Demolition Hammer – DeWalt D25901K 22 Lb SDS Max Demolition Hammer With SHOCKS


This D25901K 22lb SDS Max Demolition Hammer with SHOCKS is hard-hitting and reliable. Featuring a non-air pumping beat piece that extends tool and seal life. Find the best Demolition Riverside.

This tool features 12-position one-step chisel rotation and is ready for connection to DeWalt’s Tool Connect system via its large rocker switch, which allows for easy power on/off operation.

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DeWalt demolition hammers feature powerful motors designed to break through concrete and other materials easily. Whether used for tile flooring removal, cutting through concrete structures, or performing different jobs, you’ll find various models of DeWalt hammers available at CPO DEWALT that are built to withstand rigorous use.

DeWalt MAX demolition hammers equipped with Active Vibration Control (D25902K-QS), for instance, boast an efficient 1550-watt motor that offers exceptional efficiency and durability. Furthermore, its compact inline design provides optimal balance and handling, and its oversized hammer mechanism ensures outstanding longevity.

DeWalt offers another outstanding demolition hammer: the 22-pound SDS MAX chipping hammer. It is equipped with a German-engineered mechanism that delivers 19.4 Joules of impact energy, and its all-metal construction protects it against damage while increasing longevity.

These powerful demolition hammers from CPO DEWALT can help breach even the toughest walls, repair walls and install wall supports, rehabilitate concrete structures, and perform rebar inspections. Furthermore, these versatile tools can also be used for chiseling and grouting tasks—discover more by browsing our selection of demolition hammers at CPO DEWALT today!


DEWALT’s demolition hammers are created with user safety and comfort in mind, featuring an inline design for optimal balance and control, which reduces user fatigue while increasing job site productivity. Furthermore, this tool features an SDS MAX chuck for quick bit changes, which helps decrease downtime on job sites while increasing productivity – perfect for applications such as breaking through concrete slabs, chipping away materials, renovation projects, or general demolition jobs.

The top-grade D25901K 22 lb. SDS Max Inline Demolition Hammer provides users with an exceptional demolition tool with outstanding performance under demanding conditions. Equipped with a hard-hitting, German-engineered mechanism that delivers 19 joules of impact energy. Also features a non-air pumping beat piece, which eliminates masonry dust while prolonging tool and seal life; the rocker switch makes power on/off simple; SHOCKS Active Vibration Control reduces vibration felt at handles while DEWALT Tool Connect app supports real-time tracking and diagnostics capabilities – connecting this demolition hammer to DEWALT Tool Connect for real-time tracking and diagnostics services and monitoring.

DEWALT cordless tools can be used for everything from fixing broken concrete structures to installing wall supports in challenging demolition environments. They offer unmatched power, ergonomics, durability, and performance for every task at hand. Shop DEWALT’s comprehensive selection of rotary hammers, chipping hammers, and demolition hammers today!


As vibration can be quite intense when using a demolition hammer, you should wear gloves and ear protection. Furthermore, taking frequent breaks while working will help alleviate hand fatigue; additionally, make sure the hammer is turned off once finished to avoid overheating!

The DEWALT demolition hammer offers numerous safety functions built-in. One such function is indexing or setting the chisel position; this can be accomplished by switching the locking sleeve around and rotating its collar in any of 12 possible positions to suit any job. In addition, SHOCKS active vibration control reduces how much vibration transfers to the user’s hands during use.

The DEWALT demolition hammer can be used for an array of tasks, from breaking out concrete slabs to chipping away materials or renovating work. It’s designed specifically for professional use, and its SDS MAX chuck allows quick bit changes during challenging projects. Its 24-pound impact energy makes for effortless material breaking and chipping. Plus, its inline design provides better balance and control, making operation even more straightforward. Plus, it can integrate with DEWALT TOOL CONNECT to communicate with other power tools or accessories!