: Love Is War. Therefore, fans can anticipate an excellent adaptation by the studio.

At first glance, Sung Jin-woo may appear to be the most robust character in the series; however, other characters deserve recognition, too. One such is Igris – Sung Jin-woo’s loyal shadow knight and an ant despite its size – thanks to his necromancy skills, which allow him to revive the dead as his minions. Furthermore, his incredible strength, speed, and defenses enable him to perform moves such as time reversal; in addition, Igris has abilities such as acrobatics detoxification and being able to transform into dragon form!


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Solo Leveling is an immersive fantasy world full of magic, monster raids, and lots of leveling! But it stands out even further: its signature feature is that it features Korean manga!

Solo Leveling has quickly become one of the most beloved manga series in Korea, following a young boy on his quest to become one of the strongest hunters ever known to exist.

Kakao Page offers this manhwa for free and includes an alert feature to notify you whenever there is a new chapter available to read. However, please keep in mind that one free ticket per day may only be used to read chapters labeled as free.

This comic series is based on Chugong’s novel Solo Leveling and illustrated by Gi So-Ryeong and Jang Su-Rak, comprising 14 volumes and 270 chapters originally published by Papyrus before becoming an international bestseller on the KakaoPage webtoon platform.


Solo Leveling Vol 1 does an outstanding job of captivating readers. The story is highly entertaining, and its artwork is truly stunning; both features use many of the usual tropes found in an isekai manga but in such a way as to feel new and surprising. Furthermore, its characters are well-rounded and likable – especially protagonist Sung Jinwoo, who goes from being one of the weakest hunters to an impressive hunter while remaining humble and human throughout his journey.

Solo Leveling’s world-building is impressively detailed. Hunter World features an intricate ranking system, and readers can uncover details about dungeons and monster races as they go along in the narrative. The author does a good job gradually introducing this information without it ever feeling forced or overwhelming to them.

Though this story begins slowly, it quickly gains pace. The pace is fast and exciting, while its ending may come as something of a shocker – making this manga an excellent pick for fans of isekai and fantasy fiction! Keep reading until the very last page!

Solo Leveling can be found for free on the Webnovel website, featuring 270 chapters across 14 volumes, so no worries about cliffhangers or long waits for updates! Or download their app on Android and iOS to read Solo Leveling conveniently and effortlessly – as well as several websites such as Tapas, Kakao App, or Tappytoon to read as manhwa!