Embassy Galaxy Business Park


Embassy Galaxy Business Park in Noida’s Sector 62 features a high-rise office complex boasting world-class basic amenities as well as cutting-edge technology infrastructure at cost-effective rents.

Tech startups, professional agencies, and divisions of large corporations all meet here to collaborate and brainstorm – creating a thriving community of like-minded professionals in this building.

Strategic Location

Embassy Galaxy Business Park stands out as an impressive technology hub that offers affordable rents and established connectivity, making it the ideal location for businesses. Furthermore, the submarket features multinational corporate occupiers as well as universities (providing access to an abundant talent pool), co-located residential to create a walk-to-work culture, as well as well-planned infrastructure – as well as offering plenty of restaurants, cafes, and retail options that make this development appealing to both employees and visitors.

Not only is the complex equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, but it also offers modern amenities to increase productivity and create an inspiring working environment. These amenities include high-speed internet connectivity, meeting rooms equipped with cutting-edge audiovisual technology, and a robust security system. Furthermore, its contemporary design blends aesthetics with functionality. At the same time, flexible office spaces enable tenants to tailor their offices according to individual needs. At the same time, ample natural light and spacious common areas encourage collaboration as well as promote healthy work-life balance.

With so many companies operating from within this complex, tenants can quickly network and collaborate with industry professionals. Furthermore, this business park hosts regular industry seminars to spur innovation and growth while offering on-site dining and fitness centers to promote community spirit.

Location, world-class infrastructure, and exceptional amenities combine to make the complex an attractive option for many global organizations and startups. Furthermore, affordable rents make this property appealing to top-tier firms from all around the globe.

Established in 2009, Embassy Group operates as a real estate developer and investor. Their portfolio features commercial properties like Embassy GolfLinks Business Park, First International Finance Center, Embassy TechVillage, and Express Towers; plus, they provide management services for current and upcoming developments from their base in Bengaluru, India.

Exceptional Amenities

Embassy Galaxy Business Park offers state-of-the-art amenities for businesses of all sizes. From state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to high-speed internet connectivity, the park provides comprehensive offerings designed to meet modern workplace requirements. Offices feature ergonomic designs with flexible layouts suited to meet any business’s requirements; additionally, there are spacious common areas designed to promote productivity and creativity.

Embassy Galaxy office spaces are constructed using eco-friendly construction techniques, creating intelligent and sustainable workspaces for their tenants. The building utilizes cutting-edge systems for waste management and energy optimization that help businesses save on electricity and water bills. Furthermore, parks feature green spaces to reduce environmental impacts while simultaneously improving the overall ambiance – creating healthier work environments for staffers!

Embassy Galaxy office spaces are fully furnished and boast top-of-the-line features, such as high-speed elevators, complete power backup, centrally air-conditioned offices, 3-tier security, internet access, and reserved parking spaces – giving occupants peace of mind without needing to worry about basic amenities that hinder productivity. This helps increase productivity.

Embassy Galaxy offers its residents not only superior amenities but also a range of social and lifestyle facilities that help create a positive working atmosphere and foster collaboration among employees. This property houses restaurants, cafes, and retail options, as well as a fitness center and other recreational amenities that contribute to employee well-being. These amenities help foster collaboration while creating a positive working experience and helping promote positive workplace environments.

Embassy Galaxy prioritizes the safety and security of its occupants. With security measures such as video surveillance and alarms in place, as well as an on-site security team ensuring their tenants’ comfort, Embassy Galaxy provides a positive tenant experience at its premises.

The campus is situated in the Noida submarket for easy access to critical micro markets within the city and also features robust connectivity to the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, ensuring access from anywhere within Noida city limits.

Future-Ready Infrastructure

Built to meet the demands of modern businesses, the complex features an advanced IT infrastructure and high-speed internet connectivity. Intelligent and sustainable features contribute to energy efficiency, while conference rooms, fitness centers, and dining areas promote employee well-being. A range of services, such as concierge and reception, help tenants manage day-to-day operations more efficiently.

Noida Sector-62’s DLF business park offers appealing office space to rent. Home to numerous Fortune 500 companies and featuring an attractive retail and food court, ample parking, and proximity to public transit, this property provides the ideal setting for tenants looking for office space rental in Noida Sector-62.

As such, this dynamic complex offers businesses of all sizes an ideal environment in which to expand. Boasting an eclectic blend of industries and an active community that fosters collaboration and networking opportunities. Furthermore, regular industry seminars provide platforms for knowledge exchange and innovation promotion.

Embassy Galaxy, situated within the peripheral Noida submarket, enjoys prime proximity to both the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway and many leading residential areas of Noida city. Employees and clients alike find accessing this site an effortless task; furthermore, its closeness to universities and hotels encourages a walk-to-work culture.

Embassy Galaxy complex provides state-of-the-art infrastructure, amenities, and an ideal location, making it the perfect business park for entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized firms, and multinational corporations alike. If you’re in search of office rental or expansion opportunities in Noida, then Embassy Galaxy Complex should be considered a great solution.

Locate at A44&45 Sushil Marg Industrial Area Noida Delhi NCR India 201309; easily accessible through National Highway 24, elevated roads, DND flyway, and FNG routes, which connect all significant parts of the city.

Affordable Rents

Embassy Galaxy Business Park provides highly affordable office spaces that have the potential to grow along with your company. It features modern amenities that support employee wellness, making it an ideal location. In addition, regular industry events encourage networking and collaboration amongst tenants, reflecting this vibrant community spirit, which can be seen by its high occupancy rates as well as notable tenants like DXC Technology, Fiserv India, and TCS who reside there.

The campus sprawls across 9.88 acres and boasts office space types, including premium, Grade A, and spec suites. In addition to this, there is also a state-of-the-art food court, numerous retail options, and high-speed internet connectivity – perfect for high-traffic areas such as Noida Electronic City! Ideally connected by major transportation routes.

Office parks typically offer tenants a range of premium services and facilities, including a cafeteria, 24/7 power back-up, high-speed fiber optic internet, reserved parking spots, and three-tier security. All these amenities aim to foster a positive working environment and enhance productivity.

Campus takes great pride in its eco-friendly features that meet global trends for eco-friendly and energy-efficient workplaces, such as water conservation, waste management, and energy optimization systems. Green spaces and landscaping also help lessen the environmental impact of projects like this one.

Embassy Galaxy Business Park is a premier commercial complex situated at A-44+ A-45 Sushil Marg in Sector 62 Noida and easily accessible via multiple modes of transport, such as the Metro and Delhi-NCR Expressway. In close proximity are various renowned schools and colleges.

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