Best Th3 Base Defense


It is an exceptional trophy base with an excellent defense ratio and attempts to defend against all of the typical farming strategies at Th3. Air defenses are evenly spread out and cannot be easily breached, while its rage tower is well placed to prevent snipers from killing its CC.

TH is well protected, with storage outside its walls to guard against the elixir drain. Enemy pathing has also been carefully considered, with spring traps and bombs set along enemy funnels as an extra safeguard.

Air Defenses

Long-range air defense systems of today are powerful weapons capable of shooting down aircraft from many kilometers away. While they act as an effective deterrent against various attack types and are designed to protect vital assets from hostile attack, there are drawbacks: They can be costly and difficult to maintain and require extensive infrastructure for operation – making them easy targets for radar-equipped enemy fighters.

America’s adversaries and rivals, especially since Operation Desert Storm’s success, have become keenly aware of America’s shortcomings. Instead of simply increasing the range and accessibility of their air-to-air missiles, these adversaries and rivals are developing holistic capabilities across multiple domains – this networked collection of weapons and sensors is known collectively as an integrated air defense system (IADS).

IADS includes sensors and interceptors to detect approaching aircraft, SAM batteries at forward air bases, and SAM radar systems that track aircraft over large areas; additionally, it has ground-based radar networks arranged into defensive belts that can be protected with SAM batteries or gun sites.

Air defenders must use all available tools to deny attackers access to their targets, including identification, friend, or foe (IFF) systems that use aircraft signatures to differentiate among aircraft and countermeasures like dummy transmitters that can confuse enemy radars.

Key features of this best th3 base include its strong defensive capabilities with many storages spread evenly and a Tesla farm in the core to pick off any straggling dragons while keeping its town hall outside to prevent accidental splash damage.

Archer Towers

Archer Towers are an effective single-target defense unlocked at Town Hall 2. These towers can target ground and air units and offer incredible range – they should form the cornerstone of every player’s defensive strategy.

Upgrades to Archer Tower increase its damage and hit points while increasing range. Unfortunately, upgrading also brings one drawback: floating enemies may easily capture fallen archers and kidnap them, which necessitates adding roof protection at later levels of play.

Roofs will help protect not only your Archer Tower from being grabbed by floaters but also other structures and defenses against them. Furthermore, they’ll enable archers to effectively take out balloons which pose the most significant risk to villages.

Another advantage of having a roof over an Archer Tower is preventing arrows from bouncing off and landing outside your walls where they could do further damage; consequently, having one can make an Archery Range more effective.

Archer Towers can make an invaluable addition to any base, even without extensive resources for upgrading them. However, be mindful that as you boost them level by level, the cost and upgrade time will increase, so it is wise to plan upgrades.

Tesla Farm

Teslas are defensive buildings similar to traps, yet they can be deployed anywhere in your base. Unlocked at Town Hall level 7, Teslas remain hidden until an enemy ground or air unit comes within seven tiles or when 51% of your floor has been destroyed – providing maximum damage. Compared to other defenses, their small size concentrates troops together for ultimate wear and is an effective deterrent, especially against Hog Riders and Balloons, as it forces them to use spells against themselves instead of attacking your defenses directly.

Air defense units should be strategically deployed in areas that enemy air units cannot easily reach, such as behind storage buildings or the town hall. Tesla Farms are another effective method for dealing with higher-tier attackers; two Teslas should be close together and placed as close together as possible for maximum impact against higher-tier attackers. Tesla Farms should never be put near the queen, gdb spots, or king (they will quickly be destroyed), instead preferring high hit point structures such as traps or the town hall as this allows more powerful defense mechanisms against being swiftly destroyed by enemy air units.

Tesla’s Farm Plate is our most potent plate, providing similar results as the Oyster House Plate but at an even more powerful level! It effectively counteracts electromagnetic fields generated by mobile phone towers (including WiFi & 5G signals), satellites, and radar, as well as underground geopathic stress from ley lines or water bodies – perfect for larger farms and acreage owners looking to ensure crop soil, plants and animals flourish while keeping peace and harmony within their home environment.

Seeking Air Mines

Seeking Air Mines are powerful ground-based traps designed to quickly destroy an individual air unit. Baby Dragons may fall soon with one shot from Seeking Air Mines if they do not form part of a larger group that could trigger their rage mode.

Since LavaLoon attacks have recently become so widespread, it is worth highlighting that Seeking Air Mines (Lvl 5) work incredibly well in protecting Town Halls against their attacks; in particular, they provide the only means of one-shotting Lava Hounds from distances of 8 tiles or further.

At higher Town Hall levels, strategically placing multiple Seeking Air Mines in a hexagon- or (ideally) heptagon pattern is an effective way to significantly decrease Siege Machine health and make it harder for them to attack your base. This tactic becomes especially relevant at Town Hall 9, where Lava Hounds may combine with Balloons to attack. When placed near Air Defenses or strategically near Lava Hounds launching attacks near them, Seeking Air Mines could significantly damage any approaching Lava Hounds before they even get close and thus being destroyed early by those defenses; additionally, they work well when combined with units like Baby Dragons but do not affect Minions!

Spring Traps

Spring Traps are one of the most effective defensive structures in th3, second only to Walls. They can effectively prevent enemy Troops from attacking your base by deflecting them off your walls – though they won’t stop Super Wall Breakers as quickly.

The Spring Trap can be upgraded by tapping it, increasing its damage type and target range. Furthermore, special abilities may be unlocked by completing quests or earning achievements – these achievements will appear on its info panel.

Your village can accommodate up to 9 Spring Traps. They’re helpful in stopping Wall Breakers and Giants from breaking Resource Buildings or being placed among Defensive Structures as a defense against Goblins.

Coil spring traps are an innovative design that employs levers that rise to close two jaws together, holding onto an animal’s foot. Compared with long or jump trap springs, coil spring traps are less bulky and more easily concealed under beds – ideal for trapping small animals such as foxes and raccoons but will catch larger species such as coyotes.

Coil spring traps with an inside jaw spread of 4 3/4″ are often chosen as trapping devices for mink, muskrat, raccoon, and fox trapping. While it does an admirable job of trapping these animals, its size makes it undersized for coyote trapping.

This model boasts the same impressive design and target species as the #110 Bodygripper with an additional spring to increase holding power and holding time. Professional long-line trappers use it extensively for catching raccoons, otters, fishers, and skunks; its heat-treated springs extend its strength and lifespan for maximum efficiency.