Pet Memorial Rock – When Your Heart Aches


Parting ways with a beloved pet can be one of the most challenging experiences in life, yet remembering them in tribute can help keep their memory alive.

Personalized stone markers are an elegant way to commemorate your pet after they pass away, featuring an etched ink print from their paw or nose on beautiful Colorado River rocks.


WHEN YOUR HEART ACHESEN Everyone knows someone who has experienced the heartache of losing a pet they cherished, yet comfort can come in the form of simple reminders such as this beautiful river rock memorial gift for those grieving and is ideal to display near a gravestone or in their garden.

This natural Rover Rock has been hand painted with outdoor memorial paint to commemorate your pet and last. It measures between 7-9 inches long and boasts a natural silver quartz color with gold veining and patches of gold patches. Engraved with any one of four emblems depicting pet memorialization along with your pet’s name and dates of life, it is sure to bring memories back of years gone by!

These memorial rocks are handcrafted in the USA and carefully tested to meet our rigorous quality control process. Their purpose is to serve as permanent markers that will last generations and even indoors; each rock’s colors, shape, and size may differ, as do its engraving details directly into its rock surface – unlike some competitors who use resin engraving techniques.


Pet memorial rocks are an elegant way to pay respects to a lost companion, serving as a constant reminder of the good times shared and of our shared devotion. Gravesite memorials may also serve as comfort to grieving family members as they cope with their loss.

Pet memorial rocks come in all sorts of materials. Granite is the go-to choice due to its durability and ease of customization; other options include flagstone and river stone, which provide more natural designs in your garden space. Some companies even offer bronze photo markers, which allow you to have favorite photos of deceased pets on the memorial rock itself.

Personalize the memorial stones with your pet’s name, date of birth, and death, as well as a short message or quote that expresses their feelings. Some choose to add graphics such as paw prints or heart shapes for added impact; others prefer keeping it simple by simply using their pet’s name with a brief phrase that captures how they feel about him/her.

These pet memorials make the perfect thoughtful and lasting keepsake gift idea for someone who recently lost a beloved companion or to celebrate a longstanding pet relationship. They will always be treasured.

Melton Memorials was initially founded to offer comfort to their friends who had lost a pet, but over time, their offerings have expanded significantly, and customers can now honor their deceased companion in any way they please. Still owned and run by the Melton family today, they remain fully dedicated to creating quality memorials for dogs, cats, and other beloved creatures and giving back through donations from each sale made directly to animal shelters for medical and behavioral support for these precious beings.

Engraving Options

Pets can often feel like part of the family, and when one passes on, the grief can be just as intense. A personalized pet memorial stone is an appropriate way to honor their life while helping them cope with their passing. Our memorial stones feature laser-engraved images and sentiments personalized for your beloved companion – or use your own words! Each engraving will stand out against our premium black granite or marble for maximum impact; our flat stones make ideal grave or garden tribute stones.

Personal memorial stones allow you to preserve and memorialize the memory of your pet or another particular image with text up to 6 inches wide, capturing their personality or other great traits in an eye-catching and lasting way. Many choose to include quotes or verses from scripture that best capture their loved one’s spirit or poetry that best represents them.

Picking out words for a memorial stone can be difficult when trying to capture all the great qualities in one sentence, so it is recommended that you consult the individual who will receive the stone and gather their input before making your choice.

Our large pet memorial river rock is an excellent way to pay homage to your furry companion in your garden or home. Made of natural river rock, this memorial can hold up to three lines of text or one graphic image engraved into its surface.


Pets can often become part of our families, making their death an immense pain for owners. Though nothing can completely ease that sorrow, pet memorial rocks may help reduce it by reminding them of their special bond and friendship. These stunning stones can be placed near an image frame garden marker or used at pet cemeteries as memorial plaques.

Whitney Howard Designs provides an expansive selection of pet memorial stones in various sizes, materials, and colors to keep your beloved pet in your heart forever. Each memorial stone is handcrafted in the United States using river rock or recycled pewter; every piece is one-of-a-kind, allowing their owner to keep them always close by their side. Whitney Howard Designs memorial stones also make an excellent way to comfort someone who recently lost a dog or cat by showing your sympathies for their loss and sorrow.

In 2018, one of the owners came up with the concept for this company when he was mourning his beloved pet’s passing. From there, they created grave markers to remember other’s best friends’ pets as a simple reminder. Now offering various sizes and materials options that suit everyone’s needs while ensuring text is sandblasted directly onto stone rather than being attached graphically, ensure its permanence for years to come.