Best Twitter Accounts For PH


Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to communicate by sending 140-character “tweets.” In this digital era, Twitter provides news, information, entertainment, connection, and enrichment.

Follow accounts that elevate local voices and advocate for important issues in the Philippines while learning from business ideas, entrepreneurship stories, and self-help experts from various industries.

1. PNP Tweets

According to social media monitoring service Semiocast, the Philippines has approximately 9.5 million Twitter users. As the flood disaster struck last month, thousands of Filipinos took to the microblogging platform to spread vital flood-related information and mobilize relief operations through Twitter.

PNP Tweets, the official account of the Philippine National Police on Twitter, has actively provided both essential news updates and humorous material consistently.

One recent news item that created significant controversy was the report that the Philippine National Police received training from Uniter Association, a German non-government organization suspected of operating as a neo-Nazi paramilitary. These claims were first raised by the German news magazine Kontraste in 2019 and quickly picked up by international outlets; immediately upon hearing this claim, the Philippine government promptly denied it.

Social media users have made an outraged plea that killings committed by police be stopped immediately. Social media has proven an invaluable way of documenting crimes, seeking justice, and pushing authorities into action.

On Wednesday, one of the discussion topics on PNP Twitter was Angkas, the motorcycle ride-hailing service which was criticised by a unit of the Philippine National Police for an offensive tweet likening its services to sexual gratification. This tweet appeared on their Hotline Twitter account and included both Angkas and Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board as tags.

Netizens quickly responded negatively to this tweet, labeling it distasteful and offensive. Since then, the PNP Hotline Twitter account has removed it and offered their apology to Angkas for making such an objectionable post.

2. Showbiz News

Twitter provides an abundance of information. However, navigating all its different accounts and filtering out irrelevant material can be challenging and time-consuming. That’s where Best Twitter Accounts PH comes in; their top accounts streamline your feed so only relevant material comes through. Whether you’re a news enthusiast, budding entrepreneur, or simply seeking ways to improve our world, these top accounts will keep you up-to-date and entertained!

People who share an intense affection for the Philippines will find these accounts an ideal way to explore its rich culture and history, from featuring Philippine-made products and trends to encouraging future leaders – these accounts will connect with like-minded individuals who also cherish this nation.

Are You an Events Enthusiast? These Twitter Accounts Are for You If so, these Twitter accounts offer real-time updates on current events ranging from global developments to local happenings – from significant stories such as Rappler to The New York Times’ one-liners or commentary, you’re bound to be entertained!

Twitter isn’t only for severe conversations; it can also provide hours of entertainment! From hilarious memes to amusing commentary on trending topics, these accounts will keep you laughing while keeping you informed simultaneously! Some versions couldn’t fit neatly into any category because they cover multiple subjects or have their distinct style; these could include accounts such as VH1 Comedy Central.

3. Pinoy Humor

Filipinos are known to be among the happiest people on Earth despite their difficulties and disappointments, making humor and jokes central parts of their daily lives. Therefore, anyone interested in their country should follow Twitter accounts dedicated to showing the Filipino spirit.

Many of these accounts provide humorous insight into Philippine culture and mindset while staying current on current events. Some versions can be humorously satirical, others poke fun at specific social issues that affect the nation, or some may showcase famous Philippine celebrities’ humorous traits.

“The Professional Heckler” provides an entertaining source of humor on Twitter, sharing hilarious tales and anecdotes related to Filipino culture with its followers – such as obscure slang words. Another noteworthy account is “Actual Humans of Manila,” featuring touching stories about everyday Filipinos.

One distinguishing trait of Philippine comedy is its tendency toward sarcasm and observational humor. This trend has grown increasingly prevalent, with prominent comedians like Vice Ganda becoming known for their provocative insult comedy routines. Other topics frequently addressed through satirical narratives include poverty, gender, and LGBT issues.

However, it should be remembered that certain accounts could be considered offensive or objectionable, and as such, it is crucial to read user guidelines carefully before following any account. Furthermore, abusive or offensive content can be reported directly via Twitter tools – making responsible funds essential to adhere to high ethical standards on Twitter.

4. Vice Ganda

Ganda has become one of the most beloved comedians, earning wide renown through various television programs and films as an actor, singer, model, endorser for multiple brands, and staging sold-out concerts in the Philippines and the US. Even as an established celebrity, he stays grounded by regularly engaging his followers via Twitter.

He’s famous for his humorously sarcastic wit and catchphrases such as “Kavogue!” and “Kaya sana.” With over 12 million followers on Twitter, he recently celebrated this feat by thanking all his loyal followers for their continued support.

He frequently shares his musings and insights about life on social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter, for instance, his struggles to become an actor and the many obstacles in his way, how they influenced his decision to pursue comedy or his relationship with his mother, which affected both decisions.

Twitter provides Filipinos an efficient, cost-effective way to stay informed on their nation’s latest news and events. Follow top accounts that cover various topics with live reporting from on the ground; such reports can serve as valuable sources for people wanting to keep abreast of Philippine politics, business, and cultural developments.

Twitter has become an indispensable way for governments to communicate with their citizens and keep them up-to-date on essential developments in the country. Following accounts that amplify local voices or advocate for social justice issues can show people that their vote counts – contributing positively towards positive change within their community – and serving as sources of inspiration and empowerment when faced with hardship or difficulty.

5. Senyora Santibanez

If you enjoy comedy and revel in mischief, this account may be right up your alley. Its tweets of exploitable image macros and Photoshops have proven popular in the Philippines; its tweets also cover topics like Philippine politics and sociocultural issues – as its owner owns both memes based on Angelica Santibanez/Senyora meme. Furthermore, its tacky appeal may have some people believing it’s her.

Some tweets border on death wishes, which is unnerving for some readers. Luckily, the account features a disclaimer stating it’s an intentional parody, which should help put minds at ease.

Twitter offers many exciting things to see and read, but we must prioritize accounts that amplify local voices and raise awareness about social and environmental issues. Twitter serves as a digital ecosystem where users interact in real-time while seamlessly exchanging ideas; additionally, this platform empowers citizens by allowing them to become active members of their local communities.

Twitter provides the perfect way for those interested in staying informed of what’s happening in the Philippines to stay informed of news and information from this nation. Twitter’s many social media accounts allow you to easily keep up-to-date on breaking stories from around the country while following reports highlighting its culture, beauty, and people working on various projects; furthermore, you can learn more about its history by following accounts that share anecdotes or photographs; plus you can even stay connected to your favorite celebrities by following them!