The NFL Hall of Fame Game Kicks Off the Preseason


The NFL Hall of Fame Game has served as the preseason opener each year since 1962. Although occasionally suspended (due to labor disputes and pandemic threats), this annual tradition remains one of its hallmarks.

This annual game typically features two teams that had someone honored with induction into the Hall of Fame that year – this year, it’s between the New York Jets and the Las Vegas Raiders!


The Hall of Fame Game is an exhibition game held annually during Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremonies. Two NFL teams are chosen to participate each year, and one unit often corresponds with a player being inducted that year. As this is considered part of preseason play, teams participating must play four total exhibition games instead of just three, as is usual with preseason.

Since 1962, this game has been held 57 times since its inception. The inaugural event took place one day after the Hall of Fame officially opened its doors and has continued annually ever since despite an absence following the AFL-NFL merger in 1966; instead, it returned in 1970 as the inaugural game to kickoff NFL preseason schedule and pit AFC and NFC teams against each other.

As well as serving as the opening televised game of each season, Opening Night is one of the NFL’s most significant revenue generators. Fans pay to attend and spend money at stadium concessions for food, beverages, and souvenirs, thus making Opening Night one of their most anticipated annual events and hoping it continues to gain in popularity year after year.

While the excitement of the Hall of Fame Game captivates fans at the start of the season, many already have their eyes set on the grand finale, often checking Super Bowl tickets at TicketSmarter to ensure they don’t miss the biggest showdown of the year.

The Hall of Fame Game has had a problematic history. It was canceled due to the NFL lockout in 2011 and then again due to poor field conditions in 2016; it was scheduled for 2020 but was canceled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite its shortcomings, the Hall of Fame Game remains essential to the NFL. It offers undeveloped prospects an opportunity to earn spots on the field while giving fans a glimpse of their favorite players at work. Furthermore, the game provides an excellent platform for promoting Hall of Fame members and getting fans pumped for an exciting upcoming season.


The Hall of Fame Game is an annual exhibition match to coincide with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies. Two teams chosen by the NFL before beginning preseason are invited to compete, typically having strong connections to those being inducted. In 2018, the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns will compete.

Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium hosts this game each year in Canton, Ohio, as the traditional first preseason game and is typically a low-scoring affair that draws large audiences regardless of being just preseason play. Though usually watched closely as part of an NFL calendar event.

Average viewership per game for regular-season NFL games was an impressive 5.3 million in 2017. Meanwhile, playoff games averaged 5.47 million viewers per game on average.

Although technically just a preseason matchup, this contest still generates much anticipation among fans and athletes. Fans can look forward to witnessing their favorite teams play and an increase in ratings of NFL television programs.

The Hall of Fame Game has been played annually since 1962 when the ground was broken for its building in Canton. Initially played during preseason play, since 1970, it has become part of each four-week exhibition schedule and plays an integral role in league culture.

Preseason games in the NFL can be integral to each franchise’s regular season, yet don’t always reveal much about its skill or record. Indeed, they often include backup players who won’t make the roster; therefore, the Hall of Fame game accurately indicates depth and talent among franchises.

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Preseason opener

The NFL kicks off the preseason with its annual Hall of Fame game, featuring teams that are having players honored with induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year. This year’s matchup between the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets will occur at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio, during Enshrinement Week in August.

In 1962, the inaugural Hall of Fame Game commemorated the groundbreaking Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Since then, this annual event marks the kick-off to NFL preseason schedule – its 104th edition is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, August 3rd, 2023.

After almost ten years since both teams last faced each other in a game, this highly anticipated showdown promises to be an exciting showdown between Browns and Jets fans. Broadcasted live on NBC’s Football Night in America program, streaming available via Peacock.

This year’s game also marks the debut of both Josh McDaniels, head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, and Doug Pederson, head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, one of Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium’s light banks went dark during the third quarter, leading to a 20-minute delay in play and forcing an unexpected 20-minute delay before play resumed.

Though disappointed by the loss, fans were treated to an impressive showcase of new quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the game environment. Several soon-to-be Hall of Fame inductees got a standing ovation at this storied venue: Darrelle Revis and Joe Klecko, two defensive greats who will both be honored this year, as well as an outstanding performance by New York City police, were highlights of the evening’s festivities.

Final score

The NFL Hall of Fame Game is one of the premier preseason contests. Held annually during Enshrinement Week for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, teams battle each other while inductees from their current class are honored before playing each other. First held back in 1962, this official exhibition contest continues today.

On Thursday night, to open their 2023 Hall of Fame Game campaign, the Cleveland Browns defeated the New York Jets 21-16. Rookie QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson led his team on two second-half scoring drives before their defense held off a late comeback attempt from New York and earned victory for Cleveland.

At McKinley High School’s Zimmerman Symphony Center before kickoff, a memorial service for legendary Hall-of-Famer Jim Brown took place before kickoff. Nationally on NBC with Mike Tirico and Cris Collinsworth serving as play-by-play announcers while local broadcasts included Jim Donovan describing the play, Nathan Zegura providing analysis, and Melissa Stark serving as sideline reporter – two memorable moments that stood out at this game were special moments that stood out.

At 1:20 left in the fourth quarter, Tom Benson Stadium experienced a power outage, resulting in a 15-minute power cut and delayed gameplay for approximately 15 minutes before being resumed by both sides. Following that outage, the Browns drove nine spaces for 78 yards to score through Thompson-Robinson to Austin Watkins for a touchdown pass en route to an eventual lead that stood. Attempts by the New York Jets at coming back resulted in a botched snap that turned into safety for them and ultimately caused their defeat.

The win gives the Browns an impressive 1-0 start and brings their all-time Hall of Fame Game record up to 5-3. It also marks their second consecutive win and first since 1999; this was the first time since 2012 that the Jets lost to the Browns. Both teams should do better this season than last when both finished with 6-10 records.