What is Insurrection?


Insurrection is a type of rebellion against lawful authority. It is an open display of opposition to the authority of any group or state. It may be organized as an organized movement or a single event. It can be a peaceful or violent activity. There are two types: the first is a simple rebellion, wherein the individual resists authority by refusing to do as they are told. The second type is an openly organized protest in which the person aims to overthrow the authority of another.

Insurrection is a rebellion against lawful authority

An insurrection is a collective act of resistance to lawful authority. The act must be substantial, significant, and formidable to qualify as an insurrection. It must also be against the lawful authority of the United States. The insurrection must also be motivated by a social or political cause. The purpose of an insurrection is to overthrow a government.

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