UC Health Offers MyChart, Paperless Billing and Telehealth Services


MyChart is our digital patient portal that gives you secure online access to your medical records – anytime, anywhere – from any computer, mobile phone, or tablet device.

Your provider’s response to a message you send through MyChart may qualify as an e-visit and be charged against your insurance plan accordingly. This includes messages that require clinical evaluation or advice that take more than several minutes to process.

Access your health records anytime

myChart provides an easy and convenient way to access healthcare records anytime, communicate with care teams, renew prescriptions, view test results, and more. Plus, it has a mobile app!

UC health mychart is an online patient portal that gives you direct access to your medical data. It’s safe and can be accessed from any computer, smartphone, or tablet – even scheduling an appointment! In addition, video visits also allow for direct connection with doctors or nurses.

My UC Health Mychart is an invaluable tool that will allow you to stay on top of your health and well-being. It enables you to access medical records online and schedule appointments directly; you can also send a message directly to a physician or nurse, download images for sharing purposes, or share notes between practitioners – it truly simplifies life in today’s digital age!

My UC Health myChart provides notifications regarding test results. Your provider will contact you if there are any concerning results; alternatively, you can opt to receive these alerts via phone or email. Notifications typically arrive between 8-9 a.m. each weekday.

The UC Health MyChart portal gives you quick and easy access to your test results and other medical data, communication with doctors or nurses, prescription renewals, and educational videos about screenings and procedures recommended by care teams.

My UC Health provides online access to the notes written by care team members during visits and hospital stays, part of a national movement towards “Open Notes.” You can read your physician’s notes anytime in my UC Health mychart.

My UC Health makes accessing your billing statements online, including paperless billing options, easy and eco-friendly. Simply ask your provider during an office visit or for an activation code to set up my UC health.

Paperless billing

UC Health now offers paperless billing to most patients, making managing bills simpler and safer. You can access your statements online through MyChart account notifications, or if desired, choose paper statements instead of this method of communication. For more information about paperless billing, please log into MyChart or call our helpline number.

MyChart Patient Portal gives you access to your medical records and allows communication between doctors or nurses from any device, anywhere. Two-step verification protects against unauthorized access, while educational videos empower you to manage your health actively.

MyChart gives you access to most of the notes your healthcare team wrote after visits or hospital stays as part of a national movement toward open letters. We are pleased to offer this extra level of transparency to our patients.

MyChart can assist in shopping for health insurance; however, refer to UCHealth’s list of accepted insurers to determine whether your plan qualifies and speak to a licensed insurance broker to select an ideal plan that matches your needs and budget.

UCHealth will submit your claim to your primary and any secondary insurance you select, depending on your plan. Any remaining balance after payment by primary insurance could fall on you; to help ensure you pay an accurate amount, the MyChart account offers information about costs before receiving services. Additionally, many UCHealth locations post pricing information to inform uninsured patients of their financial obligations.

COVID-19 vaccinations

UC Health now provides patients an easy way to view COVID-19 vaccination records through their MyChart patient portal, including using QR codes or downloading PDF versions as proof for medical, work, school, or travel purposes. This digital vaccine record also forms part of UCHealth’s SMART Health Cards framework, which creates paper or digital versions of trustworthy and verifiable documents across organizations – developed through VCI membership.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) strongly suggests immunizing all persons against COVID-19, as it can protect pregnant women against severe illness and even death from this infectious disease.

UCHealth believes its COVID-19 vaccines to be safe and effective; clinical trials conducted with thousands of participants show no side effects from vaccination. Eligible patients should schedule appointments at one of its vaccination centers. Two office-based clinics in Clifton offer first, second, and third doses and booster vaccinations. In contrast, an automated drive-thru center at the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute parking garage offers vaccines Monday through Friday.

Vaccines need time to work their magic, usually taking six weeks from their initial injection. Because UCHealth recognizes that COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness decreases with time, they recommend booster shots every year or so for adults.

Telehealth video visits

Telehealth video visits allow patients to connect with their physicians from home or other remote locations without visiting a clinic or hospital, often making appointments faster and less costly than in-person office visits. They are usually quicker and cheaper, however, emergency room or urgent care visits remain important options if something serious arises, such as broken arm pain.

You will require a smartphone or tablet equipped with camera capability and fast internet access to participate in a telehealth video appointment. Signing up on the MyUCDavisHealth website or downloading its App from the App Store or Google Play Store allows you to sign in using username/password authentication before beginning the ePre Check-In and scheduling your video visit.

Before attending your appointment, you must bring two items: photo identification and a private setting where you can speak freely without being interrupted or disturbed, plus an environment conducive to holding and using devices with cameras.

You’ll need to answer questions and provide details regarding your condition at your appointment. Your doctor will make notes during the visit and may suggest a treatment course or send a prescription to your pharmacy. After each visit, MyChart or similar services will summarize what transpired via mail if they have created no online account.

Mobile devices have become an indispensable component of their work at UCHealth for doctors, nurses, and other providers, streamlining clinical workflows to produce faster decisions with more excellent patient outcomes. Nurses using Epic Rover on iPhone can remotely access patient records while performing tasks such as barcode medication administration, specimen collection, and alert and alarm management.

UC Davis Health is dedicated to protecting the privacy of your electronic personal data. We do not sell or disclose this data without your prior permission unless required by law.