Repair Shops With Loaner Cars Near Me in NYC


If a repair shop guarantees their work, its terms should be detailed on their invoice. Furthermore, each part repaired must be listed along with their price and whether they are new or pre-owned parts.

If you believe a repair shop has overcharged you, file a complaint with the DMV immediately. They may try mediation before holding a hearing to resolve it.

East Coast Auto Plaza

East Coast Auto Plaza, a GEICO AutoRepair Xpress certified company in Queens, offers comprehensive automotive services and repair. Specializing in collision repair for vehicles of all makes and models. At T&K Restoration Services, its technicians conduct informative assessments that include an in-depth explanation of the repair process for structural parts. In addition, T&K uses paint jobs that adhere to industry-approved technical standards and guidelines. Additionally, this shop provides a full suite of other auto repair services, including wheel alignment and air conditioning maintenance. Their team also repairs dents and performs windshield replacements. Furthermore, this company rebuilds engines and transmissions and provides loaner car service to its clients.

M-Spec Performance

M-Spec Performance in Queens offers European car repairs. Their locations in Lindenhurst and Middle Village specialize in BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen vehicles and offer everything from routine maintenance to comprehensive services and repairs with warranty coverage on every job they complete.

If you take your vehicle in for repairs, the shop must provide an invoice detailing each service performed and its cost and labor involved. Furthermore, this invoice should detail which parts were used and whether they are new or pre-owned; additionally, it should list when and how far odometer reading was set when the repairs started and completed.

Dealerships frequently provide loaner cars for warranty repairs; however, non-warranty repairs don’t always qualify. When this occurs, you must check with the dealership first if they will offer you a courtesy car if that option exists; otherwise, you may want to consider an alternate repair shop that gives them. Often, dealerships will have loaner cars available if repairs exceed 24 hours in duration.

Petrone Automotive

Car repairs can be financially draining for many people. Making matters even worse, temporary transportation needs to be paid for; loaner cars provide valuable relief if repairs take several hours or days to complete – offering this service will make customers feel more at ease during their repair journey.

Petrone Automotive has been offering auto body services to Flushing clients since 1973. Their shop has been awarded certification from Assured Performance, guaranteeing they can handle repairs for advanced technology vehicles. Only shops that pass an intense evaluation process of facilities, equipment, and training receive this prestigious distinction.

This full-service auto body shop specializes in auto body repairs for domestic and foreign models. Their technicians can repair minor scratches, dents, significant collision damage, and repainting using industrial-grade frame machines and down draft spray booths. Furthermore, this team can perform engine rebuilds, AC service, diagnostics, and auto electrical diagnostics.

This shop provides complimentary towing and shuttle services, boasts over 30 years of experience among its technicians, offers lifetime warranties on parts, and meets RepairPal Certified standards for fair pricing.

Lee Myles AutoCare Transmissions

Lee Myles AutoCare Transmissions offers loaner cars to customers needing repair services. Their experienced technicians diagnose and resolve a range of engine-related, power window, air conditioning system, and AC issues, as well as inspect and replace both automatic and manual transmissions, alternators, and fuel pump repairs. Established over 70 years ago.

No Limit Auto Body provides services in Queens and its surrounding areas, with technicians skilled at minor and significant car collision repairs on cars of all makes and models. In addition, No Limit offers detailing, ceramic coating, vinyl wrap window tinting, and painting services, as well as its 24/7 exceptional towing service to assist after an auto accident occurs.

Motorcepts Automotive Center of Tampa specializes in BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicle repair. Their team of mechanics provides regular maintenance tasks such as oil changes and fluid and filter replacements; repairs to brakes, clutches, transfer case motors, and water damage; DME testing and restoration, as well as installing emergency brake actuators and struts.

Essential Auto Care

Essential Auto Care of Queens offers full-service repair work to its customers. Their mechanics specialize in fixing engine, transmission, and electrical system issues and inspecting air conditioning and suspension issues on vehicles. Established for over three decades with an ASE certification.

The company provides complimentary shuttle transportation, with technicians capable of working on both foreign and domestic vehicles, including luxury and performance cars. Their body repair facility utilizes an industrial-grade frame machine and a Down Draft Spraybooth for repainting. They can also handle wheel alignment jobs and computer-assisted diagnostics.

Before any repairs are performed, the shop must give you an estimate of both parts and labor prices, or you can report them to the DMV. Furthermore, you should keep records of your dealings with them, discussing any problems with management to avoid miscommunication. Suppose they offer voluntary guarantees of their work on invoices issued to customers. In that case, any terms listed must also include your right to return any replaced parts into inventory – keeping these documents can save thousands in repair costs and increase vehicle resale values significantly.

Tolima’s Auto Center

Tolima’s Auto Center provides loaner cars to its customers. Choose from various makes and models in its selection, or visit for services such as paint, bodywork, and mechanical repairs 24 hours a day – staff trained to manage anything from minor scratches to major collision repairs are always on the team and can handle them effectively.

Many car repair shops provide loaner vehicles as a service to make life more convenient for their customers, mainly if their car is essential to them in getting to work or collecting children from school. Should a repair take several hours or days to complete, finding alternative forms of transportation could prove challenging for these people.

Some car repair shops employ themes or names to build community spirit and attract the desired clientele, for instance, “Euro Auto Experts” and “Hybrid Heroes.” Such terms help set its business apart from rival shops by showing it is a leader within its industry.

Tolima’s Collision

Accidents involving vehicles can be stressful experiences, from dealing with insurance providers and finding alternative transportation to getting your car fixed as soon as possible. Many repair shops provide loaner cars for you during this difficult time; inquire about this service before making appointments.

Make sure that the shop offers an estimated repair timeline; this may differ depending on the nature or extent of damage; you should at least get an idea to plan appropriately. Also, be sure how they communicate any changes in their schedule to you.

Check for manufacturer certifications, as this can give a good indication of the quality of work and customer service you can expect to receive from a shop. For instance, Toyota-certified shops will work closely with your insurer to ensure your car is repaired according to Toyota’s stringent guidelines for repair. ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certifications also serve as a good indication of the qualifications and training of technicians at any shop.