Valorant Agent Gekko – How Much HP Does Gekko Ult Have?


Gekko offers an unusual take on initiator roles in Valorant, with several new abilities and interactions that can disrupt the meta. His ult silences enemies while making post-plant defuses more challenging.

Gekko can use his Wingman to unleash concussive blasts upon enemies before returning it as an interactive globule that Gekko can retrieve after a short cooldown period and recharge.


Gekko is among the most exciting agents to join CSGO’s Valorant mode. His supportive, relaxed, and encouraging nature will make your teammates feel as though they have an ally by their side – encouraging teamwork while rewarding success with compliments from him as an advocate. Plus, he boasts unique skills that make him stand out against opponents!

Gekko can use his abilities to distract enemies and open up opportunities for his teammates to attack from behind, especially on assault maps like Haven and Lotus, designed for two vs. two duels. In addition to these talents, Gekko can utilize his ultimate ability to take control of enemy players, making it much simpler for his team to win games.

Gekko can use his Ultimate to launch Mosh Pit and spread green substance throughout an affected area, providing deception against enemies while dealing damage and stunning enemies for multiple seconds. This ability can be used to distract them. This skill also stuns opponents for several seconds and deals damage over time – perfect for quickly deceiving enemy positions!

This ultimate weapon can be beneficial for infiltrating sites and making post-plant retakes more challenging for the enemy team; however, it must also be remembered that it can render sentinels less capable of protecting themselves against attacks from enemy snipers.

Gekko’s ultimate can also be used to break down walls, opening pathways for his teammates to use against enemies and clear out large areas on smaller maps. Furthermore, this tactic can disable traps and make it easier for Gekko and his allies to retake sites after concluding battles.

The latest patch notes for CSGO feature a range of bug fixes and gameplay improvements related to Gekko’s abilities, intended to address issues seen during competitive game mode – for instance, Gekko’s Plant and Defuse ability is now working correctly across all maps.

This update also addressed a bug that caused Omen of The Shadows and Shrouded Step (X) to become stuck during their windup animation, and visual indicators are now present when windup cancellation occurs.


Dizzy is one of Gekko’s most potent abilities, revealing enemy locations while blinding other teammates during matches. Additionally, its easy-to-use mechanic allows Gekko to utilize it repeatedly throughout a game; players can even bounce it off surfaces for added strategic purposes.

Dizzy differs from other flash abilities in that he will reveal all enemies nearby even if they do not fall directly within its frontal line of fire, making sure not to miss its target when using this ability and ruin any shot taken with this skill. This detail should be considered when employing this ability as it could prove disastrous if one misses its mark!

Dizzy’s flash may not activate as frequently as other abilities in VALORANT, but it still provides much-needed ease of use in the game. Furthermore, activation does not require being near an enemy to activate it – something precious in today’s mobile gaming era!

Another critical advantage of Gekko’s ability is its reusability; similar to other globules in the game, this ability can be picked up and reused at any point during any round, creating unique playstyles for this character. Sage’s Mosh Pit works excellent with this mechanic for quick plant and defuse combos on Icebox or Harbor Cove. At the same time, Fade’s Slow Orb prevents enemies from leaving after it has been planted or unfrozen – creating one of the most potent initiator combinations ever seen and making Gekko one of the top initiators in meta.


Thrash is Gekko’s final ability and allows him to use surprise attacks against enemies on the map. Like his other abilities, using Thrash effectively requires some practice; when activated, it detonates an explosion that stuns enemy players for several seconds (similar to Killjoy’s ultimate). Gekko can also click fire again before it explodes to move the creature before its explosion – helpful in clearing space or getting enemies out of your way!

Thrash can be quickly recovered after using it, like Wingman and Dizzy, but with limited reuse during a match. As part of Agent J’s signature ability, Thrash can have an enormous effect in any game if used effectively.

Gekko activates this ability to send his jello-like creature flying through the air to shoot plasma at all enemies in its line of sight, blinding and painting enemy players with paint to make them an easy target for your team. It will lunge forward and explode once its destination has been reached, detaining enemies within its blast radius.

Gekko’s ultimate ability should be employed at the endgame when your teammates are close to taking control of a site. His ultimate goal is to prevent their enemies from planting twice in the same spot and help clear out crowded corners for other agents to take over that map region.

Mosh Pit

Mosh pits may look chaotic from the outside, with people dancing frantically and jostling each other violently, potentially resulting in damage and bloodshed. But when handled safely and responsibly, mosh pits can be enjoyable experiences that don’t lead to unnecessary violence and injuries. Jesse Silverberg learned this firsthand five years ago when taking his girlfriend to her first (and last) heavy metal concert (In Flames show). Instead of jumping into the circle pit for In Flames show himself, Jesse observed bodies pushing against one another in time with drumming beats and shredding guitars. In contrast, drumming began, all moving independently yet simultaneously and having an influence that rippled throughout. He realized how each movement had an impact that rippled throughout.

Mosh Pit is Gekko’s new ability that draws upon this concept of violent uprisings. When launched, it covers an area quickly with damage-dealing globules that cover an extended radius and deliver knockback. Plus, like many abilities in the game, its wind-up time enables you to anticipate when it will deploy and plan accordingly.

This ability can be convenient on maps with many corners and contested spaces, where planting or defusing spikes may be challenging. Furthermore, when combined with Wingman or Dizzy, capable of quick globule transformation, this skill becomes an area denial tool.

While its damage may not be significant, it’s still enough to interrupt enemy movements. It can be combined with other Ultimates like Viper Snakebite or Fade Seize to cause additional damage or degrade the enemies’ health. Furthermore, this ability may help one team member survive when facing multiple opponents simultaneously.

Overall, Mosh Pit is a practical ability that enhances Gekko’s mobility and map control. Though its long cooldown means it won’t be used as often as other ults from Gekko, Mosh Pit remains a practical choice if you want to stay one step ahead of your enemies or slow their pushes – especially when combined with Wingman and duelist abilities to make it hard for enemies to push into specific sites.