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Drive Thru Drive Thru

Industry Invaders’ drive-thru porn video featuring Miami-born porn star Jayla Foxx as an eager employee at Miami Subs features Jayla’s performance as an enthusiastic employee who apologizes that her restaurant does not serve breakfast yet, yet customer drives in any way, only for fireworks to ensue quickly! An extra sprinkle of holy water in the food prep area might have helped. Enjoy carefully selected free Fuck Burger xxx videos and high-quality Jayla Foxx Fast Food movies here.

Ebony Drive Thru

Ebony hails from Queens and believes strongly in giving back to her community with passion and confidence. She has served on multiple boards, task forces, and advisory committees that work with youth, adults, athletes, and artists.

She enjoys using every opportunity to provide service and motivate others, which makes her job at the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru window in Mount Healthy, Ohio, an absolute joy – not only that, but her customer service skills have won her many regular customers over.

Hardcore Drive Thru

No fast food drive-in parking lot is a serene place on its own, so it should come as no surprise that hardcore scene videographer hate5six was on hand when an epic hardcore concert took place in a Sonic drive-thru in New Jersey last weekend. Inspired by an event three years prior at Denny’s, Gel, Scowl, Exhibition, Chemical Fix, and Phantom all delivered performances between two Sonic menu boards on Saturday evening (September 10th).

The footage from this drive-thru hardcore show in a fast food chain parking lot is truly shocking: crowd surfing, fire breathing, and someone spitting in front of Phantom singer Matthew Fox were just some of the activities captured on film. Unfortunately, we still don’t know how they gained access or how exactly all went down, but one thing’s sure – this will likely not be the last drive-thru hardcore performance hosted there!

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