How to Find Pallet Recycling Near Me in New York


Have you seen someone collecting broken pallets with their truck on the street? These individuals are known as pallet scavengers; they specialize in collecting nonstandard size wood pallets that don’t meet industry standard 48×40 cores, 4ways, or GMAs, turning them into outdoor furniture for sale.


Pallets are an eco-friendly building material ideal for DIY projects of all types. Affordable, durable, and easy to work with, pallets can be found at hardware stores and grocery stores or ordered online through companies that recycle wooden pallets. However, before beginning any project that involves pallets, make sure they have been heating treated or contain an HT stamp as this indicates heat treatment that kills insects as well as prevents warping or fungal growth – avoid any marked with “MB,” as this chemical was banned as it posed health risks in 2010.

People often turn old, broken pallets into patio furniture, lawn chairs, and yard decorations. You could also use them to build toddler beds or bike racks – limitless possibilities!

If you plan on building a garden with pallets, selecting the appropriate pallets is critical. When possible, opt for those that have been kiln-dried instead of fumigated with chemicals, as this prevents warping and fungal growth while protecting plants more safely.

Before collecting pallets from commercial locations, always seek permission first. While some businesses may give away free pallets, others may charge fees or require you to return them once your project has concluded.

Pinterest and Instagram provide many inventive ideas for using pallets in the garden, from vertical herb gardens to using an anti-weed membrane or bag to keep weeds at bay and ease watering more easily. You may even come up with your inventive uses! For instance, turning one pallet into a vertical herb garden by screwing together its slats can make for an excellent trough-style vertical herb garden setup. Or why not stand an upright pallet and secure an anti-weed membrane or bag between its slats to ensure weeds stay away while watering more efficiently?

New York pallet recyclers take broken or rotten pallets and dismantle them into smaller pieces, selling these at a reduced rate to companies making furniture or wood chips for boiler fuel production. This way, the wood doesn’t go to waste while fewer trees are cut down.

Burning Wood

Wood pallets make excellent firewood sources. You can use them in fireplaces, wood stoves, and outdoor firepits – but before doing so, you must contact your local fire department first; some states prohibit outdoor burning of any materials that create dense smoke or pollute the air. Furthermore, you should carefully inspect each pallet before burning it for signs of insects or pests that may contaminate it before burning it.

Burning wooden pallets is an enjoyable and relaxing pastime on a fantastic autumn night, and using old pallets as bonfirewood can save money and help the environment. Wood from these old pallets can be reused in projects or cut into pieces for mulch or compost. Just be sure to remove any nails before burning!

Websites like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist may provide viable options if you’re searching for used wooden pallets online. Be wary when selling wood pallets, as these could contain nails or debris, posing a potential fire hazard risk.

When you’re ready to dispose of unwanted pallets, contact a pallet recycling company. They are equipped to collect large volumes of wood waste – damaged or rotting pallets and wood from crates and bundles and loose wood from loose piles – and grind it down into boiler fuel or bark mulch for recycling purposes.

You can determine if a wood pallet was treated with chemicals by looking at its long sides for stamps. Any pallet fumigated with Methyl Bromide must never be burned; any marked EUR (an older EU logo) may release toxic fumes when burned. Only heat-treated, debarked, and kiln-dried pallets are safe to burn.

When considering selling pallets, contacting your local fire department or chief is a good idea. Laws differ depending on your state, and you should be aware of any restrictions that could impact sales; some states restrict the number of wood-burning fireplaces or stoves that can be installed in new homes and even have regulations regarding outdoor fires when air pollution levels become excessive.

Selling Pallets

By upcycling pallets with some creativity and wood, you can earn extra income while helping the environment at the same time. Use this pallet to build furniture for your home or deck chairs – but make sure you have tools such as a pallet bar and saw to save time when dismantling them!

Many companies possess large stocks of unutilized wooden pallets stored indoors or outdoors. If you own a truckload, these pallets could fetch a reasonable price when sold directly to the right person – these could also be found online in places like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace; or depending on where you reside, there may even be local pallet recyclers who will accept your offers to buy back these surplus products from you.

New York pallet recycling also involves selling them to anyone interested in crafting furniture for home or business use. You may find these pallets at large chain stores where they have been delivered from manufacturers; always get permission before taking any from there, as doing so could constitute theft.

These pallets are usually in excellent condition and can be sold to someone at a highly reasonable price. Consider placing ads for them to sell locally, such as newspapers or websites like Craigslist; there may even be individuals searching for free pallets online who could find some interest!

Freight Liquidators of New York is one of the best liquidators, offering a vast array of products for retail and wholesale buyers. Their wide selection of new and pre-owned items makes Freight Liquidators one of the go-to spots when searching for liquidation pallets in New York.


Once unusable pallets become waste, they’re often sent to pallet recyclers as a great solution to reduce wood from going to waste while saving businesses money. Not only that, but recycling helps conserve natural resources while decreasing pollution caused by producing new materials – an essential service companies should take part in to help save resources while reducing waste and pollution. Organizations need to do their part in protecting our natural environment by recycling used pallets, as this prevents further waste accumulation while saving resources for reuse in other ways.

Once pallets reach a recycler, they are disassembled, and any usable pieces are sold off to be used to create furniture or recycled into new pallets. You could upcycle pallets into many things, including deck swings, lawn chairs, and coffee tables – this makes recycling something that would otherwise end up in the garbage an exciting project for children!

Pallets are widely used for shipping products. Constructed out of wood, plastic, and paper, pallets come in various sizes for handling by forklift, pallet jack, or front loader; some even support trailer noses!

Whatever material it may be made from, selecting an ideal pallet for your shipment is paramount. A wooden pallet that has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected would be the perfect option to ensure the safe transport of your products. In addition, select one with a high racking capacity to hold more weight without endangering its contents or the racking system.

Manufacturers offer return programs for pallets, so businesses with abundant pallets can return them and use any credits towards purchasing new ones. This is an ideal option for companies wanting to reduce waste disposal costs while keeping the environment cleaner and saving truck drivers’ fuel expenses.