Videoder – The Best Way to Download Videos on Your iOS Device


If you want to download videos on your iOS device, you should use the Videoder app. The app’s interface is customizable, allowing you to use preset color schemes or customize your own. It also features a native link detection tool that will detect the content you’re playing and download it for later viewing.

YouTube search

One of the best ways to find videos on YouTube is to use an app called Videoder. This app allows you to search for videos on various streaming sites and download them directly to your device. It also has a built-in browser that lets you browse the web. You can also block advertisements so that you can see only relevant videos on your device.

The videoder app is a free application that lets you search, download, and manage your YouTube videos. It uses the API to give you direct access to the YouTube interface. It also provides multiple themes and helps you download videos in different resolutions. It is easy to use, and you don’t need to register.

Quick Load mode

The Videoder app is a video downloader that supports various formats. It also lets you download multiple videos at once. First, you need to choose the design for the downloaded video. Next, choose a default location where the video will be saved. Once selected, you can track the download progress. The video will be stored in the device’s internal memory or the Videoder directory when the download is completed.

Another feature of this app is the Quick Load mode. This mode is highly convenient if you are in a hurry and want to download a video. It only takes two steps to complete the download. Besides, the app has a night mode, which is beneficial if you have an AMOLED display.

Supports a wide range of resolutions

The Videoder app supports a variety of resolutions and a variety of video formats and is designed for both Android and Windows PC users. This program can help you download videos and music from the internet and convert them to different formats. It also supports some websites, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

While initially designed for Android devices, Videoder has been updated to work on various operating systems and resolutions. It supports video resolutions from 144p up to 4K and can also convert it to a lower resolution. Videoder is an excellent option for video lovers, as it allows them to customize their music’s cover art and audio tags.

Detects videos automatically

The Videoder app automatically detects videos on the internet, displays a popup to download them, and supports other features. For example, it can see videos on YouTube playlists, allow drag-and-drop downloads, and get original mp3 tags. It also has a built-in browser and ad-blocking capabilities.

It can download HD and Ultra HD videos and has pause and resume capabilities. It also allows users to remove downloaded videos easily. This HD Video Downloader will save you the bandwidth and electricity that would be wasted watching videos on public streaming sites. You can also view downloaded videos offline using your favorite video player.


A Videoder app is a valuable tool for viewing online videos. It supports various video formats, allows you to adjust the quality, and lets you share videos directly from the app. The free version includes ads, but you can upgrade to the premium version for an ads-free experience. In addition to its many features, Videoder consists of a night mode and various themes. It also supports multiple video sites.

Videoder is an app that can download videos from YouTube and other social media websites. It also allows users to download multiple videos simultaneously and convert them to MP3 format. It is also a closed process, which means you will not see ads during downloads. You can even download videos in 4K quality.


If you are looking for alternative video downloaders, you can try Videoder alternatives like FlashGot or Y2Mate. These alternatives are easy to use and free to download. Moreover, you can use these applications to download videos from various platforms. Unlike the Videoder app, these apps do not require registering and are accessible from any location.

Another video downloader is ClipGrab. This app can download videos from various websites, including YouTube. It also has the option of converting them into the format you want. Another great feature of ClipGrab is that you can select from which video site you want to download videos. Unlike Videoder, ClipGrab does not force you to download videos in their default format. Instead, you can change the form after you have downloaded them. Like Videoder, ClipGrab also allows you to convert videos into many designs.

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