Capital Vacations Reviews – Cancel Your Contract and Get Rid of Your Timeshare


Capital Vacations boasts a sophisticated timeshare resale network where buyers can find discounts of up to 60% and a flexible Club product that allows members to reserve trips in advance; their new reservation system provides flexibility and priority access based on loyalty tier.

RCI affiliation makes traveling simpler for owners, opening up many travel options and helping create memorable vacation experiences.

Customer service

When selecting a timeshare company, ensure they offer excellent customer service. Checking Capital Vacations reviews online will give you an idea of their customer treatment; if you are unsatisfied, canceling may become an option. Some companies specialize in helping people cancel timeshare contracts; you should use one of these providers if this becomes an issue for you.

Capital Vacations customers frequently complain about long and dishonest sales pitches from Capital Vacations that promise gifts they never deliver; these may include theme park tickets or vacation experiences unavailable in their resort of stay – leaving guests frustrated that they were duped into buying timeshare from them.

Capital Vacations is a hybrid timeshare and vacation club operator. Owning and operating most resorts once affiliated with SPM and Defender Resorts, they manage them both in traditional timeshare style and under their points-based Capital Vacations Club system; both share the same business model but differ regarding reservation policies and booking procedures.

Capital Vacations Club property owners can use their annual allotment of points to reserve vacation units at any resort affiliated with them or exchange them with RCI or other timeshare companies. Furthermore, this company has developed several new programs to maximize the vacation experience.

Capital Vacations’ Owner Assistance program assists owners in planning trips and finding suitable units. In addition, Capital Vacations’ Point Protection plan allows owners to cancel reservations up to 90 days in advance with a full refund; cancellations from 61-89 days out receive a 75% refund.

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Cancellation policy

Capital Vacations timeshare contracts may seem impossible initially, but there are ways out of your contract should it become unacceptable. One solution would be contacting a company specializing in helping people cancel them. These specialists can advise on all available options and help eliminate your Capital Vacations timeshare for good.

Capital Vacations offers its members a selection of vacation packages ranging from luxurious to budget, usually lasting a week or two long and available worldwide. Resorts located throughout the United States and the Caribbean provide travelers with easy beach access for an effortless relaxation vacation experience.

Timeshare redemption options from Vacation Exchanger include using their website to book reservations with hotels or resorts; calling directly and speaking with an agent now can also be very convenient – though remember that reservations may not always be available!

Alternative selling solutions may include using your company’s resale program to sell your timeshare quickly. This service charges a small fee but will negotiate directly with prospective buyers, handle paperwork, and protect your legal rights.

Capital Vacations offers an attractive cancellation policy allowing owners to postpone or cancel their trips up to 30 days before check-in. In contrast, their points protection plan will enable them to cancel trips without losing points and receive a refund if they cannot take them as scheduled. This may be an ideal solution for owners concerned about losing points or paying large sums for trips they won’t even use!

Resorts offered

Capital Vacations has resorts across the United States and internationally for owners to book with their yearly allotted points. Each resort varies in size, amenities and location – some are even near popular vacation spots like South Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin, or St. Maarten for easy vacation spot selection. Capital Vacations makes finding their ideal vacation spot easy!

Capital has an optional rental program, enabling owners of timeshares to rent them out for a small fee if they cannot use them this year. Keep in mind, however, that timeshare sales are made based on the assumption that they will be used every year, and thus, this program cannot guarantee someone fully utilizes these rentals.

Capital Vacations’ resorts feature high-quality timeshare villas with spacious living areas and kitchens; some even include private patios or balconies. Capital has recently added more properties, expanding its selection even further.

Many resorts, such as water parks, spas, and golf courses, feature activities designed to please families. In addition, the company provides various ways for members to earn additional vacation points through programs like Club Access and Legacy Reservation Priority; upgrading one’s experience by purchasing other issues can further improve it.

Club Connection magazine is another effective way of earning extra vacation points and finding your ideal destination for your next trip. As well as giving information about resorts around the world, Club Connection also includes travel advice from experienced travelers as well as tips from its readers on where to stay when visiting these resorts.

Many resorts affiliated with RCI – one of the world’s premier timeshare exchange networks – allow owners to swap out their home resort for different vacation experiences in thousands of other alternatives worldwide.

Before purchasing a timeshare, you must read its contract thoroughly and understand its details. There may be many terms you are bound to adhere to during membership; an experienced timeshare attorney can provide peace of mind in this process.

Owner Assistance

If you are considering purchasing a timeshare from Capital Vacations, you must read and comprehend its contract carefully and thoroughly. Timeshares can be costly investments; without proper diligence, you could end up stuck with something you cannot use or sell. To avoid being locked into an expensive timeshare contract that you can no longer sell or use, hiring an agency specializing in cancellation services for contracts like these may also be worthwhile, as these services work hand-in-hand with attorneys to manage this process and cancel it in your name.

Capital Vacations’ failure to fulfill its promises may result in class action lawsuits that could cost thousands in legal fees; one way of preventing such legal battles is being transparent with sales staff about your desired objectives with your timeshare purchase and reading your contract before signing it.

Zippia recently reviewed Capital Vacations, demonstrating its poor customer service record. While offering various benefits such as health and retirement plans, Capital Vacations does not provide full refunds of points used in reservations that have been canceled up to 90 days prior to check-in.

Though not widely recognized, Timeshare Solutions remains an elite timeshare brand and continues to experience rapid growth. This is due to their ability to offer more travel destinations and options than most other timeshare brands; additionally, they boast a diverse resort selection with flexible exchange mechanisms.

Capital Vacations’ marketing strategies can often be deceptive and lead to disappointment for buyers. For instance, they may promise their guests free travel at Calypso Cay or another Capital Vacations resort if they attend sales presentations and purchase timeshares from Capital Vacations – this tactic is expected within the timeshare industry – it is crucial to thoroughly research all timeshare properties or vacation clubs before making any decisions regarding purchasing one or joining one.

One common timeshare scam entraps customers by offering discounted tickets or vacation experiences like theme parks. Unfortunately, these special offers are usually only available during sales presentations and not to all potential purchasers. Many individuals who fall prey to such schemes find themselves regretting their decisions later and trying to exit from their contracts; it may be difficult at first, and it might be worthwhile hiring a company dedicated to helping timeshare owners escape contracts more efficiently.