Hello Kitty Buttercream Cake



To create this Hello Kitty Buttercream Cake, bake three 8-inch rounds in two separate pans and cool each of them entirely before smothering each with 1 cup of white frosting. Arrange one layer on a serving tray or plate and spread more frosting before setting another cake layer atop it – repeat until all layers and frosting have been used up. Transfer any extra frosting into a piping bag fitted with a small round tip; outline Hello Kitty’s face using pinched-out lines before pipelining black frosting around her eyes and nose before adding red stars along the border before refrigerating before refining before serving!


Hello Kitty Cake features an irresistibly sweet vanilla buttercream topped with pureed strawberries mixed with vanilla extract and pink food coloring, giving the frosting its beautiful shade of baby pink that perfectly complements Hello Kitty’s iconic colors. Perfect for a girl’s birthday celebrations as well as baby showers or wedding receptions alike.

Create a batch of vanilla frosting and place it in the refrigerator to chill before creating pink frosting. Split plain frosting into two roughly equal parts, tint one of them pink with food coloring gel, and pipe both of these sections onto small star piping bags – setting aside one of these bowls as backup storage space.

When ready to frost the cake, place the first layer on a serving tray and lightly coat its top with some white frosting. Gently press down another layer before applying more white frosting; ensure that any crumbs are covered. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes in order to set your icing.

Use a star tip to pipe pink icing around Hello Kitty’s face and nose using pink decorating icing, fill in her eyes with black decorating icing, and refrigerate the cake for 20-30 minutes before serving.

Karter was celebrating her 1st birthday, so this Sesame Street cake was created with love! It featured a primary vanilla flavor with custard filling, flat iced, and covered with buttercream frosting. For her party, I used the frozen buttercream transfer technique to add characters and signs. Invert the stencil or printed image onto parchment paper, then hand pipe the outline onto the cake. Kids absolutely adored it!


Hello Kitty is one of the world’s best-known cartoon characters, making her an excellent cake theme choice. To create one yourself, all that’s required to make one is any basic flavor cake (any flavor), some frosting with black food coloring added for an outline of Hello Kitty, and simple decorations.

To create the cake, divide the batter between two round pans and bake as instructed on the package. Allow them to cool in their pans for 10 minutes before moving them onto wire racks to finish cooling entirely before beginning decoration.

Before beginning decorating, divide one-quarter of the frosting and mix in 10 drops of black food color – this will enable you to use this dark hue later when creating Hello Kitty’s nose and whiskers outline. With the remaining white frosting, frost the top and sides of your cake as usual before positioning two larger cake wedges to form Hello Kitty’s head shape.