Redmi – A Sub-Brand of Xiaomi


Redmi is a mobile phone brand from Xiaomi with an array of budget phones available at under Rs 10,000 price points, perfect for those seeking decent performance without breaking their budget.

Lei Jun, Lin Bin, Zhou Guangping, Wang Chuan and Jiangji established this company in Beijing China in 2010 to provide products for home healthcare needs.


Redmi is a sub-brand of Xiaomi that provides mid-range smartphones. Redmi smartphones have proven popular among Indian consumers due to features like dual SIM support and removable back covers that enable consumers to add microSD cards for increased storage space. Furthermore, they use Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets and provide superior performance at their price ranges. Redmi 3 was Xiaomi’s inaugural smartphone to feature an octa-core processor and was promoted by celebrities such as Katrina Kaif and Liu Shishi, among others.

Redmi launched their Redmi Note 12 smartphone series in 2023. This line-up included the Redmi Note 12, Pro, and Pro+ models, which offer dual camera setups with fast charging options; each of these phones relies on Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset technology for its functionality.

Redmi Note 12 5G is a mid-range mobile phone featuring a large display with intelligent refresh rate switching. Depending on what is displayed, its display can shift seamlessly between 30Hz/48Hz/60Hz/90Hz to ensure an enjoyable user experience and optimal power usage.


Redmi is a smartphone series from Xiaomi Corporation based out of Beijing, China, and established in 2010 by Lei Jun, Wang Chuan, Lin Bin, Zhou Guangping, Wong Jiangji, and Hong Feng. Their first Redmi series phone was the Redmi Note 4, which features a MediaTek Helio X20 deca-core processor as well as 2GB RAM, a 5.5-inch full-HD display, and 13MP rear camera capabilities.

Xiaomi recently expanded its product lineup to include smartphones, tablets, consumer electronics, and smart home devices. Xiaomi is widely known for producing popular smartphone models like Redmi 6A with large displays, powerful processors, and great cameras.

Xiaomi stands out with high-quality hardware at competitive prices, making its products an excellent choice for anyone searching for an inexpensive mobile phone. But before making a final decision on any budget-conscious model from Xiaomi, be sure to research its warranty and service options first; using these tips may help ensure you choose one best suited to your needs.


Xiaomi and its Authorized Service Centre will replace any product found to be defective during its warranty period that cannot function with an equivalent unit that works. While different models may be replaced with functionally operative ones, all have equal value. Customers are advised to back up any data and remove confidential or personal information before returning it for repair.

Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that began operations in India in 2013, produces budget smartphones, which have quickly become immensely popular throughout India. Their models provide users with many features at an attractive price while they provide outstanding customer support and warranties on all their products.

As you shop for a new phone or upgrade, you must know the differences between Redmi and Realme phones manufactured by Xiaomi. Both phones boast impressive camera quality and build quality; here are some tips to help you make an informed decision when it comes time to choose between Redmi or Realme.


Redmi is a brand of Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer known for budget smartphones with great battery life and many features that are affordable yet durable. Redmi’s smartphones have gained immense popularity in India because of their low prices, with Redmi phones often topping India’s best-seller lists for battery life and features. Their cameras boast exceptional picture and video capture, plus you can use them for photography/videography purposes, too. All this at an amazingly cheap price point.

Xiaomi has invested significantly in India over the last several years, setting up manufacturing sites and hiring 50,000 workers – proving their commitment to the Indian market while producing some of the finest feature phones available today. But this does not disprove their Chinese roots.

Rumors swirling that Xiaomi plans to cease producing budget smartphones in India have proven untrue; such rumors were likely spread by competing companies. Xiaomi plans to introduce several budget phones in the near future that will cost much less than current Redmi smartphones while being more assertive. It should be remembered, however, that such budget models might not offer as reliable or durable service as higher-end models from Xiaomi.