Top 5 Skin Care Sets For the Beauty Junkie in Your Life


Whether for someone experienced with beauty products or someone new to skincare, these sets offer an easy (and cost-effective) gift option. From moisturizers and anti-age serums to spot treatments and spot treatments for blemishes, there’s sure to be something suitable.

Optimize their nighttime skincare routine with The Ordinary’s effective yet minimalist products like cleansers and moisturizers with hyaluronic acid content, available online.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

Kiehl’s best-selling face cream, this lightweight moisturizer, provides up to 24-hour hydration for healthier-looking skin. Packed with Glacial Glycoprotein extracted from sea glaciers to prevent transepidermal water loss and Olive-Derived Squalane to replenish lipid barriers for softer and smoother skin, this lightweight formula delivers unparalleled hydration for improved complexions.

This product is also free from Methyl Paraben and Propyl Paraben – two preservatives known to cause harm – making it suitable for all skin types – even oily ones! With its non-greasy formula, this moisturizer makes an excellent daily choice.

If you have sensitive skin, this ultra-gentle moisturizer formulated with Centella Asiatica Extract and Vitamin B5 may provide soothing comfort and protection. Clinical tests have proven their efficacy at rebuilding natural moisture barriers and decreasing redness*; dermatologist tested and suitable for all skin types, including those prone to breakouts* *Tested on a sensitive skin panel.

Laneige Lip Masks

Lip sleeping masks have quickly become popular, with Laneige’s $24 option being among the best. Crafted with hyaluronic acid and minerals as well as fruit extracts from cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, and goji berries plus vitamins C and shea butter to provide soft and supple lips, it keeps lips soft and hydrated all night long.

This solid product melts down into a creamy texture that applies like lip balm, making for easy application with the tiny silicone spatula provided (though you can also use your fingertips). One of Sephora’s highest-rated items and beloved by celebrities such as Sydney Sweeney from “Euphoira,” it comes with five shades and scent options!

Supergoop! SPF Bestsellers Starter Kit

Discover healthier skin with this trio of top-selling sunscreens for both face and body use. Nourish skin from head to toe with the original clean SPF lotion, then give your complexion an added glow or natural finish with two popular sunscreens for the face, such as Undeseen Sunscreen and Glowscreen, followed by an everyday primer with SPF protection that leaves dewy, glowy results while prepping makeup for maximum hydration. Each Supergoop! SPF product contains sunflower extract to protect against blue light and pollution, Niacinamide to help minimize pores, and comes packaged in an easy-to-use reusable sunny yellow pouch – making this set essential for any fan of Supergoop!

Includes: 0.5 fl oz of Unseen Sunscreen and one each of PLAY Everyday Lotion and Glowscreen for everyday wear, plus an original broad spectrum SPF 50 lotion designed for face and body protection.

Sephora Collection Clarifying Kit

This set is tailored for those with blemish-prone skin and includes a Foaming Cleanser, Vanilla Milk Toner, and Face Moisturizer from this brand. Additionally, it meets Clean at Sephora standards by being free from phthalates and formaldehyde-releasers; hydroquinone; coal tar; triclosan; methylisothiazolinone/methylchloroisothiazolinone combination products (methylisothiazolinone/methylchloroisothiazolinone/methylchloroisothiazolinone), insoluble plastic microbeads/fragrance.

This serum offers an effective detox with its combination of hyaluronic acid and polyglutamic acid, proven to increase moisture levels and produce visibly plumper skin. Furthermore, its eco-design packaging makes recycling simple (please check local regulations).

CeraVe Skin Barrier Restoring Kit

CeraVe is the go-to brand for budget-friendly drugstore skincare with dermatologist-formulated and trusted formulas, boasting affordable and trustable recipes that help restore and maintain the skin barrier – an integral component to healthy, glowing skin. The brand’s no-frills products focus on doing precisely that!

Ceramides from this brand help seal any cracks in your skin barrier, like grout fills between tiles, to form an impenetrable seal and reduce moisture and inflammation.

This set starts with the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, which gently cleanses skin while leaving it feeling rejuvenated and hydrated. Next up is the CeraVe Acne Control Face Wash, containing 2% salicylic acid combined with clarifying clay to target acne and blackheads; while finally, the CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion replenishes skin barrier function with three essential ceramides – all fragrance-free products using MVE technology which slowly releases ingredients over time into the skin – everything you need in this set is here!

Murad Brighten Trial Kit

Discover a brightening regimen with this vitamin C-rich set that effectively fades dark spots, brightens skin tone, and evens it. This 4-piece set includes essentials to cleanse, moisturize, and protect for a radiant, healthier-looking complexion. The Essential-C Cleanser features hydrating ingredients to brighten and smooth skin without over-drying. At the same time, Rapid Age Spot Correcting Serum provides gentle yet effective pigment correction within 2 weeks for sensitive skin types. Vita-C Eyes Dark Circle Corrector uses gold-stabilized vitamin C to minimize dark circles and puffiness. At the same time, Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30 keeps skin hydrated while offering UV ray protection to maintain younger-looking skin. Furthermore, Murad Youth Builder Dietary Supplements support firmness of elasticity, making trial-size beauty products ideal for travel or discovering new skincare favorites.

Clinique Great Skin, Great Deal Set

Clinique fans (we know who you are!) or those drawn to its quality dermatologist-formulated formulations will enjoy this set. Packed with travel sizes of the brand’s best-selling oily combination skincare formulas, including Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula and Clarifying Lotion 3, these pieces help remove excess oil, flakes, and dirt from pores for clear complexions.

Drunk Elephant’s Hydrating and Face-Awakening Kit is another desirable purchase with minimalist packaging. This set contains their squalane cleanser, caffeine solution, and ethylated ascorbic acid, which will transform your morning routine – an investment worthy of consideration that comes complete with stylish jars as decor for any nightstand!

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Fresh Day Serum

A powerful 15% Vitamin C serum designed to brighten and illuminate skin complexion. It is packed with powerful antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients to maintain comfort for skin care.

Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Booster or Skinceuticals CE Ferulic both feature L-ascorbic acid at its usual concentration, along with additional ingredients to stabilize it and extend its freshness for longer. These extra components help ensure fresh Vitamin C.

Before your first use (according to the brand), shake and mix in the powder by shaking and mixing your bottle (this only needs to be done once!). Due to marula oil – named so after legends surrounding elephants getting drunk from drinking from this African fruit’s natural oils – its formula may feel slightly oilier than most vitamin C serums but remains non-greasy and moisturizing at the same time.

Peach & Lily Matcha Pudding Antioxidant Cream

This cream has an outstanding moisturizing formula thanks to humectants and emollients, along with occlusive ingredients (cetyl stearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, Ethylhexyl palmitate, hydrogenated vegetable oil dicaprylyl carbonate, and sucrose) which help lock water molecules within skin cells to retain hydration levels more easily; especially beneficial for dry skin as having water keeps skin supple while preventing moisture loss too quickly while helping keep pores clear of contaminants allowing more hydrating inside cells to lock inside tissues as it prevents water molecules from leaving through pores too fast going cells to dehydrate them off again thereby keeping skin feeling tighter and dehydrated than before!

Matcha, cape lilac extract and niacinamide provide rich sources of antioxidants that can brighten and firm skin, making this cream ideal for dry and sensitive skin types alike. However, its comedogenic ingredients (Camellia sinensis leaf extract and Ethylhexyl Palmitate) could worsen acne breakouts; additionally, some occlusive ingredients found within can lead to excessive oiliness on oily complexions.