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Phenibut is a potency brain supplement designed to increase GABA activity. GABA neurotransmitter plays an integral role in regulating sleep cycles, providing energy throughout the day, and producing joy when we eat, sleep, or accomplish something new. The actual Interesting Info about nootropic.

Though legal to purchase, regular phenibut use is not advised due to potentially serious risks associated with its consumption.


Phenibut is a synthetic form of GABA that helps users feel relaxed and at peace, reduces anxiety levels, and enhances cognitive functions. Sold as nootropic supplements on the Internet; however, it’s illegal in the US due to not being evaluated for safety. Also, note this substance could become addictive, so please seek medical advice before use, as mixing alcohol or other drugs could prove hazardous.

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers that have been scientifically researched to boost brain function. Most nootropics are natural and considered safe for consumption. Herbal supplements such as Bacopa monnieri, Rhodiola rosea, and Camellia sinensis have received approval from world regulatory bodies; others, however, such as Phenibut (b-phenyl-U-aminobutyric acid), have been identified as illegal substances with effects such as addiction, overdose, and withdrawal syndrome.

Nootropics are generally classified as dietary supplements and are legally available to purchase, possess, and consume in most countries. This includes herbal and semi-synthetic nootropics like Noopept, Aniracetam, CDP choline, Piracetam, and Sulbutiamine Vinpocetine racetams. There are some exceptions where nootropics fall under drug regulations, like Health Canada, which assigns them DIN numbers, meaning purchasing them without prior permission cannot occur in Canada.

Australia allows nootropics classified as Schedule 3 or below to be purchased and owned legally, while Schedule 4 and higher require a valid doctor’s prescription to buy or possess. Unfortunately, this makes importing nootropics from overseas tricky for many individuals; however, some companies have found ways around these restrictions by labeling their products as research compounds to circumvent Food and Drug Administration restrictions. This practice, however, comes with potential enforcement actions from the agency.

Side effects

Phenibut is a synthetic Russian drug widely prescribed to Russian patients since the 1960s as an anti-anxiety remedy. Although not approved for medical use in America, phenibut may still be legally purchased as a dietary supplement powder or capsule form in stores and online. It is marketed as a mood booster, sleep aid, and exercise recovery enhancer. However, the FDA warns that its abuse leads to serious side effects.

Phenibut increases levels of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), an acid produced naturally from glutamate. GABA is the primary neurotransmitter responsible for managing stress and anxiety, aiding sleep quality and mood regulation, increasing social interactions, and decreasing pressure. GABA has also been shown to decrease PTSD symptoms such as insomnia and depression when taken together with phenibut. Lastly, Phenibut may reduce irritability while improving focus and elevating mood, while many users report feeling less anxious after taking Phenibut.

Long-term phenibut use can result in dependency and withdrawal symptoms that require hospitalization, including agitation, increased heart rate, and seizures; cognitive deficit, drowsiness, hallucinations, anxiety, and depression may also accompany them.

While most experts view phenibut as safe, it should only be taken with doctor oversight and the dosage adjusted as directed. Individuals should start low on this medication and avoid alcohol and benzodiazepines simultaneously while on it. Furthermore, people should only purchase from reliable vendors to prevent counterfeit products with potentially dangerous additives.

As there is no definitive dosage for phenibut, most experts advise starting by taking 200-300 mg a day and gradually increasing the total dose over time. To minimize stomach irritation and prevent overdosing, phenibut should always be taken with food or milk for best results. According to FDA warnings, exceeding the recommended daily dosage can lead to sedation and other psychiatric disturbances; additionally, it dehydrates the body, and long-term use may result in muscle aches, spasms, fatigue, nausea, and even kidney and liver issues – making long-term use potentially hazardous!


Phenibut is an anxiolytic drug commonly prescribed to treat anxiety and sleep problems. It works by increasing GABA levels in the brain – an anxiolytic substance naturally produced by neurons that regulate stress levels – helping treat insomnia and depression. Phenibut has been in use in Russia since the 1960s and can now be legally purchased without needing a valid prescription in the US; it should only be taken two or three times each week; the total effect can take between four to six hours after each dose.

When taken correctly, Phenibut can be an incredibly potent nootropic, increasing energy and improving focus and cognitive functions while providing relaxation benefits and helping with PTSD symptoms. To maximize benefits from phenibut, use it during the day rather than at night to gain maximum effectiveness; also, avoid mixing with caffeine or stimulants such as stimulant medications – dosage should not exceed one gram at any one time.

Phenibut products can be found online – pills or capsules and powder. When selecting the ideal phenibut product, read labels carefully and choose one with quality ingredients and proven safety and efficacy credentials. Nootropics Depot is an established source for this nootropic and has an in-house laboratory staffed by an experienced chemist to guarantee safe and effective products.

This company rigorously tests each batch for consistency and purity before offering their products with a money-back guarantee and providing free samples before purchase. They have an on-call customer service department for 24/7 assistance with inquiries about their products.

Even after the FDA’s two-year enforcement attempt, supplements containing phenibut are still readily available online for sale. CRN is concerned about this trend and encourages consumers to be wary of purchasing accessories that list phenibut as an ingredient. If unsure, consult a health care provider regarding trustworthy supplement providers for guidance.


When taken in high doses, Phenibut is an uncontrolled substance with potentially severe side effects. As an analog of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), which has long been used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and post-traumatic stress disorder, Phenibut can also be used recreationally. Nootropics Depot provides an online store selling Nootropics supplements, which have not been reviewed and approved by the FDA yet have been linked with many psychological and neurological problems, including hallucinations, depression, and addiction. Due to these risks, you must conduct proper research before purchasing phenibut from any nootropics company. Be sure to select an authorized source with high-quality products and an efficient customer support team; additionally, it would be wise to read reviews about them on Reddit or similar platforms before placing an order.

If you’re searching for a trustworthy vendor offering nootropics depot phenibut, look for one with high levels of transparency. They should provide physical addresses and reliable phone numbers so you can reach them when you need assistance, plus have an in-house chemist to ensure product safety.

CosmicNootropic is a longstanding vendor in the nootropics industry. It offers an assortment of supplements with excellent customer support teams and fast shipping from its US warehouse – making them a perfect choice for US residents interested in trying different nootropics.

LiftMode offers quality phenibut in powder and capsule form, featuring standard HCl and FAA forms – the latter typically offers more pleasing tastes than its sourer counterpart. They also carry F-phenibut HCl, an innovative structure that has been lab-tested and verified to guarantee identity and purity.

LiftMode stands out from other online retailers by having a physical address and being transparent about themselves – this makes them more trustworthy than many anonymous online vendors. They have served nootropic customers for some time, with excellent service praised by new and old customers. Contact them by email, phone, or social media if you need anything answered, refund requests processed quickly, or want a free sample delivered to your home!

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