Sutter My Health Online


Sutter my health online (MHO) is an app and web portal where patients can access their medical records and schedule appointments with doctors. Parents/guardians can gain access to their children’s MHO accounts; however, due to privacy laws regarding teens, they cannot view clinical notes without prior consent from that teen.

Patient Portal

The Sutter My Health Online patient portal offers an efficient and secure way for patients to access their medical records and interact with healthcare teams. Patients can view lab results, schedule appointments, and request medication refills via this cloud-based system that offers enhanced security and accessibility – even on mobile devices!

My Health Online is a free service provided to patients of Sutter-affiliated providers. This secure, HIPAA-compliant platform gives you complete control over your health information – available on desktops, tablets, and smartphones with internet connectivity – making it accessible anytime.

Sutter Health’s network of physicians and hospitals serves the communities in Northern California. Their facilities offer cardiovascular care, women’s services, cancer treatment, and orthopedics for its residents; imaging centers also provide various diagnostic services; their hospitals and clinics are equipped with modern technology to deliver superior healthcare in their local communities.

You will require your login ID and password to log into my Sutter Health online patient portal. If you don’t know these, contact the hospital and verify your identity before applying for one. If you’re having difficulty, change or update your password accordingly, as keeping this secure will ensure no one else can access your health records.

MyChart can be downloaded directly onto any mobile device by visiting either Apple’s iPhone App Store or website and searching for “MyChart.” Once found, click on the “Free” button and download the app – after entering the Apple ID password as required, the process will complete itself automatically.

Once logged into My My Sutter Health Online Patient Portal, your healthcare provider should send an email invitation with instructions for accessing your chart. If this doesn’t happen within 30 minutes, call or visit the hospital/doctor’s office/Dignity Health Customer Support for help with getting another invite, or reach out 24-7 for assistance from Dignity Health Customer Support, who provide phone numbers based on medical groups 24-7 for support services.

Medical records

Suppose you’re new to Sutter healthcare facilities. In that case, MyHealthOnline allows you to connect with your healthcare team, view upcoming or past appointments, check test results and medication lists, and access my health online on any device – from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet – and receive appointment reminders and notifications; as well as schedule same-day video visits with doctors or care team members.

MyHealthOnline is available for patients 18 years or older; those under 18 require parental permission to register. Registration forms may be downloaded directly from healthcare provider websites or requested from front desk staff for filling out electronically, printed, and signed. Once submitted, MyHealthOnline will contact you as confirmation that medical records have been received and processed.

Secure healthcare provider connections allow clinicians to quickly share a comprehensive set of your health records, leading to more coordinated care in emergencies when every second counts. They’re also helpful when traveling or changing providers, as the information in your Sutter electronic health record will follow you and stay with your records wherever they take you.

If you want your medical records sent directly to another individual or facility, log into My Health online and click “My Medical Records.” You will need photo identification when picking up documents; also, sign an authorization form before authorizing their release. Or download MyChart from either the App Store or iTunes and access them there instead!

Logging into My Health online gives you access to your medical records, including allergies and medications. The system will display them as tables; you can then update or make notes directly in them as necessary. Furthermore, Lucy shares medical records between Epic customers through Sutter Health clinicians.

Online appointment scheduling

The MyHealthOnline Sutter app is ideal for patients who prefer using mobile phones to manage their health care. It offers easy-to-use tools like sending messages directly to doctors and healthcare teams, viewing vaccination records, scheduling same-day video visits, and accessing various tools. Freely available through the Apple App Store and Google Play – MyHealthOnline Sutter replaces the MyChart Sutter app.

Log in to My Health Online and choose your preferred provider when making an appointment. Select an available day and time that works for you before selecting “Make Appointment.” Additionally, this portal enables laboratory or diagnostic tests to be requested online and the results viewed securely online. It provides secure communication channels between yourself, your healthcare team members, and doctors.

Sutter Health boasts an expansive network of providers. Their not-for-profit hospitals, physician groups, and IPAs collaborate toward shared goals of quality, compassion, and cost-effective healthcare delivery. Sutter’s physicians specialize in fields like heart care, cancer care and orthopedics – as well as offering community outreach programs.

MyHealthOnline Sutter allows you to easily reach your primary care provider and any clinician participating in online messaging whom you have seen within three years (except psychiatrists and travel medicine clinicians ). If a specific clinician hasn’t seen you yet, calling first for an appointment before sending a message through My Health Online will be necessary before sending one through My Health Online.

If you are having difficulty with MyHealthOnline Sutter, restarting your computer and clearing its cache can help. If that does not do it, try clicking “Forgot Password?” and then enter both your ID number and email address used when registering – After this step, an official email will be sent out with instructions to reset your password.

Communication with your provider

My Health Online is an effective way of communicating with providers, staying on top of your care, and scheduling appointments. Not only will it provide access to lab results, appointment notes, and other vital data, but patients can also use my Health Online to manage payments securely and account details.

The site features a mobile app for accessing health information and communicating with doctors while away from home. Simply download this free iPhone App Store download, connect your existing My Health Online login/password, and start using it immediately!

Use this app to communicate with clinicians, pose queries, and receive answers directly. However, please remember that any information found here should not be used to diagnose or treat specific medical conditions; always consult a healthcare provider regarding personal health concerns.

Sutter My Health Online is a patient portal provided by Sutter Medical Network, comprising over 100 non-profit hospitals and affiliated physicians working collaboratively toward common goals. Their doctors specialize in numerous medical specialties, including cardiac care, women’s services, cancer care management, orthopedics, and advanced patient safety technology.

Signing up for Sutter My Health Online requires having an email address; either create one from scratch or use your personal one; log in using Facebook; download an iPhone app or use a web browser to access my health online.

Access your My Health online dashboard via the website, call your physician’s office, use a phone number on your bill or contact list, or even request one through healthcare providers. You may even request a new user ID and password from them!