Best Offensive Playbook Madden 23


The Madden 23 best offensive playbook provides players with everything they need to keep their opponents guessing throughout a game, offering various running and passing plays, formation options, and much more.

This playbook is ideal for teams boasting an exceptional running back and quarterback and multiple options to counter zone coverage.

Kansas City Chiefs

No playbook beats this one for any pass-oriented team. Led by Patrick Mahomes’ generational status and top-tier skill players, the Chiefs offer an ideal way to bombard an opponent’s secondary with passing plays. Their arsenal features numerous routes dedicated to positions like WR slot and TE positions that will put defenses off balance with sets like Gun Bunch Trips TE or Trips HB Wk – surefire ways of disorienting guards!

This playbook is ideal for players in Franchise mode who seek an intense offensive challenge. It primarily utilizes Shotgun formation with 19 Shotgun plays and only two buildings that use an additional running back (Shotgun Flex Offset Wk and Wing Flex Offset Wk). These options can be combined with an aggressive running game from two-time Super Bowl champions for an intimidating combination.

The Chiefs’ offense features an array of passing concepts covering all field areas, from deep balls designed to exploit Patrick Mahomes’ arm strength to underneath options tailored toward top receivers such as Travis Kelce and Juju Smith-Schuster. Furthermore, numerous fun gimmick passes and trick plays highlight Andy Reid’s distinct play-calling style.

Baltimore Ravens are an aggressive running team with an adequate base offense that can overcome opposing defenses even when they come prepared. Madden 23 features their best offensive playbook that offers several running options that work alongside their base formation; these include Triple Option, Jet Sweep, and QB Blast RPOs.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills playbook is one of the premier offensive playbooks available in Madden 23, mainly if your roster contains players such as Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs. It boasts various running and passing plays designed to confuse opposing defenses while offering several trick plays, such as TE slants and play-action passes that provide adequate pass-play opportunities. It is an excellent option for teams who favor passing over running.

Kansas City Chiefs provide another excellent option for teams seeking a run-heavy playbook. Led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes and pass-oriented head coach Andy Reid, their playbook offers various passing concepts designed to cover all field areas – perfect for taking advantage of Mahomes’ arm strength and speedy receivers Travis Kelce and Juju Smith-Schuster.

However, if you prefer to focus on the run game and have a pocket quarterback adept at leading an effective running attack, look to the Baltimore Ravens’ playbook for inspiration. They employ several run-heavy formations designed to maximize yardage gains and some designed quarterback runs that will challenge defenses to stop.

The New England Patriots playbook offers another practical option for teams looking to implement pass-heavy strategies. With 12 Shotgun formations and three I-Form formations that use two running backs, this playbook is perfect for agile quarterbacks protected by strong backfields from being sacked; additionally, it boasts various passing options from deep routes to quick slants, plus its 4-3 defense package can wear down opposing offenses quickly.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This playbook is ideal for players looking to run the ball with a quarterback who can be an adequate dual threat. It contains various Pistol formations designed to assist mobile quarterbacks, along with fast Gun Trip Tight End formations like X-spot and Inside Zone Gun Tight End formations – quick formations which may catch defenses off guard – such as Mesh Post, Smash Return, and Verticals formations that are effective at surprising them.

The New Orleans Saints playbook is ideal for teams that strive to operate a balanced offense, as it contains numerous running plays suitable for short and long drives alike, several passing options designed to cover zone coverage effectively, and an outstanding collection of RPOs ideal for use against man coverage.

Pittsburgh Steelers offer another practical playbook to use. Theirs is tailored towards beating man coverage – one of the more prevalent defensive schemes used in the NFL. It contains numerous RPOs designed to counter all types of coverage as well as several pass routes which can help gain yards on short or intermediate passes.

Another excellent playbook to try is that of the Detroit Lions, which boasts a balanced offense. This playbook can help players who prefer running backs who can gain open in man coverage to run with. Furthermore, it includes several formations effective against tight range, such as HB Quick Base and PA Double Post formations, making this playbook perfect for running RPOs as well.

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions playbook in Madden 23 is one of the best offensive playbooks. This balanced approach includes both run and pass plays. Furthermore, its formations, such as the 0-1 Trap, Wheel Post Drag, PA Double Post, and Stick Nod Vertical, have proven effective against passing opponents. Furthermore, running backs who prefer calling run-first offense will appreciate the Gun Tight formation’s versatility in Madden 23’s offense.

This playbook is ideal for players looking to test out a different offensive style, with multiple plays designed to beat zone and man coverage, such as Doubles HB WK out of the Gun and Singleback Y Offset plays. Additionally, it makes an effective RPO playbook option.

Madden 23’s Baltimore Ravens playbook is another practical offensive playbook. Built around mobile quarterbacks and featuring various running plays that can fool defenses, its run game offers many plays designed to fool guards. At the same time, its pistol and shotgun formations don’t give away what space you are calling.

Madden 23’s New England Patriots playbook is among the most varied. Bill Belichick’s masterful coaching can be seen through its various running and passing options and innovative formations (Singleback Y Offset and RB Stretch Alert Smoke). Furthermore, their playbook contains RPO plays such as HB Angle and Mesh Spot, which will keep defenses guessing for an entire game.

San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers’ incredible playbook can be an immense difficulty for opposing teams to handle, with its balance of power running formations and spread-out passing buildings making them hard for defenses to stop. Triple TE Singleback formations and complete empty formations, in particular, are particularly effective against defensive fronts; their base Nickel and Big Nickel defenses may also help stop opposing offenses in Madden 23.

San Francisco 49ers’ offensive playbook stands out from other playbooks in that it excels at beating man coverage and cutting through zone coverage. Their RPO run-pass options create mismatches among wide receivers while disrupting opposing defenses with run-pass options, creating mismatches with wide receivers such as wide receiver mismatches. Their Singleback Bunch X Nasty formation, in particular, can confuse opposing defenses due to being composed of 1RB – 0TE – 4WR with RPO pass plays and RPO pass plays from behind an opposing defense – creating mismatches among receivers that create mismatches while creating mismatches among wide receivers with 1RB – 0TE – 4WR formation and additional RPO pass plays for even further disruption from an opposing defense causing widespread mismatches between receivers and tight end plays and one RPO to pass play options also prove successful in confusing;

Pittsburgh Steelers boast one of the most effective offensive playbooks in the league with their vast arsenal of runs and passes that can beat any team in the company. Their Singleback Wing Stack and Shotgun Trips HB Wk formations produce explosive runs, while Double Back Gun Spread is an invaluable weapon against passing game opponents.

The Buffalo Bills boast an outstanding offensive playbook in Madden 23, taking full advantage of quick players like Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs with numerous options that take advantage of trips, gun formations, X Spot plays that are proven effective against nearly every defense, Singleback Y Off Power plays as well as Twin TE Wk play options to capitalize on quick players such as Josh Allen. Their playbook also includes trips formations such as trips and gun formations, with trips formations being utilized frequently against any given defense; their balanced playbook features plenty of trips and gun formations along with various trips and gun formations to maximize quick players like Allen or Diggs; their balanced playbook features many trips and gun formations while their RPO options include Singleback Y Off Power as well as Twin TE Wk to take full advantage of quick players such as Josh Allen or Stefon Diggs; both teams possess superior playbook playbooks in Madden 23.