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Mugshots are images captured upon arrest maintained by law enforcement agencies to assist victims and witnesses in identifying potential suspects.

These records may include information like fingerprints, images, physical characteristics, and more; typically available to the general public after an appropriate waiting period has passed.


A mugshot or booking photograph is a photographic portrait taken of an arrested individual at the time of arrest and includes their entire face, profile, name, and jail ID number. Mug shots can be used by victims, media, and investigators to identify criminals. Although usually used as evidence in court proceedings, some may consider them invasions of privacy for subjects depicted; regardless, in the United States, there has developed an industry around publishing mugshots online as they are public records.

Mugshots have been around since photography first emerged during the early 1800s. At first, mugshots were created for law enforcement identification purposes; later on, however, they began being taken for commercial gain by websites that specialize in selling them as revenue generators. Today mugshots can often be seen displayed during trials where their appearance could skew a jury against an accused person.

Mugshots can adversely impact both professional and personal relationships, including admissions decisions and employment prospects. A negative mugshot can prevent someone from enrolling at school, getting hired for employment opportunities, or meeting potential dates on dating websites. Thankfully, there are ways of deleting an image from online by filing a petition with the court requesting expungement.

Look Who Got Busted provides access to an up-to-date database of mugshots from Michigan’s Muskegon County Jail, making it possible to identify whether your friend or neighbor is currently behind bars. Furthermore, you can view their release status and bond info as well as valuable tips on contacting an inmate. In addition, searchable records such as arrest records, criminal convictions, and public records may also be located through this website as well as local sheriff’s offices and clerks of courts as well as links to additional regional and national mugshot databases. Finally, an extensive list of people who have been arrested in relation to various crimes including homicides and drug charges is maintained here for easy reference – an impressive resource indeed!


When someone is arrested by police, documents will be completed that document their arrest and become their Muskegon County booking record. These records contain fingerprints, images, physical details, and the police officer who arrested them, as well as crime details that they face charges with. Upon request, these records can be made available to members of the public who wish to view them.

Police often take a mugshot of individuals charged with crimes to help identify them in court and by victims, witnesses, and investigators. Mugshots have been used since photography’s invention nearly 200 years ago!

An individual’s record may contain anything from minor misdemeanors to more serious felonies, all of which may impact employment, housing, and other opportunities and family life. A criminal can gain access to their record by contacting their local government or the police department and requesting a copy.

Once someone is arrested, they may face jail or prison time. When this occurs, the prison system will provide records of their charges and status, such as their location and date of booking. They will also receive a booking number, which allows them to search the Muskegon County inmate database.

Some websites provide access to these records, and they can be an invaluable resource for those seeking more information about what’s going on in their community. Generally free to use and easily accessible via search, these sites also often provide contact details of individuals being held as inmates.

These links will open a new browser window and take you to third-party websites that offer Muskegon County inmate lookup services. These websites can be beneficial for quickly finding mugshots and arrest records of loved ones in Muskegon County. However, please be aware that any advice provided here should not be considered legal advice; should any issues arise please seek professional legal counsel immediately.


Corey Andre Chandler and Darrell Jonathon Martin II have been charged with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and fentanyl, facing up to 40 years of imprisonment if found guilty.

See Details on Pipkins, Darmais as she Ages 28 Gender Female at Muskegon County Jail Booking

Search and file missing person reports in Michigan as well as resources and amber alerts for missing individuals.

Mugshots of Muskegon County, MI residents online. Mugshots are photographic images used as evidence in criminal proceedings against people arrested.

Information provided here is unofficial, provided by the Sheriff’s Office, and intended solely for public viewing. It should not be taken as legal advice. To access official records from them or connect with an inmate directly, visit their website or call them. For jail inmate search purposes, use Securus Jail Inmate Search System, which offers phone, video, and email services nationwide with easy use at no charge to inmates.


people booked into the Muskegon County Jail must submit an accurate mugshot to be included in the police database. Mugshots serve two functions – they identify prisoners during arrest and conviction and ensure no other party uses their identity, especially if committing serious offenses such as felonies.

Not having an active warrant issued in your name is never ideal and can result in more severe charges should you get caught. Therefore, it’s wise to get informed quickly of an outstanding warrant so you can reach out to an attorney as soon as possible; they might help keep jail time away but must also deal with any repercussions.

These links will open a new browser window and take you to third-party websites offering access to Muskegon County public records. Please be aware that these websites provide only generalized information; their information cannot be taken as definitive proof of guilt or innocence, and people shown here do not guarantee to be in custody.