PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat


PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat have embraced reliable and authentic products to satisfy market needs and demands, implementing aggressive business policies in doing so.

Jabs Biotech is an esteemed PCD pharmaceutical company in Gujarat offering an expansive selection of healthcare products in tablet, syrup, injection, and ointment forms manufactured using standard techniques.

1. Dr. D Pharma

D. Pharm holders not only work as pharmacists in government and private pharmacies but can also open their chemist shops after registering with the State Pharmacy Council and dispensing medications according to the doctor’s prescription.

Extended care facilities, psychiatric hospitals, and regulatory bodies often employ pharmacists. If they want to advance their career further, they could choose to complete a postgraduate degree such as Pharmacology (Pharm D), which allows them to add “Dr.” before their name and take up teaching jobs at prominent pharmacy colleges and institutes.

2. BioBrick Pharma

This company offers an array of high-quality pharmaceutical products approved by DCGI and FSSAI, such as tablets, capsules, ointments, and other medical formulations. Additionally, they provide third-party manufacturing services.

BioBrick Pharma is an innovative sourcing and distribution company that specializes in representing and providing a worldwide supply of quality pharmaceutical formulations. Their experienced project management team delivers products according to customer timelines, specifications, and regulatory requirements, which ensures customer satisfaction while contributing to business success. In addition, they also offer exclusive monopoly rights as well as free promotional support – guaranteeing client satisfaction every step of the way!

3. Jabs Biotech

Jabs Biotech is committed to advocating for public regulations within the US and globally that support cutting-edge scientific studies, yield progress for patients now, and lay the groundwork for innovative therapies and medicines of tomorrow. New medicines play a crucial role in healthcare systems worldwide by offering doctors safe and effective options that extend and improve life span.

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4. Biohamllin Research Lab

A company with an esteemed place on the list of Best PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat serves an array of medicines that deliver positive health results to their clients and promote overall well-being.

This firm provides a range of Ayurvedic herbal products, including tablets, capsules, ointments, syrups, and injections, with an emphasis on giving technology-enabled welfare-oriented care.

ISO-certified company supporting the professional growth of its collaborative professionals. Offering a vitalizing range of pharmaceutical products at competitive rates.

5. Sanify Healthcare

Sanify Healthcare is one of India’s premier PCD Pharma Franchise companies that offers top-quality pharmaceutical medications or products and excellent monopoly-based franchise services across PAN India. Their wide selection of general and specialty medicines offers something unique.

Pharma franchise businesses are some of the fastest-growing companies both domestically and internationally, providing investors with excellent benefits such as monopoly rights, financial support, and more. Purchase the report to gain complete insight.

6. Abiba Pharmacia

Top PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat boast an expansive inventory of quality medications that they deliver under airtight packaging. They are known for their professional work approach and openness in dealing with clients.

Henin Lukinz is a third-party manufacturing company offering high-quality pharmaceutical products at competitive prices. Their team of seasoned professionals utilizes advanced technology to ensure each drug meets market standards for production.

This company was formed on 16 January 2014 as an Indian Non-Government Company with its registered office located in Chandigarh.

7. Uniboptech Formulation

Unibiotech Formulation is a National Level PCD Franchise/Pharma Company dedicated to increasing access to high-quality healthcare. They offer an expansive selection of pharmaceutical innovations, such as antibiotics, ayurvedic medicines, nutraceutical products, and pediatric and neuro pharmaceuticals. Their two state-of-the-art manufacturing units produce tablets, capsules, suspensions, and dry syrups in accordance with GMP specifications while also providing dedicated customer service support. Have earned them a 4.1 rating job security rating, which pays well for famous roles such as QA Manager and Technical Sales Manager; see here for complete salary information by department or role!

8. Asterisk Healthcare

Top PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat serve as essential intermediaries, connecting pharmaceutical manufacturers with end users. Their focus is to promote quality healthcare products while expanding distribution networks.

Jabs Biotech provides its linked clients with drugs that meet GMP and WHO standards, including cardiac diabetic medications, dermatology-grade products, and general-use pharmaceutical ointments and syrups that should be present in every medicine cabinet. Their products are produced under stringent quality control standards.

9. Alpha Drugs

Alpha Drugs is an affordable and dependable neighborhood pharmacy in Alpha-1 that provides an array of services at competitive prices. Their pharmacists take great pride in knowing their customers well, taking time to listen and understand their needs and wants as customers of years past have. Their pharmacists can answer questions regarding your prescriptions or advise on managing any conditions you might be dealing with. Furthermore, Alpha Drugs collaborates with doctors to create new drugs tailored specifically for Alpha-1 patients.

10. Stensa Lifesciences

This company provides an array of pharmaceutical products, including capsules, syrups, tablets, and injections. Their highly qualified team of pharma professionals strives to revolutionize healthcare delivery.

Stensa Lifesciences welcomes pharmaceutical professionals to join its business venture. With many benefits for franchise associates and quality control mechanisms in place, as well as complimentary promotional tools provided, Stensa has built up an excellent reputation in the marketplace – using modern manufacturing equipment while adhering to environmental protocols for successful production processes.