How to Use Pastel App Icons to Enhance Your iOS Home Screen


Pastel app icons have become an increasingly popular trend on iOS home screens, providing an easy way to add color without overwhelming users with too much detail.

Pastels are soft hues crafted by mixing in large amounts of white. Their gentle shades offer an appealing aesthetic and contribute relief to eyestrain.

Google Play Store

An app icon is one of the critical components to organically scaling your app. It can influence downloads and click-through rates on app store product pages and help it stand out in Android and iOS app stores. A well-designed icon should also make your app accessible for people to recognize even when hidden by other icons on the screen, meeting technical requirements from Apple and Google.

App store users expect their apps to look consistent and professional across platforms, while icons should be simple to understand and interact with. To meet this demand, developers must carefully consider all aspects of icon design, including shape, color, and size, and adapt them for various screen sizes and device contexts.

Icons that are too small, too large, or have too much background can easily confuse users. For optimal use, icons should measure no smaller than 1×1 pixels, while their largest sizes should reach 1024×1024 pixels. Furthermore, their colors and backgrounds must match those found within the app, including its wallpaper and user interface elements.

As part of Play Store developer policies, any elements that mislead users should also be avoided. For instance, using rounded corners and drop shadows on icons is prohibited; such details should be added later when creating the final artwork rather than being included directly in the original files. Alternatively, keyline grids are useful when positioning logos within icons.

Pastel colors have long been used in painting, graphics, interior design, makeup application, and other fields to evoke feelings of peace and tranquility. Their use also makes them highly adaptable; you can combine pastel hues easily with different styles for maximum impact.

Putri Febriana

Putri Febriana is an illustrator and graphic designer whose vibrant, intricate work can be seen in publications like Math in 30 Seconds and On the Plane Activity Book for Ivy Kids. Febriana uses pastel colors in her illustrations that pair well with light and dark backgrounds – similar to classic children’s books; her art will delight young readers!

Fill icons can consist of up to three components: primary gradient, secondary color, and tertiary color. The primary angle can consist of any two-color family from your color palette, such as dark gray or blue – in other words; it could include any acceptable 2-color Family, in which case the primary gradient would blend accordingly.

Instagram Stories Templates

Instagram Stories have quickly become a favorite among businesses and influencers, providing them an intimate way of connecting with followers. To take full advantage of this feature, companies can use Story Templates to craft professional yet streamlined Instagram Stories content that engages with its target audience more intimately – something which boosts engagement rates and brand recognition and saves both time and effort by quickly swapping out images or editing fonts as needed.

Instagram Story templates are pre-made graphics designed to meet Instagram Stories image requirements and are easily customizable. Ideal for bloggers, entrepreneurs, or anyone seeking an eye-catching image on Instagram Stories; additionally, they can be used across other social networks like Snapchat, thus offering busy people a way to create high-quality posts quickly.

When choosing a Story Template, it’s essential to consider its purpose for your post. For instance, if you’re running a flash sale with an image and call-to-action button, it is one way of driving sales; alternatively, a template with an inspirational quote could draw their audience’s interest.

Add brand logos and fonts to each Story Template as an effective way to keep content consistent and help followers quickly identify with a brand across any platform – for instance, The Wing uses their brand colors and fonts throughout their Instagram Stories, making them instantly recognizable to followers.

Business Card Templates

At least for professional fields other than accountancy, adding some personality to your business cards is always wise. When exchanging contact details, new contacts will first see this impression; this template takes it further by using an amusing quote from Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me. Maybe that will put a smile on any passer-by who picks it up! For an extra unique touch, this design includes some whimsical sheep doodles that will set it apart from others on display.

This business card template boasts an eye-catching dark palette to captivate prospective clients and provides plenty of room for contact info and creativity – it even boasts a bold, handwritten font to show your flair! Furthermore, our online editing tool makes customizing this template to match the hue of your brand simple!

Illustration-rich business card templates may seem risky, but they can make your card stand out. This template uses a circle illustration to highlight your name and company logo without overshadowing them too much or looking messy; additionally, it utilizes different text sizes for legibility.

Another outstanding aspect of this template is its vertical orientation, making it suitable for professionals across various fields, including hairdressers or therapists. This layout keeps all contact information front and center while still leaving room on the back for appointment dates/times/messages from clients. Furthermore, there’s even space to write your letter directly onto it!