Clash of Clans Town Hall 3 Base Attacks


Town Hall level 3 introduces you to using various inexpensive army compositions as you attempt to breach enemy bases. Upgrade your dark barracks and unlock giants as an effective attack strategy.

Create this battle-tested war base design by hiding your TH3 behind layers of walls and compartments with clever trap placement that funnels troops toward splash defenses and double spring traps.

Giant Attack Base

Giants are one of the top ground troops in Clash of Clans and excel at destroying enemy structures. However, due to their low DPS value, they should be deployed in groups for optimal effectiveness. Furthermore, Giants can serve as an effective meat shield for other higher-damage troops, such as Archers or Wizards, and make excellent distractions against Air Defenses with their high hitpoints.

Giants are incredibly vulnerable to splash damage, so they must be protected with walls and other defensive structures. As such, many players utilize Giants as secondary troops instead of primary troops – using them first to distract the opponent’s defenses while their direct troops destroy other buildings – placing some Spring Traps around your Giants is an excellent way of doing this.

This strategy is particularly successful at lower Town Hall levels, where Giants can quickly obtain three stars on most bases. As their strength and DPS increase with each level reached, however, their DPS should go such that they can soon get five stars on any ground they attack.

The key to this attack lies in placing several Giants near Mortar/Wizard Tower(s). Once they begin attacking, send in some Wall Breakers to assist the Giants and break through any walls they encounter. After these barriers have been breached, send in lower hit points. Troops like Goblins and Archers use Healers on Giants to increase their effectiveness.

The final step in this strategy: Dropping a Jump Spell or Earthquake Spell on the way to the core of a base is your last move if you want your raiding success to increase exponentially! Giants and troops can benefit significantly from having an extra boost to quickly move through all bases until reaching its center – it is one of the most potent attacks available at all TH levels and is straightforward to implement!

Barch Attack Base

The barch attack is an effective strategy for attacking high trophy bases, using Barbarians and Archers and bomb drops to penetrate defenses while your army moves through. It is not recommended for beginners; it can be pretty powerful once learned. To begin this attack, train Wall Breakers equally between all your Barracks while training Hog Riders exclusively in Dark Barracks; once finished, fill one Barrack with Barbarians while filling another with Archers.

Once these units are trained to their maximum capabilities, it’s time to assemble your army for attack. When developing this strategy, you must know where collectors are situated within the base; if any are within inner walls, then support troops such as giants, wall breakers, rage or jump spells, or heroes are required to reach them. If collectors are on the outer edges, barbarians and archers could ring it (see Klaus Gaming’s YouTube video for guidance).

As soon as you drop your initial bombs, ensure they are placed near the center of the base so the mortar cannot strike with one shot, and ensure your barbarians are tanking point def fire. If many cannons hit them at once, switch sides immediately to prevent three stars from being denied due to splash damage.

An additional challenge presented by barch attacks lies with bases containing both mortars and wizard towers (one side for level 6 players and both sides at higher levels), as they present some of the most formidable defenses to eliminate with this technique. At levels 6+, these defensive structures tend to possess higher hitpoints,, making them even harder to break through with barbarians.

If possible, use lightning spells to strike lightning spells at these defenses and attack their base with low-level point defenses like archer towers or cannons (since these defenses don’t do as much against barbarians and thus waste their damage per second on your troops), otherwise destroy splash defenses with your army before they cause too much harm.

Hybrid Base

The Hybrid Base in Clash of Clans combines elements from Trophy and Farming bases to protect a player’s Town Hall and resources simultaneously. It is ideal for those attempting to climb the trophy ladder while maintaining their resource stockpile.

This base layout consists of a central core surrounded by defensive structures. The town hall, protected by several layers of walls and defenses, is the centerpiece of this design and makes it difficult for attackers to gain entry and access loot stored there.

Hybrid bases also stand out due to their symmetric design, making it harder for attackers to target specific spots inside them and take advantage of weak points in their defenses. Furthermore, this style effectively uses walls as barriers against attacks – strategically placing them around its entire circumference as an added shield from attacks.

The symmetrical hybrid base is an excellent way for players to secure their Town Hall and resource storage effectively. It offers excellent protection from ground raids – one of the game’s most common attacks- while keeping resource storage close by to help prevent snipe attacks.

Similarly, the symmetrical hybrid base is an excellent option for players looking to utilize Clan Castle troops during raids. This is because it allows players to position their Castle in the center of their base to protect loot from attacks from nearby clans. Furthermore, this base provides plenty of room for building Clan Castles that give an advantage in the battle against other families.

The Elos Accurate Hybrid Base Non-Engaging is a titanium base that facilitates both cement- and screw-retained restorations, with features designed to offer passive fit between restorations and implants or abutments while accommodating straight or angled screw channels.