We Don’t Talk About Bruno Chords


Bruno Mars has taken the music world by storm with his hit albums 24K Magic and 24K Magic Tour, with charismatic 5-feet powerhouse charisma combining musical talent with entertainment showmanship to become a household name. We don’t talk about Bruno’s piano chords, which are easy enough for even novice pianists to master!

How to play it

Bruno Mars is one of the most beloved musicians in popular culture. His music has earned him multiple Grammy Awards and multiple hits such as Uptown Funk, which was certified triple Platinum and broke records for most streamed track and highest-grossing tour. Most recently, his latest album, 24K Magic, received high critical and fan acclaim.

This upbeat tune presents beginner guitarists with a formidable challenge, as its fast barre chord changes can be dauntingly fast. Additionally, its inclusion of the DM chord can prove difficult at first. If this chord proves too challenging to master for you at first try, try practicing it using only your index finger instead of your ring finger for improved feel and more effortless playability.

Chords are groups of notes played at once. There are two primary kinds of chords: major and minor. Major chords are usually noted with letters (such as A), while minor chords usually use lowercase “m” instead (Am). Minor chords tend to sound sadder, while major ones usually generate happier emotions.

To play the Dm chord, place your index finger on the 2nd fret of the B string (2nd string), middle finger on the 2nd fret of the D string (4th string), and ring finger on the 2nd fret of the G string (3rd string). A string (5th string) and a low E string (6th string) should remain open during the performance of this chord.


Bruno Mars is an incredible musical force. After breaking out in 2010 with hit songs like Uptown Funk and Locked Out Of Heaven, and soon becoming a household name with their 2012 album Unorthodox Jukebox, later earning seven Grammy Awards with 24K Magic, we’ve put together chords to some of his major hits that you can learn to play on guitar or ukulele–for example “Uptown Funk”, starting with Bbm with Eb bass line; it then moves seamlessly to GbMaj7 chord creating an infectious plagal cadence as it moves to GbMaj7 chord.


Bruno Mars rose to stardom during the 2010s through hit singles and his world tour, cementing his brand with 24K Magic, an album that went on to sell millions and win him seven Grammy Awards. Additionally, his collaboration with Mark Ronson on ‘Uptown Funk’ became a smash hit, propelling him further into pop culture superstardom.

In this song, Mirabel learns why her Madrigal family is reluctant to discuss her uncle, Bruno. Adassa’s vocal performance is gentle yet captivating – ideal for Dolores, who describes hearing him murmuring around the house and creating tension by recounting how she has witnessed visions they couldn’t understand (“Always left Abuela and family fumbling, grappling with prophecies they couldn’t comprehend”).

This catchy Latin song is easy to learn and fun to play on guitar or ukulele. Perfect for a variety of situations and guaranteed to have your audience singing along, this piece can quickly add excitement and buzz to your performance! Additionally, its simplicity means it fits seamlessly into any set list or set list.

Guitar tabs

Guitar tabs provide a quick way to learn to play songs on the guitar without reading standard musical notation, providing chords and notes of each piece as well as instructions on how to play them. Unfortunately, however, guitar tabs do not provide information regarding rhythm; therefore, songs must be practiced with a metronome before learning standard musical notation as well.

A guitar tab depicts each string on an instrument with the thickest being at the bottom and thinnest at the top, and numbers adjacent to lines indicating frets on which fretting hand finger should be placed (if no number appears, that means playing openly; and when zero appears it indicates placing a finger at the end of fret without pressing down on string).

In chord playing, numbers indicate which finger should press down on which fret. A 1 means the index finger is placed on the first fret, while 3 denotes middle finger placement on the third fret (this rule may vary slightly). Of course, there may be exceptions!

Another symbol that may appear on a guitar tab is “harmonic,” which refers to creating natural harmonics on any string by touching it without exerting pressure on the fret and producing a bell-like tone that can add much-needed dimension and depth to your music.

Another symbol is a curved line connecting two notes that signify rapidly picking one note while rapidly picking the second note like in a tremolo, as well as one shaped like a letter P that means to shake or pulse (pulsate) the string rapidly up and down.

Upstroke chords sound fuller and more prosperous; this style of strumming is commonly employed in Rock, Country, and Blues music genres. On the other hand, downstrokes say sparse; these tend to be used in jazz. Vibrato can add another dimension to some songs.